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The Number one resource to evaluate the future talent of the NFL.

- Top 22 Prospects Writeups

- Projected Depth Charts 

- Prospect Ranking

- Season Preview
- Offseason Recap
- 2021 Key Free Agent
- Draft Pick History 

- 20/80 Player Grading Scale

The first company to fully integrate NFL-style scouting reports with sports analytics brings you a one-of-a-kind guide covering the top 22 players per team over the last three draft classes who have started no more than twelve NFL games. Blitzalytics is a collection of scouts, data analysts, and researchers, trained by some of the biggest names in the football industry, who aim to bring you unique data, content, and products. The NFL Prospect Encyclopedia is the only place to find information and analysis on young players, from popular rookies to unknown players fighting for roster spots. This guide was written by Blitz’s top eight football scouts, who have combined to cover, interview, and report on thousands of NFL prospects over the years.


The Prospect Encyclopedia not only delivers in-depth player analysis, but also offers current and future player grades, projected depth charts, season previews, rankings, and more. From hardcore fans wanting to grow their team knowledge to fantasy football dynasty players who need to gain an edge to NFL Draft fanatics looking to fill the void, this guide delivers on every level. Blitzalytics is continuing to develop the most accurate football performance prediction and scouting system in the industry. They have created the first player evaluation method that merges all-22 film study with a weighted analytical metric that takes into consideration over 20 different positional traits and on-field production to calculate a grade that’s proven to be the most accurate scale on the market.

Atlanta Falcons Prospect Encyclopedia 2020 (Team PDF)

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