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Why The Las Vegas Raiders Were Eliminated From Making The 2022 NFL Playoffs...

(Image Credit: Kirby Lee/USA Today Sports)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick

Twitter: @NicholasMullick

Well, they put up a fight this week against the San Francisco 49ers, but they unfortunately lost 37-34 and are now mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. The Raiders were already long shots, but this is yet another difficult season as there were so many high expectations placed on this team with the additions that they made. However they failed to meet them and there were multiple reasons why this was the case. I narrowed it down to 3 main reasons.

1. Derek Carr’s Decline or Improperly Utilized

If there is one QB not named Russell Wilson that has not had a great season it is Derek Carr. While he has not been terrible he definitely has shown signs of decline this season. However let's be real, McDaniels is clearly not a fan of Derek Carr. He has not been utilized well in McDaniels offensive system. He was eventually benched for Jarrett Stidham and with how well Stidham performed, it looks like Carr is not going to play in Las Vegas next season.

If this is the end of Carr as a Raider then it sucks it had to end like this. Let's be real Derek Carr is the best QB that this franchise has had since Rich Gannon. They almost had it in Carson Palmer, but they poorly utilized him while he was here. Derek Carr was so great even with the bad coaches he had and it is going to be weird seeing him not in a Raiders uniform.

2. The Secondary is awful

Yikes, definitely a big problem with the Raiders was how bad their secondary is. The only player that was great for the Raiders secondary is S Duron Harmon. You can maybe argue Amik Robertson went from being a scrub to being a mediocre cornerback, but he was not fantastic. Rock Ya-Sin can’t stay healthy and Anthony Averrett has disappointed this season. Nate Hobbs went from a rising corner, to regressing. Sidney Jones I am shocked is still in the NFL. At least Tyler Hall and Sam Webb showed flashes, but they were not super consistent.N The Raiders really need to improve the secondary in the offseason.

3. Horrendous Coaching from Josh McDaniels

I have said this since Day 1 that the Raiders were going to regret hiring Josh McDaniels. Boy have I been right about him. He has learned nothing from his days in Denver.

He has already angered many players as he has seemingly forced out Derek Carr with the late benching move. I doubt Derek Carr plays another snap again with the team. Now this is very important. Benching and getting rid of Carr is going to get Davante Adams angry and potentially might want to leave as well. Remember the only reason Adams wanted to go to Las Vegas is because Derek Carr was the QB.

So, yeah this could get ugly in the offseason with Adams and Carr. You can even throw in Josh Jacobs too if things roll in that direction as well. That culture in the locker room is super mishandled.

Every week the Raiders look super unprepared and unmotivated. If this organization did not sign him to that gigantic contract, he would have been fired immediately against that Indianapolis Colts. Keep in mind the Colts just fired their head coach, and restarted past his prime Matt Ryan. That is one of the most embarrassing games in Raiders franchise history.

Keep in mind that McDaniels was supposed to be an offensive guy. This offense is so poorly run that the play calling is abysmal and the schemes McDaniels is running are strange. Should have kept Bisaccia Raiders, Good luck with poor coaching for another season or two.

On The Bright Side - Jarrett Stidham looks solid???

Gosh it was tough to find a bright side with the hype surrounding this team and I think that the Raiders were lucky to have the amount of wins they have. I will say even though it is one game, Stidham performed very well against the 49ers. Stidham looks miles ahead better now than he did playing in his Patriot days. Hopefully he can keep this up, but if he plays like that the Raiders might be in a good spot when they move on from Derek Carr. Of course I say might because Josh McDaniels is still the head coach, but I like what I saw from Stidham.



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