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What is Next for Odell Beckham Jr?

(Image credit Ken Blaze/USA Today Sports)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick

Well, it has officially happened Odell Beckham Jr no longer be a Cleveland Brown. This was unsurprising as it was clear both parties no longer wanted to do business anymore and they mutually agreed to part ways. There was no going back where Odell Beckham’s dad posted a video trashing Mayfield by missing throws he made to a wide-open OBJ. It also did not help that he was continuously being excused from multiple practices. This was not going to work out and the Browns will release him and will be put on waivers on Monday. If a team claims him via waivers then he will count around 7.5 million against the salary cap. In this article it will be different as I will rule out teams trying to acquire OBJ, Teams I can see him signing with, and give my Top 5 most likely destinations.

Teams I don’t see Odell Beckham Jr Signing with.

Arizona Cardinals - I would say yes to them signing OBJ then you look at their salary cap being at 1.3 million dollars. I don’t see Arizona bringing in Odell unless they cut AJ Green and I don’t see them doing that.

Atlanta Falcons - The Falcons are currently under the salary cap. They can’t sign or claim him via waivers.

Buffalo Bills - Bills are contenders which will attract Odell Beckham to sign with the Bills. The problem is the Bills can afford him as they only have 2.1 million dollars in salary cap. I don’t see OBJ being a Buffalo Bill.

Carolina Panthers - The Carolina Panthers are a complete Mess right now. This team lives and dies through RB Christian McCaffery. Robby Anderson has been horrible this season and I can see the Panthers making a run at signing him but I don't see them as contenders. I don’t even think they will make the playoffs with how inconsistent they have been this season.

Chicago Bears - I have no clue what the heck the Bears are doing as they did not trade Allen Robinson for some reason. I don't see them as contenders and they cant afford him as they have 3.5 million in salary cap.

Cincinnati Bengals - The Bengals dont news Odell Beckham on their team. They have plenty of wide receivers right now and while the Bengals can afford him I don't see the Bengals bringing him into their locker room.

Cleveland Browns - They Released him so Nope.

Dallas Cowboys - Dallas does not need OBJ on their team. They got plenty of depth and youth at wide receiver.

Denver Broncos - Denver sold at the deadline and are continuing their rebuild. The Broncos have plenty of depth at wide receiver and I would be shocked if OBJ was a Bronco.

Detroit Lions - I can see the Lions claiming him via waivers but I doubt the Lions want to do it as they are tanking the season and If they claim him it will cost 7.5 million dollars. Which is way too much for a rental player for half of the season.

Houston Texans - OBJ wants to join a contender team. Not an absolute mess of an organization like the Texans. So No.

Jacksonville Jaguars - The Jaguars have the cap space to claim him via waiver but It would not make sense to claim him for half the season and sacrifice 7.5 million in salary cap. The Jaguars are still rebuilding so I don't see OBK being a Jaguar.

Miami Dolphins - Miami has had a disappointing season thanks to poor moves made by GM Chris Grier. I don't see OBJ being a Miami Dolphin. The Dolphins are not contenders for the playoffs.

Minnesota Vikings - The Vikings can’t afford him as they are under the salary cap.

New York Giants - Yeah no. I doubt that the same GM that traded him away will decide to bring him back as a New York Giant.

New York Jets - I think OBJ wants to join a team that are contenders. The Jets are not contenders but the Jets have a ton of depth at wide receiver anyway. So No for him being a Jet..

New Orleans Saints - Many have him being a New Orleans Saints but i say no to that. Yes they need a receiver as Michael Thomas won’t play this season. But the Saints will be in cap hell if they bring him in as the Saints only have 500 thousand dollars. I don't see him being a part of the Saints unless he takes a massive pay cut which I doubt happens.

Philadelphia Eagles - The Eagles are tanking this season and the receiver core is too crowded. I doubt OBJ wants to play in Philadelphia.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Tampa Bay has so much depth at receiver. It is unnecessary for the Buccaneers to sign him to a contract.

