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Who is the Better Quarterback in the NFC East: Carson Wentz or Dak Prescott?

Photo courtesy of Bleeding Green Nation

A look into the QB comparison of the NFC East stars.

Written by: Joseph Mooney

Twitter: @Full_MOONey25

Is Philadelphia Eagles’ quarterback Carson Wentz a better quarterback than Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback Dak Prescott?

From the eye test, I would say yes, but a closer look shows they’re closer than people think.

Dak led his Dallas Cowboys to their 4 consecutive wins over Carson Wentz and the Philadelphia Eagles, on Sunday Night. Prescott even outplayed Wentz, in Sunday’s contest, winning 37-10 at home, on national television. Dak finished the game with 2 total touchdowns and 239 passing yards compared to Carson Wentz’s performance 191 passing yards, 1 touchdown, and an interception. Dak is also currently 5-2 against Carson Wentz and the Eagles all-time.

Career Passing Stats

This off-season, Carson Wentz signed a massive 4-year contract extension with $66 million guaranteed. It’s no surprise while Dak and his agent, Todd France, have been negotiating back and forth with Jerry Jones over Dak’s new contract. France is using Wentz’s contract as a baseline for Dak and Jones. While recent reports indicate these deliberations have hit a standstill (to focus on the season), there should be no doubt Jerry Jones is going to pay Dak more than Wentz’s contract guaranteed him.

Career Rushing Stats

These lopsided rushing stats don’t explain their careers. Carson Wentz has suffered major leg injuries at both the NCAA and the NFL level of play, limiting his rushing ability. Wentz suffered a season-ending ACL injury in 2017 and a back injury in the next season, resulted in him being sidelined again. Compared to Dak, who has never missed a game with the Cowboys in his career. Dak also on Sunday, broke Hall of Famer Roger Staubach’s franchise record for quarterback rushing touchdowns. Prescott broke that record in 3.5 seasons.

Finally, can we look at their career win-loss record?

Wentz is 26-21, a Super Bowl ring, and has never played in a playoff game. While Dak is 36-19 and has never missed a game for the Cowboys.

I’m not saying these two have complete control of the outcome, but they have a strong impact. Their career record doesn’t tell the entire story, Wentz is expected to carry the Eagles week in and week out. The Eagles depend on Carson Wentz to play perfect and don’t surround him with a reliable supporting cast to truly thrive. Although Wentz didn’t play during the Eagles’ 2017 playoff run, Carson played a key role in getting them to Minnesota. Many forget that after Carson Wentz tore his ACL, he remained in the game and found Alshon Jeffery in the back of the end zone for a touchdown and the Eagles went on to win that game against the Rams in Week 14. Many also forget that winning that game against the Rams, led by Carson Wentz, solidified home-field advantage throughout that playoff run for the Philadelphia Eagles. Also, at the time of the injury, Carson Wentz was the front runner for MVP and led the NFL in passing (He reminded the NFL passing leader for another 2 weeks following his injury). Yes, Dak might have won Rookie of the Year open 2016 after Tony Romo suffered a back injury, Dak didn’t have to struggle as much when it came to the pieces surrounding him. Dak is paired with arguably the best rushing back in the league Ezekiel Elliott, a pro bowl offensive line, the Cowboys then traded for a top tier receiver Amari Cooper, and then Jerry Jones added another young receiver threat, Michael Gallup.

Dak has also won the division title more times than Carson Wentz. Prescott has won the division title twice in 3 years, 2106 and 2018 compared to just one division title that Carson Wentz won, 2017. Dak Prescott is also a two time Pro Bowler compared to Carson Wentz being a Pro Bowler once.

Yes, these two will be forever intertwined and in the spotlight. I believe in the end, Carson Wentz will win this debate. Despite his 2016 campaign, Prescott hasn’t truly shown anything other than posting a winning record in three seasons. On the other hand, Carson Wentz has a higher ceiling if he can still healthy for an entire season. As the season continues to unfold, all eyes will look ahead to the next Eagles-Cowboys match up in Week 16.

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