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Robert Robinson
Design Consultant
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Springfield, MO
Self Taught
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe After Effects
Photo Editing
Video Editing
Music Production

Robert Robinson is a sophisticated art robot sent back in time from the future to provide you with the most eye pleasing art known to man. Be it sports edits, video work or hand-drawn art. Robert always gives you what you wanted, even if you didn't know that you wanted it. Some have said he is the greatest artist to ever have lived. Some have called him the Picasso of sports edits. Those people were his wife and mother. He is the combo of greatness you achieve when you mix Chuck Norris and Blake Bortles. He is the embodiment of artistic perfection, with a vision previously unknown to man. A true savant, Robert is simply put, unmatched in talent, and a sheer joy to work with, and just a flat pleasure to be around.

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