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XFL DFS FanDuel Breakdown Week 5

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Written by: Nikunj Patel @NickOfTimeDFS

Like last week, I’ll be posting my final lineups on Twitter @NickOfTimeDFS so follow me there for that, injury updates and other pertinent information. Feel free to reach out with any questions as well. I also have a weekly average stat sheet for each team on my profile, if you can’t find it just shoot me a message

Favorite Plays:

  1. Phillip Walker is one of my favorite plays (duh) for cash games, like pretty much every single week and will remain so unless something drastic happens.

  2. Christine Michael’s price is looow, take advantage of it. Although Ford has gotten a touchdown in every game he’s played, Michael provides the best value when looking at his price. We can almost guarantee him getting 10+ touches and that’s all you need from $14. I also love TB RBs, they looked absolutely dominant last week and I wouldn’t hesitate to play them both this week.

  3. Dan Williams and Jalen Tolliver both looked good last week again since Cornelius was able to get the ball in their hands. These two are very underrated receivers and are dangerous in the open field.

  4. Donald Parham and Nick Truesdell both take #1 for me this week. They both have the same upside, although we haven’t seen it from Truesdell just yet since he’s been out for a couple of weeks with an injury. Playing Truesdell gives me some room to pay up for other players like Walker or Phillips and at $13, we don’t need him to have a monster day (that would be ideal in GPP, though).

Value Plays:

  1. Phillip Nelson - Nelson isn’t the best quarterback and has absolutely no rushing upside but the plus side here is he will be forced to throw and a lot. Even if it is just check downs to CAP or Dunbar, his stats will fill up. BJ Daniels is another value play that is almost the opposite of Nelson. He has a ton of rushing upside, but we haven’t really seen enough to judge his passing abilities.

  2. Darius Victor - Last week, Victor rumbled his way to an 82-yard performance on 18 attempts. I would expect New York to continue the same gameplan since it worked well last week, but reports state McGloin could very well get the start so who knows what they’re thinking.

Leverage Plays:

These are players who will be overlooked, low owned and can help to take down a GPP. With that said, they’re extremely volatile so do what you want with this information.

  1. Dujuan Harris, RB, LA - he was the best running back on the LA team last week and may get another opportunity this week. Martez Carter is still questionable, but it looks like he’s been trending up so that’s something to keep an eye on.

  2. Cardale Jones, QB, DC - third time’s the charm. After those busts, nobody is going to be on him. I will take the risk of playing him again and again even if he scores nothing.

  3. Alonzo Moore, WR, SEA - Moore’s usage has steadily increased the past few weeks and I think he’s due for a breakout at any time now.

  4. Quinton Flowers, QB, TB - I love watching this guy play. Last time I had him on here, he was listed as an RB for $12 and we nearly had a takedown on our hands. This time, he’s back to being listed as a QB, but he’s only $8. Reports from TB state Flowers is expected to have designed plays for him and he has been participating in running back drills. Like I said 2 weeks ago, anything can happen with Flowers on the field.



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