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David Blough







31 1/2"
8' 11"
9 3/8"
29 5/8"

Final Grade


2017: Right Shoulder Sprain, Right Ankle Dislocation, Break in Fibula, Ligament damage (Season Ending), 2015: Concussion

Injury History

Games Evaluated

2018 Vs: Ohio State, Wisconsin, Iowa, 2017: Missouri

Team Fit





Blough is a cerebral and tough-minded QB that has a tremendous presence in the huddle. He showed the ability to elevate the play of those around him by motivating them. He has good arm strength, but it is hist touch, anticipation, and accuracy in the short to intermediate area of the field that makes him a quality QB. He will get the ball into his pass catcher's hands early on in the route and allow them to do the work after the catch. Has shown the ability to make WOW throws down the field especially when on to the second phase of plays when he eludes pressure and rolls out. Has the intelligence to cycle through reads or adjust the play pre-snap.


His deep ball accuracy comes and goes. He will make a highlight reel throw and then miss a wide-open deep ball opportunity. Shows the ability to elude pressure and make clutch throws, but also will get happy feet and throw the ball up for grabs as well. Has adequate height but it is not great which led to some batted down passes. He is generally a conservative decision maker, but at times he will force balls into his WRs because he trust them to be able to make a play on them, and it bites him by becoming a turnover. His footwork is inconsistent and he has a bad habit of throwing off his back foot or not stepping into the pass. Production was not great at Purdue and the coaching staff always seemed to be trying to replace him with higher upside QBs, but to his credit never stopped working.

Big Picture

David Blough is not a household name in this draft class, and he may never be a franchise QB, but he has the intangibles and arm talent to be able to be a high-quality backup or even a bridge starter for a team at the next level. Teams that should take an interest in him include: Bears, Chiefs, Saints, Patriots, Eagles, Lions, Packers. I see him coming off the board on day 3 and having a long tenured career in the NFL. His skill set is reminiscent of Case Keenum.

Player Comp

Case Keenum



Adequate athleticism that allows him to break the pocket and scramble if under duress. Height is adequate and has large hands to control the ball. Good quickness but does not have great long speed to threaten defenses. Not a great athlete in space, and will go down easily when in the grasp. Can slip off some tackles within the confines of the pocket, but does not have great flexibility. Has solid quickness to scramble outside of the pocket, but is not a terror in the open field. He is more of a one cut runner who gets what is there for him. Marginal long speed and explosive scrambling qualities. He would much rather keep his eyes downfield trying to pass the ball than scramble consistently. Has very good spatial awareness and a slipperiness to elude pass rushers inside the pocket. Seems to be able to slide and flow away from the rush and keep his eyes down field.

Scrambling Ability and
RPO and Play Action
Pocket Mobility/Avoid Pressure

Passing Skills:

Big Play Ability


Big Play Ability
Touch and Ball Placement
Arm Strength
Short Accuracy
Intermediate Accuracy
Deep Accuracy

Has very good tempo on his passes and will uncork passes with very good velocity. No hitch in his delivery to delay, and it is quick and clean. High 3/4 delivery that shows no signs of having any hitches in it, and will get the ball out of his hand quickly to his playmakers. Great short pass specialist who throws with great touch and anticipation that allows his WRs a chance to rack up a ton of YAC. When in rhythm he is hard to defend. Offense was catered to a lot of one read or predetermined throws and he can get the ball out of his hands quickly. Very good intermediate passer who utilizes the same qualities of touch, anticipation, and velocity to put the ball on his WRs so that they can RAC. Very adept at zipping post patterns in the intermediate area that are broke for long gains. Inconsistent deep ball placement. Made a number of WOW throws where he placed the ball in the only spot he could have to give his WR a chance to catch it, but then the next play he would be off target my a mile. Had a flair for the clutch throws, and seemed to be able to make a ton of big plays but eluding the pass rush, breaking the pocket and throwing the ball down the field for a big gain. Generally, was a very conservative thrower that would manage the game and get the ball out to his skill players to make a play, but his trust in them lead him to forcing passes into places that he should have never thrown a pass just because he wanted to give them a chance to make a play on the ball. Good arm strength. Does not have an elite cannon, but there is more than enough there to make any throw necessary as to not hold back any play calls. Inconsistent in his weight distribution. Has a bad tendency to throw off his back foot or not step in to his throw which leads to errant passes.



Poise in Pocket
Improvisational Ability

Gritty playing demeanor that took a pounding while he was at Purdue. Worked his way back from a devastating leg injury that most would have been able to as the same type of player. Exceptional presence on the field and off. Coaches rave about his leadership qualities in the huddle so far so that they compared him to the likes of Drew Brees and Peyton Manning and their abilities to be able to elevate the level of the players around them. Off the field he is a devout Christian that is willing to go out of his way to help those in his communities and afar. Spent time on seven different missionary trips to Africas to help with the AIDS crisis. Inconsistent approach. Has a good sense of spatial awareness but at times he will get happy feet and jittery by immediate pressure in his face and throw passes that he should probably just eat. On other plays though he will evade pressure and slide or roll away and deliver a clutch throw. Never takes off a play and is wired to hold his teammates to the same standard. Fiery playing demeanor that doesn't care what his stat line looks like as long as they are in a position to win. Was in and out of the lineup as the starter during his time at Purdue, and only had two seasons where he got starter type reps. In those two seasons he had one so-so season and the other was good. Able to elude pressure and break the pocket as to start the scramble drill. When he does elude the blitz, he looks to throw the ball vertically. He doesn't do it consistently though and sometimes he will simply go down on first sign of pressure.



Field Vision
Decision Making
Pre-Snap Adjustment

Good feel for where to go with the ball. Has the intelligence to be able to audible pre-snap if he recognizes a blitz coming. Has a feel for throwing with anticipation that his WRs value because they get a chance for YAC. Cerebral QB that puts in the time in the film room and it shows. Will audible and adjust the play or blocking dependent upon what he identifies. Generally, is a very conservative short to intermediate thrower who throws with tempo, touch and accuracy to allow RAC. The offense he played in asked him to throw a lot of single or predetermined reads and made him somewhat jittery when plays asked for him to make multiple reads. He showed the ability to cycle through reads on some plays, but at times he would get stuck on his first read which would give DBs a chance to close on the pass. Very smart player who can handle a pro-style offensive playbook and excel. Is the type of player who will be a seasoned backup QB that needs little practice snaps to keep sharp because of his preparation.

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