Washington Football Team - Knowing the controversy going on with Washington’s former culture and new head coach Ron Rivera trying to restructure the organization's culture. It would be a terrible move bringing Odell Beckham Jr to the team.

Teams I can see OBJ signing with

Indianapolis Colts - The Colts desperately need receiver help. TY Hilton is injured and I doubt he will play football next season as he contemplated retiring. Parris Campbell is always dealing with injury concerns and Zach Pascal could be a player if he stops constantly dropping the football. The only receiver I am the most confident on this team is Michael Pittman who is an excellent player. They need to get another receiver for Carson Wentz to throw the football to and I can see the Colts making an offer to sign Odell Beckham. I can see the Colts making a wildcard spot but I can possibly see them contend if they get another receiver not named Michael Pittman.

Kansas City Chiefs - The Chiefs are a broken team. There is no question with that. The Defense is an issue and that is not a complete surprise but there is something going on with this offense. There are many pointing the issues at running back due to Clyde Edwards-Helaire's injuries and they are not wrong as Darrel Williams is terrible. Many point the blame at the inconsistent play of the o-line. A chunk of fans pointing the blame at Mahomes either being physically injured or something mental going on with him. One of the big blames for me is at wide receiver. Tyreek Hill is a great player but it is clear he is dealing with injuries. Mercole Hardman and Demarcus Robinson have not been that good this season. It got so bad that the Chiefs decided to bring in Josh Gordon to see what he can do. The Chiefs need a true #2 receiver and I can see them bringing in Odell Beckham to help fix the issues at receiver. The Chiefs only have 2.7 million in salary currently so It will be interesting to see what they do.

Los Angeles Chargers - Chargers are contenders and should win the AFC West division. The Charges can even claim him via waivers if they want to as they have the cap space to bring him in. The Chargers do need another wide receiver on their team. However, I think in my opinion that they are one year away from a deep playoff push.

Los Angeles Rams - Odell wants to join a contender for this season and the Rams are clearly contenders going all in trading for Von Miller. They just released DeSean Jackson as they could not find anyone to acquire him at the deadline. So the Rams do have an open spot at wide receiver. The Rams can’t claim him via waivers as they only have 2.3 million dollars in salary cap. I can absolutely see Odell be a ring chaser if he signs a cheap contract with the Los Angeles Rams.

Pittsburgh Steelers - I can see them bring in OBJ due to the injuries dealing with the Steelers receiving core. JuJu Smith-Schuster is out for the season but with Johnson plus Claypool they are dealing with nagging injuries as well. This is Big Ben’s final season to get a superbowl championship to Pittsbergh (I doubt that happens) and in order to do that they need to give him more tools on offense. The Steelers do have the cap space to claim him as they have around 10 million in cap space to do it. Don’t forget this is the Steelers we are talking about and they have made a ton of questionable moves the past season so who knows what they will do when it comes to Odell Beckham. Why is Mike Tomlin still the head coach for the Steelers again?

San Francisco 49ers - The 49ers are a team that should be better than what they are right now. The QB is still a question mark as Trey Lance is not ready but Jimmy Garoppolo is always injured. Another struggle for the offense is the wide receivers. Deebo Samuel is a great player but has been dealing with injuries. Mohamad Sanu is mainly a veteran presence in the locker room. No joke but I completely forgot Travis Benjamin was still in the NFL as he is on the 49ers roster. I am a bit concerned with Brandon Aiyuk as he has not been that good and has been extremely inconsistent this season. Hopefully he is a slow learner and will improve with time but San Francisco may want to have an upgrade at wide receiver and Odell Becham maybe is that answer. I got to be honest they are in a tough division which could drive Odell away from signing with the 49ers. They can't claim him via waivers as the 49ers have 1.6 million dollars in salary cap.

