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Jerry Tillery


Notre Dame





Bench Press
Broad Jump

Final Grade


No Major Injury History

Injury History

Games Evaluated

2018: Vanderbilt, Stanford, Michigan

Team Fit


Tillery is a good athlete with a large frame and raw power. He possesses good burst off the line of scrimmage with the ability to create pressure on the interior and clog holes in run support. He plays with good leverage off the snap, firing out with a good base and low pads. He consistently fully extends his arms to keep blockers off his frame. With good hand use, he will throw punches to collapse sets and transition into a hand pull or club to produce space and generate pressure. Possesses good play strength and the necessary length to fill the hole and take over the gap, while stacking defenders and finding the ball.


Tillery often fails to slide effectively when looking to scrape down the line and to break off contact. He will concede ground and lacks the desired agility to move laterally leaving his frame open for blockers to engage. He can't bend the edge or twist inside and will often allow interior lineman to get underneath his chest delaying his movement into the backfield. He ends up on the ground more than one would like and struggles to climb over fallen bodies in the pocket. He doesn't possess a wide variety of pass rush moves and he frequently fail;s to time his punches giving blockers the opportunity to engage his frame. He struggles to consistently shoot the gap, hindering his ability fill the hole to stop the run with limited lateral ability. He is not the greatest in pursuit and won't attack runners in the second and third levels. Straight line speed isn't a strong suit. He has long way to go before he will be a consistent force along an NFL defense, but he has the potential to develop as an interior pass rusher with the talent and size to stop the run.

Big Picture

Tillery showed much better conditioning and production throughout the 2018 season and still has untapped potential that could make him an impact player at the next level. Tillery is best suited to begin his career as a power rusher who can collapse the pocket and fill holes as a run stopper in certain packages. He is much better when utilizes as an interior rusher. He has been most effective when allowed to charge hard out of his stance and push up the field in an effort to reset the line of scrimmage, while attacking the passer. His eventual development could make him an impact player and an eventual starter along a defensive line.

Player Comp




Possesses an excellent burst off the line with quick feet and clean footwork often generating leverage with a balanced base, and outstanding arm extension. He has the ability to cross the blockers face with strong hands and rip moves but can struggle to plant his foot and work laterally when engaged. Does not slide effectively when looking to scrape off of contact and instead will concede ground. Lacks desired agility, but quickness upfield more than makes up for his lateral ability. Displays great pad level out of stance and can maintain leverage in contact with extended arms, bent knees and low pads. Shows the ability to bend inside and collapse the pocket. Can't bend at the arc when working the edge, and he has leverage issues at the line of scrimmage. Will often allow defenders under his chest and get rocked back against double teams and drive blocks. He is often the first player out of his stance when the ball is snapped and can move up field quickly with an excellent burst and quick first step. Uses explosive hands to push blocks onto their heels and collapse ther interior of the pocket. Good burst and quickness upfield with a lack of straight line speed due to his size and weight. Carries body mass well, but won't run down ball carriers from behind. Doesn't possess great coordination and can get moved backward and pushed off balance when working laterally. Occasionally ends up on the ground and will attempt to round the edge rather than climb over bodies taking himself out of the play.

Lateral Agility
Play Strength

Pass Rush Ability:




Big Play Ability

First-Step Quickness
Use of Hands
Pass Rush Moves
Finish Ability

Possesses a good first step and excellent burst to move upfield quickly and engage with the blocker. Has natural acceleration and is effective in slant and gap penetration opportunities. Consistently fully extends arms to keep blockers off his frame maintaining leverage in contact. He will throw and extend hands to collapse a set and transition into a hand pull or a club to produce space and generate pressure. Will consistently work with a strong base, bent knees and low pads while fully extending his arms to keep leverage in contact. Will rarely stand straight up and often utilizes his weighted frame to push blockers on to their heels and transitioning with powerful punches and rips to ride past them. Doesn't possess a wide variety of pass rush moves, but can win with his burst and power. He uses a variety of hand punches to create seperation and push the blocker onto his heels and ultimately off balance. He fails to time his punches and hand usage and can get held up when he allows blockers into his frame. He is a terror when able to land the first blow. With good burst and excellent power he can consistently collapse the pocket and create smaller windows to throw. Possesses a long wingspan and the strength to pull down the quarterback with one arm. Head up tackling is hit or miss, but he is extremely efficient in tight quarters and will rarely miss an opportunity in the backfield. Excellent production as an interior lineman garnering 11.5 sacks over the last two years. He is a terror inside with the ability to impact both the run and passing game.Excellent production as an interior lineman garnering 11.5 sacks over the last two years. He is a terror inside with the ability to impact both the run and passing game.

Against The Run:



Possesses great length and excellent pad level to get underneath blocks and push lineman onto their heels. Consistently plays with his eyes up and attempts to find the ball on any given play. When working against the run, he will allow defenders under his chest and get rocked back against double teams and drive blocks. Has more potential than actual results, even after a breakout season in 2018. Needs to find more separation stacking blocks in order to work across the face of blockers. Possesses requisite strength and length to fulfill role but will require notable development and play recognition. Needs to grow as an overall run defender. Can get beat when he tries to move laterally before disengaging. His burst off the line helps him reach the gap quickly. Thick, powerful frame creates a lot of forward push. His ability to sit down after bursting through a gap to secure a tackle for loss is average. Can get challenged with lateral contact, but offers enough splash plays and consistency to play against the run. He can clog a whole with his big frame and long reach making runners think before pressing the line of scrimmage. Not the greatest in pursuit and won't track down ball carriers from behind once they cross into the second layer of the defense. His power in tight spaces is outstanding with the capability to bring runners down with one arm. Head up tackles are hit or miss as his deficiency in lateral agility can get the better of him. an wrangle and rag down ball carriers utilizing his strong upper body.

Play with Leverage
Stack and Shed
Gap Integrity
Gap Shooting Ability






Field Vision

Decision Making

Pre-Snap Adjustment



Extremely tough player who rarely takes plays off and won't miss a game due to injury. With good play strength, he plays hard and can beat lineman on any given play. Strong at the point of attack and rarely ragdolled or pushed backwards. Good consistency on each play with the motor to play through the whistle. Won't run down ball carriers in the second or third levels.





Plays with solid instincts and can find the ball when it is pushing the line. Often knows where he needs to be to make plays in the backfield. Often rushes without a plan and will resort to a bull-power rush attempting to collapse the interior. Not extremely versatile and doesn't show a deep knowledge of pass rushing techniques. Plays with a good motor and a great ability to rush the passer as a power tackle. Understands blocking sets with good block recognition. Is a good team player and shows solid teamwork throughout a game. Has some off-field concerns, but not troublesome in the locker room.

Play Recognition
Position Versatility
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