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WR — Auden Tate 6.51

Scout- Ryan Lippert

College: Florida State

Height: 6'5"

Weight: 225 lbs

40-Time: 4.68

Vertical: 31"

Bench Press:


Q.A.B. 6.00 Doesn’t possess outstanding quickness or agility but shows great balance when making jump ball catches in traffic.

Flexibility 7.00 Shows nice bend when making catches in traffic or reaching up for jump balls.

C.O.D. 5.00 Doesn’t have the greatest speed when changing direction, mainly due to being a bigger receiver.

Explosion 5.75 Tate doesn’t show tremendous explosiveness, mainly due to his lack of speed/quickness.

Deep Speed 5.00 Doesn’t possess outstanding deep speed. Has to use his size to make up for it

Without Ball

Quicks Off LOS 5.00 Not the quickest off the line but makes up for it with size difference against small defenders.

Release VS Jam 7.00 Tate makes up for his lack of speed with his strength, which he uses to get off jams.

Route Running 6.50 Tate’s lack of quickness takes away from his route running ability at times.

Separation 6.00 May not have the deep speed but uses his size and length to create separation.

Blocking 6.00 Decent blocker most of the time but can be lazy with his blocks at times.

With Ball In Hands

Hands 7.50 Possesses nice hands, even with defenders draping on him.

Yard After Contact 7.00 Tate uses his strength and size to break tackles and rack up yards after the catch.

Ability in Space 6.00 Tate isn’t a player who is going to cut and make defenders miss in open space. He makes plays in space by creating separation with his length and size.

Ball Security 7.00 Only saw him lose the ball one time in film and it was due to a great defensive play.


Toughness 7.25 Tate showed the ability on multiple occasions to make catches despite contact from a defender.

Production 8.00 Was a threat to score in every game I watched. Has a nose for the end zone.

Consistency/Motor 7.00 Showed great consistency in most cases but doesn’t have the highest motor.


Instincts 7.50 Mainly shows off his instincts in deep ball situations. He times up going up for jump balls perfectly and has a knack for knowing where the ball will end up.

Learn/Retain 7.50 In the film I watched, Tate never seemed to make the same mistake twice. If he failed on one play, he’d come back with a big play shortly after.

Position Versatility 4.25 Tate is strictly an outside receiver. He is too big and slow to line up in the slot.


Tate possesses a large frame which helps him as a deep threat. He is an outstanding jump ball receiver who uses his size and flexibility to make catches in traffic. As I mentioned, he was a very productive outside receiver at Florida State who had a nose for the end zone.


Tate’s lack of speed worries me. At the next level, he will play against bigger defenders, so he won’t be able to rely on his size as much. He will need to improve on his speed, quickness, and route running if he wants to be able to get open in the league.

Big Picture

I see Tate being a receiver who is drafted between the 4th and 6th rounds. However, he is also a player who I can see making an immediate impact if placed in the right system. Tate can provide a team with a very reliable deep threat who can get up and grab jump balls over receivers. His large frame will also help him to be a huge red zone threat. If he can improve on his speed and quickness off the line, I believe that Tate will be a force in the NFL for many years to come.



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