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Why it is time for Dan Snyder to sell the Washington Commanders

Image Credit: (Geoff Burke/USA Today Sports)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick Linkedin:

Twitter: @nicholasmullick

I have kept saying for many months regarding the Washington Commanders, but I care more what happens to them off the field than on it. Which stinks because there are likeably players on this team like DE/EDGE Chase Young, WR Terry McLaurien, and etc. I really feel for the players with all the nonsense that they deal with off the field. They don’t deserve any of this at all.

However off the field, their owner Dan Snyder may be forced out soon and it looks like he now sees the writing on the wall as he has started to look at outcomes in regards to selling the team.

Which many were celebrating when this news came out and it is hard not to see why. Especially as many have referred to Dan Snyder being the worst owner in NFL history. In my opinion I think Hugh Culverhouse is a worse owner than Dan Snyder is in NFL history. Just look up Culverhouse’s name and yeah not a lot of great things can be said about the man and the way he ran the Buccaneers. However Dan Snyder is very close to being the worst owner in NFL History. Why well with the long and I mean long list of allegations well let's make it longer with a criminal investigation from the US Attorney in Eastern District of Virginia.

Yeah when there is an investigation that is being opened up by the US Attorney in Eastern District of Virginia, it does not look good at all. Along with many other allegations that keep growing and growing, when is it going to be enough? You know what I find amazing is the report that came out about him having dirt that will be used against the NFL and other owners if he was forced out.

You know what owners should not care about the dirt that Snyder has. Just keeping him around in NFL meetings adds dirt to the NFL as a whole with every day that passes. I guarantee you that Jim Irsay would agree with me on this. Of course, Jim Irsay who is the owner of the Indianapolis Colts doesn’t as he has been vocal on wanting to get Snyder out and does not care. He set an example and I give kudos to him.

It is time for the Commanders to get a new owner whether it is by force by the NFL or not, Snyder has got to go and now. He is causing more damage with his presence being here and the allegations are just going to keep coming. The longer he is involved with the NFL, the more damage he is causing. I hope that Snyder sells and the rumors of him starting the process is true because I can’t support the Commanders until Snyder is gone. The fanbase also agrees with how bad ticket sales have been and more fans of the away team coming to FedEx Field.



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