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WR — Michael Gallup 7.30

Scout- Ryan Goudy

College: Colorado State

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 205

40-Time: 4.51

Vertical: 36"

Bench Press: 10


Q.A.B. 7.50 Plays with good balance, Good quickness to chew up cushion

Flexibility 7.25 Fluid athlete, able to bend and twist to make plays on ball

C.O.D. 7.50 Good change of direction skills both with the ball and without.

Explosion 7.50 Able to explode up the field, quick for his size, good bounce to play the ball in the air

Deep Speed 7.50 For his size his speed is good, can get on top of CB on vertical route

Without Ball

Quicks Off LOS 7.00 Good burst off the line, able to get up to speed

Release VS Jam 7.00 Uses his hands to get off press, plays physical

Route Running 7.25 Improved from 16–17, able to cut and flip well, could improve on flattening some routes

Separation 7.25 Has a knack for getting open, and when he isnt, creates space for ball placement

Blocking 6.50 Willing to mix it up, needs to get better

With Ball In Hands

Hands 7.00 Good hands, sometimes a bit inconsistant but solid

Yard After Contact 7.25 Physical with the ball, loves to power through tackles, falls forward

Ability in Space 7.25 Able to create in space, speed to hit the home run, dynamic on screens to read blocks

Ball Security 7.00 Doesnt put the ball on the ground.


Toughness 7.75 Likes to play tough, runs behind his pads, and is physical at the stem of his routes

Production 8.00 Good production in two years, 176 Catches, 2685 Yards, 21 TDs

Consistency/Motor 6.75 Takes some plays off when he thinks he isnt involved


Instincts 7.25 Good instincts, knows when contact is there, feels open zones

Learn/Retain 7.25 Shown growth in route tree this year, still a bit raw

Position Versatility 7.75 Can play both outside and inside


Michael is good athlete, He wins by strength and speed. He has strength with the ball, and is physical in his routes to create seperation. He has speed to create seperation over the top, as well as enough speed to eat up cushions. He is continuing to better is route running skills. He has good hands, and loves to make plays in the air.


Gallup is still learning the position. His route running can be crisper. He needs to continue to work on his blocking as well as keeping his motor up on every play.

Big Picture

Gallup is one of the most gifted receivers in this class with his combination of size and speed. He is a well put together athlete and uses it to his advantage. He is a red zone target with his leaping ability and is explosive to win 50/50 balls. Gallup is raw, but has already shown improvement in his route running. He is a mismatch being able to win over the top with speed, or cut a route off being physical across the middle. Look for Gallup to be a Day 2 selection and work to get on the field early in his rookie campaign.

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