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Charles Omenihu







Bench Press
Broad Jump

Final Grade


No Major Injury History

Injury History

Games Evaluated

2018: Iowa State, USC, Maryland, Georgia

Team Fit


Omenihu is a highly athletic prospect with a quick step off the line and good burst upfield to challenge blockers early in sets. His length, explosiveness and physicality make him difficult to handle 1-on-1, both in the run game and as a pass rusher. His versatility as an edge defender and 3-technique defensive tackle will be covered in NFL circles, as his growth from 2017 to 2018 was on display in the defensive deficiency BIg-12. He plays with a good forward lean and pad level to maintain leverage against offensive lineman while playing with an extremely high motor. He consistently attacks the ball through the whistle. He flashed immense quickness at the Senior Bowl and periodically on film capable of blowing through gaps to fill running lanes and collapse the interior. He is a stout run defender with the quickness to blow through gaps and the length to stack and shed on the edge. Omenihu is a humble team player who will outwork everyone.


Although Omenihu has worked as a defensive tackle for most of his career, he possesses major weight and power limitations entering the next level and may need to play end with the ability to move inside in sub packages for obvious passing situations. He is listed at 275 pounds and won't be able to contend with NFL interior lineman with his current weight and play strength. His hand usage needs to show improvement in accuracy and violence if he is to maximize his reps against blockers on the edge. He may often display a wide variety of pass rush moves, however, they are not consistent and have often been ineffective. When he fails to extend his arms and stack blockers, he tends to get walled off failing to make plays in the backfield. He consistently fails to disengage from contact and his punches, rips and pulls tend to be ineffective when attempting to get hands off his frame. He needs to use his length more consistently and keep his chest clean or risk getting walled out of the play.

Big Picture

Omenihu is an athletic and versatile defender who can play anywhere along the defensive line, but figures to play as a 4-3 end with the talent to move inside and rush from the interior on passing downs. He has tremendous upside and untapped potential that could be unlocked with the right coaching and system. He struggles to bend the edge and won't be a double digit sack artist early in his career and will need to be refined, but the combination of his burst combined with his relentless motor and talent in run support will ultimately boost his stock to the later portion of day 3.

Player Comp




He is quick off the line of scrimmage with a powerful first step and excellent forward lean. His lateral mobility and short area quickness to duck back inside is not very strong, and he can get buried in contact when working laterally. His strong base and length still provide him the ability and balance to play with influence and positioning along the line. Frequently displays tight hips, and he does not possess the mobility to speed through tight angles or to tilt and carry his leverage extending underneath his hips. Can struggle to bend the edge and dip under linemans pads and punches. Displays excellent pad level when working out of his three point stance with the ability to fully extend his arms and keep his chest plate clean utilizing good chest-to-ground forward lean. When working out of obvious pass rushing sets, he noticeably explodes off the line of scrimmage capable of pushing blockers on their heels with an excellent forward lean. Is often inconsistent when timing the snap to burst off the line of scrimmage on non-obvious passing situations. Possesses outstanding speed upfield when in pursuit of the quarterback. Can chase runners down the line of scrimmage utilizing a relentless motor. Has a modest amount of range. Not the fastest straight line runner, but can catch runners from behind in the second level. Displays a strong and wide base and an excellent forward lean to consistently battle against strong interior lineman. Will need to gain weight in order to play inside at the next level, and as a result, he ends up on the ground more often than one would like.

Lateral Agility
Play Strength

Pass Rush Ability:




Big Play Ability

First-Step Quickness
Use of Hands
Pass Rush Moves
Finish Ability

Displays a quick and powerful first step when working out of his three point stance in pass rushing sets. Becomes hesitant when attempting to time up the snap with his get off. Much more instinctive player with a fast launch and good burst. His hand placement waivers to often creating frustrating lapses in his pass rushing sets. When he fails to extend his arms and stack blockers, he tends to get walled off failing to make plays in the backfield. He consistently fails to disengage from contact and his punches, rips and pulls tend to be ineffective when attempting to get hands off his frame. Plays with a good forward lean and excellent arm extension to keep his chest clean. His low pads and wide base create good leverage at the point of attack. He can over-commit leaving openings into his chest often losing leverage and footing in the process. Possesses a wide variety of pass rushing moves, although he is not extremely effective when utilizing them. Has shown awareness in using bull-rush, rip and club, and rip and dip techniques to win in a pass rushing set and to counter offensive lineman. His counters tend to be ineffective. When he is in good position his frame and length tend to support his ability as a pass rusher. He has the capability to power through when he utilizes solid hand placement. His length and motor give him adequate ability to finish plays in the backfield, but his tendency to rush without a plan in place and while over extending at the point of attack present the opportunity for ball carriers in the backfield and for the QB to slip his grasp. If he can get his hands on the ball carrier they will usually get dragged to the turf. Was one of the most productive athletes in the defensive deficient Big-12 conference acting as the anker and second best pass rusher on Texas. broke out during the 2018 campaign displaying the ability to contribute as an edge and 3-technique defensive lineman.

Against The Run:



With low pad levels and long arms he can keep his chest clean. He consistently utilizes a nice forward lean and a wide base to maintain leverage. Will end up on his back to often throughout a game. His overall play strength is lacking, and he is too light to play on the interior as a 3-Tech defensive tackle on every play. He fits in as a 4-3 defensive end playing the run off the edge, with the ability to move inside on obvious passing situations. Flashed immense quickness at the senior bowl and periodically on film. He has the quickness and length to break through the gap while keeping his frame clean and clear of contact. He doesn't possess the consistent ability to flash across the offensive lineman's face and break through a gap to disrupt the backfield on every play. His hands have shown tendencies to be extremely powerful when in the right positioning. Can stack blockers with length and power in his punches and attack gaps with good burst. Can struggle to disengage defenders when he allows hands inside his frame. Does a solid job attacking runners on the opposite field. Limited lateral ability can inhibit his ability to close off lanes, but his speed and get off allow him to shoot gaps and attack cut back lanes often clogging up the hole with his range and length. Outstanding tackle radius with a big wingspan. Good grip strength often showing a prominent presence along the LOS to grab cloth and bring the ball carrier down in traffic, often holding on until the cavalry arrives. He is an effective scraper when working down the line, capable of flattening the line of scrimmage or getting width to challenge plays toward the boundary.

Play with Leverage
Stack and Shed
Gap Integrity
Gap Shooting Ability






Field Vision

Decision Making

Pre-Snap Adjustment



He has the size, speed and power to develop into a monster on the line of scrimmage at the next level, but their are to many inconsistencies within his tape that keep arousing questions. He lacks the weight to play inside and the play strength to frequently win at the point of attack. Too many reps end with him on his back and on the ground. He tends to get walled and stood up when he fails to get a firm grasp and quality hand placement on the blocker. Plays with a highly effective motor on every play attacking the ball through the whistle. Will chase down runners from behind and attack the boundary prior to runners turning upfield. Never takes a play off.





Doesn't always work with a plan when pass rushing and can occasionally struggle to find the ball in traffic. Needs to develop his hands in order to win more consistently at the next level. Still feeling his way through consistency with his hands and ability to react to offensive looks. Needs to increase his transition time out of initial steps in order to better pursue ball carriers and in gap penetration. Humble team player who works hard in every phase of the game he is responsive for. Team leader with good character.

Play Recognition
Position Versatility
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