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Why the Green Bay Packers Should Start Jordan Love for the Rest of the 2022 Season

Image Credit: (Dale Zanine/USA Today Sports)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick Linkedin:

Twitter: @nicholasmullick

There have been many teams that have disappointed this season and one of those teams is the Green Bay Packers. As for what many, myself included, projected the Packers to be at, this is a complete disaster of a season. With the Green Bay Packers lost to the Tennessee Titans 27-17, that pretty much seals the fate of the Packers season. The only chance of them even making the playoffs is to win every game. Looking at their schedule the rest of the season,it is very unlikely that they will win out. In the 6 games left they have to face the Eagles, Lions, Bears, Vikings, Rams, and Dolphins.

I know it is a hard pill to swallow, but it has to be done. The Packers are going nowhere this season and that loss against the Titans pretty much ended their season. If I am them the goal is simple and that is to not only tank the season, but start Jordan Love for the rest of the season.

I get statistically Aaron Rodgers has been performing well this season, however he has made some horrendous throws this season. I get that he does not have a ton of talent at receiver, but Rodgers is to blame as there were moments watching him where the throws were not even close. I used to blame it on that thumb/hand injury he had earlier in the season, but it should have been healed up by now. If his hand injury is that bad too, he would have missed a few games due to that injury. To me it is starting to look like that he has cared less about playing every week that passes.

Something that is obvious, is that Rodgers will not be the QB long term as he is turning 39 in December, but I am not 100% confident that he will be the QB for the Packers next season. I can really see a scenario where the Packers will either trade or cut him, especially as next year is really the last year the Packers can get a lot of value for Rodgers as he could severely suffer massive levels of regression if he was the QB.

Something also nobody is mentioning is that starting love could showcase the run game more. I have no idea why this team just does not run the ball as much as they do. The Packers have Aaron Jones and AJ Dillion in the backfield and have not utilized them well at all. I know statistically Jones has looked great with 778 rushing yards, but most were in garbage time and the Packers have made strange play calling decisions with him. I hear it is due to Rodgers having a say on play-calling and with Love starting, maybe this offense will run better, especially the running game which has been a flop this season.

All I got to say is that if the Packers don’t start Jordan Love this season, then just trade or cut him at this point. This team in the 2020 NFL Draft used a 1st Round Pick on Love and in my opinion it is one of the greatest wasted picks I have ever seen in awhile. It is clear if he does not play this season, then they should stop calling him the future of the team. If they don’t utilize him now in a time where the Packers season is pretty much done, then that tells me that Love must be terrible.

If he is the future, then give the kid the last few starts as this season is going nowhere fast and that loss against the Titans really sealed it unless they win out. Aaron Rodgers is not going to be here forever and I want to truly see what the Packers have with him as he is going to be the future. Even if he does not pan out playing well, the Packers will get a higher draft pick and use it to either build the team, or select a new quarterback. My message to Green Bay is to start Jordan Love now as there might be no better opportunity to see what you have in him. Staring Love will give a clearer path on the future of the Packers and there is nothing to lose as there is a backup plan in how rich the 2023 NFL Draft is.

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