WR — Antonio Callaway 7.47

Scout- George Haraktsis

College: Florida

Height: 5′ 11″

Weight: 194 lbs

40-Time: 4.41

Vertical: 34.0

Bench Press: N/A


Q.A.B. 8.20 Plus athlete with amazing quickness and acceleration. Shifty player who uses his agility to make defenders miss, and is an absolute terror in the open field. Loses balance easily at times, and stumbles on some moves.

Flexibility 8.00 Able to contort his body in tight spaces and make difficult catches, he can turn his body and track the football really well.

C.O.D. 7.50 Very shifty and is able to stop on a dime and make defenders miss, but sometimes struggles with staying on his feet.

Explosion 8.00 Fires off the line of scrimmage and is explosive in and out of his breaks.

Deep Speed 8.80 Is an extremely dangerous deep threat and has great top speed. Can easily beat defenses over the top and in the deep middle. Being able to simply run past defenders.

Without Ball

Quicks Off LOS 8.00 Callaway wins off the line of scrimmage with ease, able to get into his route and separate within steps

Release VS Jam 6.50 Can get held up at the line by larger defensive backs. Can get thrown off his spot and jammed easily.

Route Running 8.50 Quality route runner, able to sell routes well. He has advanced footwork within his routes, and he has a multitude of ways to win at the line of scrimmage. Loses crispness in his routes at times through slopiness and laziness

Separation 8.50 Could be his greatest skill. Is able to create separation at all three levels using his hands, feet, and quickness.

Blocking 5.00 Does give effort at times but usually seems completely disinterested in blocking .

With Ball In Hands

Hands 7.00 Has some drop concerns and can be particularly unsteady with catches at chest level or below. Most drops are not even contested. Seems like a lack of concentration.

Yard After Contact 6.50 Does not like contact, avoids lowering his shoulder and usually initiates contact with a spin, exposing his back.

Ability in Space 9.00 Has a great feel and ability in space. Uses a combination of quick feet, jukes, and stiff arms to get past defenders. A huge threat on screens.

Ball Security 6.00 Fumble risk on contact. Fumbled four punts in 2016.


Toughness 6.00 Lacks strength which hinders his toughness. Does not like contact when challenged. But does have an ability to break tackles and fight for extra yards.

Production 8.00 Suspended for his junior year, but was extremely productive when he was on the field. One of Floridas only explosive playmakers on the offensive side of the ball

Consistency/Motor 7.00 Has big games but can disappear at times. Shows a ton effort on some plays but sometimes seems disinterested on others.


Instincts 8.00 Very Instinctive player. Great awarenes and ability to finish a play, seems to know how defenders are going to react and capitalizes instantly.

Learn/Retain 6.50 Played as a true freshman at a high level and made an impact when on the field. Off the field had his issues, by getting arrested multiple time and being suspended his entire junior year.

Position Versatility 9.00 Can be used all over the field.Used in all three phases of the passing game, and returns punts and kicks at an elite level.


Has not injury history, and is a great deep threat with blazing speed, but not a one trick Pony. Callaway can create separation at all three levels with his fantastic footwork and great burst which should make his transition seamless. Accelerates in and out of his cuts with relative ease and is a great route runner given his age and lack of playing time. Gains a lot of his yards after the catch by making defenders miss with his elite quickness and agility. Can impact the game on special teams, has two punt returns and one kick return in his short college career. Almost always one of the most explosive playmakers on the field, and could be a true difference-maker at the next level.


Has issues with catching, drops uncontested balls but not enough of an issue to worry too much about. Can sometimes lose balance easily when trying to gain yards after the catch. Hates contact and is a fumble risk at times. Lost four fumbles on punts in 2016. Has a disciplinary history as long as they come, causing him to miss his entire junior season. This is the main reason he will fall back in the draft.

Big Picture

No doubt he is one of the most electric playmakers when he steps on the field. He is a true game changing receiver who has rightfully garnered comparisons to Antonio Brown, by being able to affect the receiving game at all three levels. A serious threat in open field with his great vision, loose hips, quick jukes and deadly spins. Can be used as a gadget player but not limited to it. Looses very little speed in between these cuts, but can be caught going East to West too much vs North to South. Has a more slender build than your traditional receiver and is under 6'0" tall. Has serious character concerns ranging from sexual assault allegations, marijuana possession, and credit card theft. Is a rare talent but could easily become a wasted draft pick if he chooses to not stay out of trouble. He is a 1st-round talent with very obvious concerns that will slide his stock back to the middle rounds. High risk, high reward.

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