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Why The New Orleans Saints Were Eliminated From Making The 2022 NFL Playoffs...

(Image Credit: Eric Hartline/USA Today Sports)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick

Twitter: @NicholasMullick

Well the time has come for the Saints being eliminated from making the playoffs. Technically the Saints were eliminated a few weeks ago blowing that game against the Buccaneers, but they still mathematically had a chance. Even though they beat the Philadelphia Eagles 20-10, it was not enough. There was a lot that went wrong for the New Orleans Saints, but there are three main reasons why the Saints did not make the playoffs.

1. Neither Jameis Winston or Andy Dalton are not the Long Term Franchise QB

A clear weak point on the Saints. Look I will respect Andy Dalton as he was a great QB with the CIncinnati Bengals, but he is past his prime. He has also not been the most consistent player for the Saints. Jameis Winston is clearly not the guy either as he will go 30 for 30 or he gets hurt. Back injuries are no joke and who knows if he will be the same QB he was. I hope not, but like I said back injuries are not a joke at all. It has been obviously documented too that the Saints have given up on Taysom Hill too. This team needs a QB for the future and it sucks they will probably have to wait until the 2024 NFL Draft as their 1st Round Pick this year is Philadelphia Eagles property.

2. The Cornerback position was exposed

On Defense there are not a ton of problems, but the Saints have had issues at cornerback. Marshon Lattimore was not awful, but he had injuries this season and has regressed a bit this season. Which is a concern as he is their best cornerback. Alontae Taylor has shown flashes, but he has not been that great. Paulson Abedo was terrible this season. Bradley Roby and Chris Harris are past their prime and it would not shock me if this was there last season. This team needs help at cornerback. They are lucky Marcus Maye and Tyrann Matheiu are the safeties, but if they had a consistently good and healthy cornerback they probably would have won close games.

3. Terrible Coaching from Dennis Allen

I want to start by saying that I am not going to fault the Saints for promoting Dennis Allen. They were put in a very tough spot as Sean Payton stepped down. However when looking at this season, Dennis Allen is not a good head coach. He is in the Todd Bowles category of good defensive coordinator, but terrible head coach. There were so many games that were winnable, but were mishandled due to poor coaching tactics by Dennis Allen. The Time Management has been a mess, they are super undisciplined with the insane amount of penalties and the team lacks motivation. All of this is on coaching and The thing is that he repeated the same mistakes that he made coaching the Oakland Raiders from 2012-2014. It would not be a surprise if Dennis Allen becomes a one and done head coach.

On The Bright Side - You could get draft capital for Sean Payton?

It was tough finding a bright spot, but I got to say even though the Saints don’t have their 1st round pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, there is a chance they could get a 1st and maybe more draft capital. How you ask, Well for Sean Payton. It is looking more and more that Sean Payton could return to the NFL to coach. The thing is that the Saints still have his rights and teams will have to trade draft picks to acquire him. With Payton being arguably one of the best coaches in NFL History the asking price is going to be high.

They are already asking for at least a 1st round pick and that is great news. Getting something for losing nothing as I doubt Payton will return to coach the Saints. The Saints need that 1st to help build the team and fix the weaknesses on their team.



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