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Jordan Love


Utah State





35 1/2"
9' 10"
10 1/2"
32 5/8"

Final Grade


Possible Concussion- Left Hawaii game early (2018)

Injury History

Games Evaluated

2019 Vs: LSU, Kent State 2018 Vs: Michigan State, BYU

Team Fit





Supremely athletic and talented passer. Throws with confidence and poise, and has the athleticism to make a difference as a scrambler if the play breaks down. Has excellent arm strength and can drive the ball into tight windows into all three levels of the field. His accuracy is excellent in the short to intermediate areas of the field, and puts the requisite touch to feather in passes over defenders. Has displayed the ability to throw with anticipation and will lead his receivers so that they have a chance to pick up yards after the catch. Has terrific throwing mechanics and gets rid of the ball quickly. His accuracy does not seem to wane when asked to throw on the move. Natural leader and is an intelligent player who picks up weaknesses on his pre snap reads and understands where to exploit soft spots in coverage.


His accuracy is excellent in the short to intermediate levels of the field, but he seems to have inconsistent deep accuracy. He has the arm strength and touch, but he seems to allow his footwork to get lazy on deep passes which causes his accuracy to wane. His footwork will need to be continually refined so that his passes do not come out inaccurately due to being off balance in his weight transfer. He has escapability, but at times he won't feel backside pressure and then panic under duress. Runs a spread offense where a lot of his throws are predetermined first reads, and will need to continually evolve his field vision as he prepares for the next level.

Big Picture

Coming into the 2019 college football season, Jordan Love has the scouting world abuzz with his rare athleticism and his passing skills. He is squarely in the conversation to be one of the first QB taken in the 2020 draft, and with more refinement on his weaknesses I would say that he may have one of the highest ceilings amongst the QBs in the draft class. His athleticism, arm talent, and off script playmaking ability evoke some similarities to Patrick Mahomes, but he is in need of a lot more refinement to get even close to a comparison like that. Teams such as the Colts, Chargers, Dolphins, Panthers, Saints, Patriots, and Buccaneers should have keen interest in him on draft day. He should be selected within the first 15 picks of the first round with his upside.

Player Comp



Excellent athlete who has the speed and agility to force defenses to commit a spy to him or be forced to commit to his side on RPOs. He has the rare ability to throw from different arm angles and off platform so that no play is over if he can find an open target. He played basketball in high school, and you can tell with his ability to manipulate his feet in space. Great body control when confined within the pocket. Can slide and shuffle to find an open throwing lane. Able to throw from multiple arm angles and on the move with ease. More of a smooth mover in space than rather an elite stop-start cutter. He seems to glide past defenders with speed when in the open field. Has great long speed to be able to break off big gains when he breaks contain. Should be a great asset on RPOs because the combination of his athleticism, the RBs, and uncertainty of if he will pull the ball should lead to a number of big gains. Very good feel of spatial awareness within the confines of the pocket. He has shown the ability to step up, drift laterally, and break the pocket when pressure is unavoidable. At times though he gets stuck on reads, and will not feel backside pursuit and will take sacks or put himself in a position to allow strip sacks.

Scrambling Ability and
RPO and Play Action
Pocket Mobility/Avoid Pressure

Passing Skills:

Big Play Ability


Big Play Ability
Touch and Ball Placement
Arm Strength
Short Accuracy
Intermediate Accuracy
Deep Accuracy

Snaps off throws with great pace from a high 3/4 release when in rhythm. He also has shown the ability to manipulate his throwing motion to fit it around defenders and throwing lanes. Deliberate and quick release without a lot of loopy, wasted throwing motion. His delivery and velocity is not affected when asked to throw on the move. Excellent accuracy within the first 7-8 yards of the LOS. Throws with anticipation and touch to allow RAC. Quickly gets ball out of his hands on screens passes, and one-read plays, looks similar to a PG distributing to his teammates. He throws with excellent touch to feather in passes over LBs head in zone, and can drop passes in the bucket on corner routes in front of Safeties. Ball doesn't flutter either, it is thrown with excellent velocity. He is inconsistent with his deep ball placement. He will overthrow a number of passes, and then come back and drop a dime in a spot where only his target would have the opportunity to catch it. A lot of the inconsistency is contributed to his footwork, as on the plays he is accurate he uses acceptable footwork by transferring weight to his front foot and giving him good drive on the ball. He gets himself in trouble by trying to throw with no footwork and all arm, he also trusts his targets to a fault and will put up some passes thinking they will go up and make a play for him that don't come to fruition. He is a highlight reel waiting to happen. Whether it is his ability to break contain and throw on the run or by using a varied arm angle, or when he makes those breathtaking dime throws deep down field he will captivate you as much as he can frustrate you when he doesn't use fundamental technique. Had a TD/INT ratio of 20/17 as a senior, which can be attributed to a number of factors, including losing some offensive weapons from the previous season, and operating under a new coaching staff. To be blunt he put the ball into too many turnover worthy spots for any coaches liking. He needs to refocus and realize that sometimes it is better to live for another down rather than try to play Superman and make throws that nobody can. Outstanding arm talent. Has the strength, velocity, and pace to attack all three levels of the field. With the added onus that he can make all the same throws from on the move as he can when inside the pocket is rare. Will need the help of an experience QB coach to work with him to consistently use his feet in a proper manner. If he can refine this part of his game his accuracy will improve, and the number of inaccurate deep passes will decrease.



Poise in Pocket
Improvisational Ability

Will stand tall under pressure and deliver passes in the face of pressure. At times will stay committed too long inside the pocket and lock on to a single read, which leaves him vulnerable to some big hits. He is willing to drop a shoulder after breaking the LOS and try to bulldoze over DBs in the open field for more yardage. Outstanding character and leader of men. He grew up with two parents who were state police officers that helped instill discipline into the way he prepares and stands for accountability, and he demands that same type of commitment from his teammates. Willing to stand stoic inside the pocket, and cycle through his progressions when he was given the chance of not throwing one-read plays. Feels pressure when not fixated on target, and will break pocket with premise to still throw downfield. Shows ability to step up in pocket, or drift within pocket to find open throwing lane. High-energy player who is a self motivator who had very good college production throughout the duration of his career at Utah State, leaves program holding the 2nd most passing yards, completions, attempts, and tied for 2nd in passing TDs. The drawback was his 29 career INTs. He is a wizard when the confines of plays breakdown who seems to be able to flow away from pressure and make some breathtaking throws off balanced or off platform that only a few QBs could make.



Field Vision
Decision Making
Pre-Snap Adjustment

Great football awareness and feel when out on the field. Understands how to manipulate coverages and defenders to get his target open. Started showing improved awareness to take sacks or throw ball away late in the season rather than put the ball in harm's way. Very coachable kid who prepares like a veteran. Understands how to read coverages pre-snap, and will convey changes to his WRs. Understands how defenses are trying to attack him from blitz packages and will convey what he sees pre-snap with his OL. His decision making is inconsistent at best at this point. When he is tasked with throwing in the short to intermediate areas of the field he throws with patience, pace, and excellent ball placement. When it comes to deep passes he will make some highlight reel throws and then go out on the next pass and put the ball into turnover worthy spot. He learns from his mistakes, and knows he needs to cut down his turnovers, but you don't want to temper it too much because of his ability to make plays off-script. You could tell by the end of the season was trying to avoid sacks, and throw passes away to live to play another down. Also was able to adjust to a new coaching staff and new playbook with ease in his final season.

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