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6' 4"




Broad Jump

Final Grade


Injury History

Games Evaluated

2018' Vs: Texas A&M, Georgia, Clemson (National Championship) 2019 Vs: South Carolina, LSU, Auburn

Team Fit


Wills had a surprising lack of issues but a couple stood out that could keep him from being super successful early. Sustaining blocks in pass pro is my biggest gripe and this probably stems from his grip and punch in pass pro. He opted to not use a punch very often but was still excellent about keeping the defender out of his chest. His grip came and went but pretty often he would make his initial block and then let it through. Because of Alabama's offensive scheme and Tagovailoa's mobility, he didn't need to sustain very long. In the NFL he will need to finish his blocks through the whistle. Everything else comes down to consistency in pass pro with his hand usage, mostly placement and hand fighting. His mental processing is also well ahead of his area awareness. These problems all seem rather fixable which leads to a high prospect grade.

Big Picture

Wills is one of my favorite tackle prospects in the last few years. HIs technical prowess makes him a very safe bet, but with a few tweaks and improvements, he can become even better. His footwork is incredibly smooth and efficient and that makes him reliable in both the pass and run game. With most offensive line prospects you're getting a play who can hopefully contribute early in one phase but needs to develop in the other. With him you have someone who should benefit both aspects of offense very early in his career. The only potential knock is that' he's a career RT. Nick Saban did him good by allowed him to stay there instead of moving over as he thrived on the right side. While that's a potential knock on his versatility, both sides pretty much matter just as much now and with Tua's handedness, he was enacted with the responsibility on a blindside protector anyway. Tua's mobility and the Alabama offense could also allude to an easier time, but watching you could see him succeed while other struggled on that line. He was dominant at times with little downtime and incredibly consistent to boot. I would invest a high pick on Wills and lock down the right side of your line for a long-time with a safe floor and elite upside player.

Player Comp




Barch is a converted TE, so very athletic for a lineman. He was also a stand out track athlete, which bodes very well for any player when talking about athleticism and balance. He has above average quickness for a lineman too, which has made him very successful in a pass-heavy offense. He gets a very good grade here and that comes back to his track background. Not only did he throw shot put and discus, but he was also part of the 4x400 relay team and competing in these events will make you very limber. There is just a lot to love when it comes to his athletic ability. On one hand, I love his C.O.D ability when in his pass set, but then when run blocking he gets a little stiff. He played in a pass-heavy offense, so there may be a downgrade in confidence here. He is very quick and always explodes off the LOS. Again, this has to be attributed to his background as a track athlete. He not only got explosiveness in his upper body by throwing the shot put and discus but running in the relay gives him great get off at the line. He is still a raw talent and needs to do develop more, this was technically only his second year playing straight O-Line. This, unfortunately, makes him a little less versatile than other guys coming into the league, but he does have the ideal athletic ability to be a good NFL player and should be able to eventually play multiple positions across the line.

Lateral Agility
Play Strength


Run Blocking:

Movement off L.O.S.
Reach Block
Pull & Block Outside
Adjust in Space
Use of Hands

Big Play Ability

In-Line blocking is definitely the strong part of his game, with respect to the run game. He is strong when his assignment directly in front of him and he is comfortable with his ability. Watching him, it seems like when he not as confident in what he is doing, he loses his techniques and that will happen with inexperience. Always fast off the line. He is fantastic with his timing, which is one of the main reasons he has become a top tier NFL prospect and this ability has to come from competing in the 4x400. If you're not fast in your starts when running the relay, your team isn't going to win much and that really translates well on the football field. He is very capable when reaching a defender, but can lose his track and balance when the defender is aggressive and equally talented. Again St John's was a very pass-heavy offense and with him only playing the position for two years, there are naturally some inconsistencies. Is very athletic and has good techniques, but struggles to finish his pull blocks and especially if the defender meets him at the point of attack. Adjusting in space is definitely the weak spot in all of his game. His experience and the offense he played in just really gave him a disadvantage here. This is nothing to do with talent, he just needs to develop. He has excellent hands. He is very active with his hands and quick to make contact, but he needs to learn more about the run game to become a complete player at the next level.

Pass Blocking:


Extremely quick pass set. He really has elite ability to pop out into his pass set, running in the 4x400 really gives him an advantage in timing and being quick here is the difference between allowing a sack or making the block. Since he is very good with his timing on every play and is very athletic, protecting the corner is where he really excels. Speed rushers have a lot of problems trying to beat him outside because even if they match his quickness, he has the balance and hips recover and stop the rush. Great footwork! It again comes back to being a stand out track athlete, because it gives him a leg up at the little things lineman needs to be successful(ex timing, hands, and athleticism). His footwork really shines when changing direction laterally. He has a strong base and can really stifle a pass rush once he gets hands on you. He also has really quick hands, so he is able to reset immediately when in a hand fight. He does get a little stiff with his inside hand though, so can be vulnerable to a strong inside rush. He gets a little bit of a lower grade on stunts, strictly because of his inside hand. He will stop a defender as long as he is about to get both hands on him, but when he has to make the block with just his inside hand he can be beaten. Great hands and is always the one who makes initial contact. He would grade in the 8s if he had a stronger inside hand, but that is the only downside with him in pass pro and it isn't enough to deter me from taking a chance if I were drafting for a team.

Quick Set
Protect Corner
Mirror Ability
Anchor/Reset Ability
Ability to Combat Inside Move




Bartch is a really tough player, which is evident in how easy he transitioned to OT. Sure going from TE to OT isn't the biggest change, but to do it so fluidly is really impressive. As someone who has coached O-Line for a long time, to become All-American that fast is remarkable to see. He has a constant motor, so there is no concern there. It's just his deficiency inside that can be a concern, but that is something an NFL coach will be able to develop with him. Despite only playing two seasons at the position he deserves a good grade, because of what he did with them. I don't think it can be overstated how impressive his accomplishments are, because he only played OT two seasons and still got a combine invite.

Mauling Ability




As good of a lineman he is, he is still working on his natural instincts. Compare him to another prospect this year like Wirfs from Iowa, he has played O-Line most of his life and knows all the little things it takes to be a great tackle. He deserves a really good grade for retention because he clearly retains information quickly and has learned to be an elite college left tackle. It will be very interesting to see how he develops in the NFL and if is able to become a complete versatile lineman. Any player who changes positions in order to help his team gets a high grade here. Barch not only changed positions, but he also took advantage of a new opportunity and he excelled at it.

Handle Games/Stunts
Position Versatility
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Jedrick Wills Jr.



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