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Why The Houston Texans Were Eliminated From Making The 2022 NFL Playoffs...

(Image credit Rich Barnes/USA Today Sports)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick


Twitter: @NicholasMullick

You might want to sit down for this recent news update, this shocking piece of news. But the Houston Texans have been mathematically eliminated from making the playoffs. I know, I know we are all shocked by this as almost 0.000001% of the NFL fans believed that the Texans would make it to the playoffs this year. Ok I will cut the sarcasm now and get serious. The Texans were eliminated this week and I am shocked this was not done sooner as they only have 1 win and the team with the second least amount of wins is currently at 3. There are many issues and reasons why the Texans did not make the playoffs but I decided to narrow the reasons. So let's get into it and take a look at the 3 main reasons why the Texans were eliminated from the playoffs.

1. Poor Quarterback Play

I think this is an obvious one here. The Texans quarterback play has just been abysmal all season. Davis Mills was once a potential prospect from the 2021 Texans. Well when looking at this year it was obvious Mills was not the guy and regressed a lot. His play was so bad that the Texans decided to bench him for Kyle Allen. Kyle Allen has not impressed wither and made a Joe Woods coached Cleveland Browns defense look competent. There is no future QB on the Texans and in a league where the QB position is the most important, it was obvious the Texans were not going to do much this year.

2. Has this defense really improved?

The defense has been a disaster the past few years for the Texans and to me it is clear that there has not been much improvement on this defense. I mean Jalen Pitre and Derek Stingly have shown promise, but they have not really been great. In fact this defense has allowed around 23.6 point per game which is one of the worst in the league. Jerry Hughes is a pass rusher on the team who had 8 sacks, but he is obviously not the future of this team and showed signs of decline. On a side note, what a waste of a season for Jerry Hughes who was a great pass rusher when he was a Buffalo Bill. Besides him nobody else had really impressed me on defense. There is still a lot of work left to go when building this defense back up.

3. All a part of the Tank

Just look at the decisions they have made and the way this team has played the past few weeks.

Does this look like a team that is trying this season? No and it was clear from the get go that the Texans were going to tank the season and to secure either C.J. Stroud or Bryce Young. This was planned all from the start. The Tanking was so blatant this year from the Texans. With Jack Easterby finally gone from this organization, maybe the Texans can rebuild this team properly. It all depends on if Nick Caserio is the guy at GM.

On The Bright Side - RB Dameon Pierce is a player

This year I decided to add a section showing a positive that came out of this season which I am calling "On The Bright Side". So this could have gone a few ways here, but I am going to label Dameon Pierce as a bright spot, as he is easily the best player on this offense no question. He has made some fantastic runs all year and the Texans really have something in him. I was high on Pierce entering the 2022 Draft and I am glad he is performing well. One thing I just don’t understand is why Pierce was not this well utilized when playing for the University of Florida? Overall though, Pierce is the future of this team and let's see if he can keep this up next year.

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