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WR — Dante Pettis 7.06

Scout- Cody Manning

College: Washington

Height: 6'0

Weight: 195 lbs

40-Time: N/A

Vertical: N/A

Bench Press: N/A


Q.A.B. 7.50 He has quick feet and uses his short speed to his advantage to get by press coverage.

Flexibility 7.00 He will dip around cornerbacks to get by them on routes, helps create some separation for him.

C.O.D. 7.50 He can cut on a dime and burst in the direction he wants to go. Helps him excel in route running.

Explosion 7.50 He explodes of his stance which allows him to make sure the corner can’t get his hands on him.

Deep Speed 6.00 If he doesn’t run a clean route then he will struggle to get open deep when the coverage is there.

Without Ball

Quicks Off LOS 7.75 His quickness allows him to get the early advantage which allows him to get open after the snap.

Release VS Jam 7.50 Does a great job at avoiding jams from corners, they can struggle to get their hands on him at times

Route Running 7.50 His fast feet allow him to be precise on his route running, when he runs them clean, he gets open.

Separation 6.00 If his route doesn’t get him open then he struggles to get separation versus good coverage.

Blocking 6.50 He will get under the corner, gets leverage, drives back. He can take poor angles and miss often.

With Ball In Hands

Hands 7.00 He sometimes will let the ball come to him instead of attacking it. Had an occasional drop.

Yard After Contact 6.00 He uses his agility and quick feet to work around defenders, he can be easily taken to the ground.

Ability in Space 7.50 He has great vision when he has space to work with, finds holes to run through. Effective with space.

Ball Security 7.00 He does need to make sure he adjusts and has the ball in the correct hand. Muffed a punt.


Toughness 6.50 Doesn’t make the difficult catches, drops the ball if there is contact going on. Avoids contact at times.

Production 7.00 His production fell of after John Ross left. He maybe dependent on another guy to produce more.

Consistency/Motor 7.50 He would run his routes at his fastest ability, even when they were up big he was still running hard.


Instincts 7.25He can feel out defenders and know when to make the right cuts to get open for the quarterback. He can feel out defenders and know when to make the right cuts to get open for the quarterback.

Learn/Retain 7.00 He was able to show that he could come in and contribute as a freshman until his role grew.

Position Versatility 7.50 He is able to play in the slot or on the outside. Dependent on a WR1 for max production.


He is an excellent route runner, he uses his initial quickness to his advantage, does a great job at using his quick feet to make a cut, then gets open. He has great vision in open space, he can find open lanes for him to run through. He reads his blockers well. He is a proven returner that can take it to the house with his ability in the open field.


He doesn’t have the deep speed, and depends on his routes to get open. If his route isn’t clean then he struggles to get separation on good coverage. He also can take bad angles on his blocks, made it easy for defender to get by him. He struggles with contact, will drop the ball if the defender is making a play on it. Let’s the ball come to him, he needs to attack the ball in the air more often.

Big Picture

He does have the ability to come in and contribute for a team right away. He should be able to come to a team and be their returner on special teams and should be able to find his way into the rotation. He quickness in short space, and route running ability should give him a chance to get open at the next level. It does concern me that he depended on just getting one foot in at the college level. He had times where he could of got two feet in with the proper placement, but just made sure he got the one foot in. That habit could make it hard on himself as he adjusts to getting two feet in bounds on catches. His production also dropped from his Junior season, where he was opposite of John Ross. It does show that he might be dependent on someone else being the number one guy in the wide receiver room. He may need to come into a right situation as a rookie, where he is working with an already established number one guy. That would allow him to work one on one with corners, where teams can use his effective route running to his advantage. He does need some developing, but at times he reminded me of Golden Tate. I think he is a late 2nd round-3rd prospect.



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