Tennessee Titans - I keep saying this but the loss earlier in the season exposed the Titans. They did not have AJ Brown and Julio Jones in that game and their receivers struggled in that game. I mean Nick Westbrook-Irvine was not awful and has potential if he can develop well. AJ Brown is there best receiver and he has had trouble staying healthy but when he was on the field he was fantastic. Julio Jones has so far been a disappointment in Tennessee and has dealt with injuries. I have no idea if Julio wants to play football anymore as he has not looked excited playing like he was in Atlanta. The Titans need to get another receiver and they can afford Odell as they have 7.3 million in salary cap.

Top 5 Most Likely Destinations for OBJ To Sign With

5. Las Vegas Raiders - Not a surprise here as the Las Vegas Raiders definitely need a wide receiver. I like Hunter Renfrow and I think he is the best receiver on this team but I don't see him as a number 1 receiver. I see him as a slot number 2 or 3 receiver. The Raiders have around 3.1 million in cap space and they are surprisingly still in playoff contention. If they want to have a deep playoff push then they need to bring in Odell Beckham on this team. I see the Las Vegas Raiders doing what they can to bring him to their roster after Henry Ruggs’s sudden fall from grace. I wonder if they want to bring a DIVA like Odell Beckham jr to their locker room after the team has had multiple different distractions the past few years. Especially this year with both Jon Gruden and Henry Ruggs. Maybe even Damon Arnette as well could be added to the growing list of distractions as he has had off-the-field issues as well and I won't be shocked if he will be gone soon as well.

4. New England Patriots. - Their receiver core excluding the Tight Ends are a mess. Kendrick Bourne is overpaid and is inconsistent like Nelson Agholor. Gunner Olszewski and Matthew Slater are special team players. N’Keal Harry has been a complete bust in the NFL. Except for Jakobi Meyers, I don’t have a ton of confidence regarding the receivers on this team. The Patriots if they want to make a deep playoff push need another receiver. Odell has always been linked as a player the patriots could acquire and I can understand why as they are always willing to bring on diva players like Odell on their roster. The Patriots can afford to claim Odell Beckham via waivers as they have 6.2 million in salary cap. The team can cut a few receivers to afford Odell Beckham on their team.

3. Baltimore Ravens - When your franchise QB in Lamar Jackson is begging the front office to do whatever they can to bring in Odell Beckham Jr to your team. The Ravens do need offensive weapons due to the injuries they had to go through. Sammy Watkins has been an injury-prone mess, Rashod Batemen is a rookie and will need another year to fully develop, and Marquise Brown is a solid receiver. The Ravens need another receiver and give another tool for Lamar Jackson to utilize. Especially as the Ravens have gotten lucky in a few of their games and should have more losses in their record. I can see the Ravens being contenders as well. Ravens can claim them via waivers as they have around 10.6 million dollars in salary cap so they can afford his services.

2. Seattle Seahawks - Seattle is a complete mess right now. Both on defense and especially on offense. Russell Wilson’s injury does not help as well but at least if all goes bad they could tank the season for a higher draft pick right. Oh wait, their first-round pick is New York Jets property. The Seahawks can be contenders once Wilson is healthy as he has carried this team for years and they can get all the help they need on offense by adding another receiver for Wilson to throw the ball to. They can afford to claim him via waivers as Seattle has a 12.4 million dollar contract. I can see Odell playing with the Seattle Seahawks in their push for the playoffs if Wilson can come back from injury as soon as he can.

1. Green Bay Packers - This is it. The Last chance to get a Lombardi trophy with Aaron Rodgers at QB. Yes, he will be out a few weeks due to testing positive for Covid-19. They are going to need every receiver they need in order to be successful on offense. The more weapons he has the better. Adams, Vandal Scantling, Cobb, and Lazard are great targets to have. Equanimeous St. Brown is not that good. Amari Rodgers, who is terrible, he stinks too. He had a big opportunity to impress vs the Cardinals and he failed to do so. I can see the Packers sacrificing whatever they can to have Aaron Rodgers leave on a high note and bring in Odell Beckham in order to solidify the strength of this offense.


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