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XFL Reveals Team Names for the 2023 Season

Image Credit: (Rick Yeatts/USA Today Sports)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick Linkedin:

Twitter: @nicholasmullick

The XFL is back after a long wait since the last version got screwed due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. I really was disappointed as I was very high on the XFL and it was doing very well the first 5 weeks of the season. It was just a shame that they had to shut down and it was not their fault. It was not shut down due to financial issues like the AAF was, but due to exterior events that occurred. However now it is back and the 8 Teams were revealed and I thought I would take some time to go through each team and give my reaction to it.

​​Arlington Renegades

This is a brilliant move from the XFL as Arlington is an underrated market to explore for teams. Yes I know they are not too far from the city of Dallas, but that market is fully run by the Cowboys. The Cowboys are the most valuable franchise in the NFL and there is no way for the XFL or any professional team to surpass the Cowboys. The one thing I am not a fan of is their logo that they have now was not as good as the old logo was.

D.C. Defenders

The Defenders were an absolute must to bring back as they were one of the favorites to be a part of the XFL Championship before the league shutdown. I would rather prefer the old logo as it was shaped like a Shield and of course Shields defend warriors in the battle field. But I like that they are not changing the color design.

Houston Roughnecks

This team that lilley would have won the XFL Championship would have likely been the Houston Roughnecks. This was at a time where PJ Walker was running wild in the XFL. Get it because Vince McMahon owned the XFL at that time along with WWE and I made a Hulk Hogan reference as he was a pro wrestler. But I like that they kept it the logo, by one nit pick was I hated that the chopped off the top of the logo as that was a tribute to the Houston Oilers logo. I am guessing that this was due to NFL properties issues as the Tennessee Titans own the rights to the Oilers logo, but I can't confirm it. Overall though I like what the XFL did here.

Orlando Guardians

Absolutely the right choice to put an XFL team in Orlando. One of my complaints in the 2020 version of the XFL is why they did not have a team in Orlando. Just look at the AAF in how the Orlando Apollos were a success at that time. It was just perfect to have a team there and I am happy the new version of the XFL did that. Of course the Guardians were moved from New York and that is for the best. I can see in a few years if the XFL succeeds, they will definitely give New York a try. The logo is cool and green is my favorite color. It makes the Guardians logo pop out more which is a plus.

San Antonio Brahmas

Of course there has to be a team in the XFL called the Brahmas. After all, it is tattooed on Dwayne Johnson's shoulder. On a serious note, this is another brilliant decision by the XFL. San Antonio is a market that can provide a big opportunity to reach. One of my biggest question marks for the XFL in 2020 is that they decided to put a team in Dallas instead of San Antonio. I mean I understood it, but it just seemed like a missed opportunity. Also that logo is just fantastic and whoever designed it did a fantastic job.

Seattle Sea Dragons

No surprise at all that the XFL brought the Seattle Sea Dragons back. I like that they kept the color scheme and I am pretty sure that they will play in the same stadium like they did in 2020. However I am wondering, why did they change the team's name from the Dragons to the Sea Dragons? It just seems weird that they wanted to add Sea to the name. The logo to me is a bit too cheesy and I liked the old logo more as it was more intimidating. Overall though I am glad Seattle gets another football team.

St. Louis Battlehawks

No Brainer with this one as the St. Louis Battlehawks. They were so popular in 2020 and have to be brought back.I would not be shocked if those games yet again become the most attended in the 2023 season. If the XFL changed the name and logo of this team then a lot of the fanbase would have not been happy at all.

Vegas Vipers

I would have preferred the Vegas team called the Outlaws as a omage to the original XFL team, but the Vipers are a great name as well. Just saying Vegas Vipers sounds cool. The logo looks cool and I love the color scheme that they use in Vegas. I also love how the logo is if the Snake’s mouth was open and in the shape of a V. It is a great trick in the eye and I like that they moved this team from Tampa Bay to Las Vegas. The Vegas market is always a great market for any league to expand and be a part of.

Overall I give it a double thumbs up with each team in the XFL. My one big nitpick I have is that I believe that there are too many teams in the state of Texas. I don’t mind it a lot, but 3 teams of the same sport in one state is a bit much for me. I would have rather had a team in a different city like San Diego, Oklahoma City, Oakland, Portland, and etc. But besides that I really like what the XFL did here. I am very excited to see what happens next with the XFL.


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