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Justin Reid








Broad Jump

Final Grade


Justin Reid is very athletic. He possesses excellent lateral quickness and exceptional change of direction. He has the ability to move sideline to sideline and make plays in each area of the field. He displays outstanding recovery and deep speed, as he can explode toward the ball carrier or stick with his assignment in coverage. He can close a gap fast and chase down a ball carrier from behind. Reid has an explosive first step and an excellent closing burst with the ability to shadow opposing receivers. He is excellent in zone coverage and utilizes great closing speed. Reid possesses the talent to stick to a receiver’s hip in man coverage while playing the ball in the air. He is very fluid, and utilizes quick feet and hips to change direction and mirror his assignments. He has outstanding ball skills securing five interceptions this past season. Reid has the ability to make big plays all over the field and was Stanford’s field General this past season.


He is an extremely athletic player, but has some coordination issues, occasionally tripping or losing his balance when exploding toward the ball. He is a versatile defender and has the potential to play in the nickel corner role, but he does not project as a slot corner in the NFL, a way Stanford utilized their star defender. He was picked on repeatedly in the slot throughout their rematch vs USC, and is not at his best when tasked with man-press coverage. He is not a physical athlete and refuses to use his hands when in press. He gives his assignment a free release while forfeiting his cushion allowing receivers to blow by him. He has great recovery speed, but he needs to fight at the line and be more aggressive at the point of attack. He needs to develop his play recognition. He is indecisive when playing the deep safety role and waits for the play to develop before attacking the ball carrier. Reid has the ability to explode through a runner delivering violent collisions; however, he fails to rap up attempting to tackle a opposing player with a weak arm tackle or his shoulder to often. He has great production as a cover man and run stopper, but he leaves a lot of opportunities on the field.

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Big Picture

Reid is an electric playmaker with a field general mentality. He is an explosive athlete with excellent quickness and speed. He has excellent recovery speed and is a versatile athlete with the ability to cover in man-to-man or zone. He needs to become more physical and instinctive. He is very ineffective in press failing to make contact with his assignment; however he excels in zone and has the ability to shadow the opposing receiver. He possesses the ability to create violent hits across the middle of the field but fails to wrap up and leaves a lot of missed tackles on the field. He has been extremely productive at the collegiate level, and Reid has an excellent build for the next level. He needs to become more decisive and physical, but he has the potential to be a productive safety in the NFL. He has outstanding athleticism and drive that will help him be very competitive at the next level.

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Reid is very athletic. He possesses excellent lateral quickness with the ability to move sideline to sideline. He can plant his foot in the ground and move up field quickly while possessing great hips and turning talent. Reid plays with excellent flexibility consistently keeping his knees bent. He has the ability to lower his shoulder on contact but can occasionally be caught flat footed and initiate contact without lowering his base or shoulder. He has blazing speed and great recovery ability. He has the talent to move all over the field and mirror an opposing receiver. He can close a gap fast and doesn’t often get beat deep in coverage. Reid has an explosive first step and excellent closing burst. He has the talent to deliver violent hits over the middle of the field, but can be found to miss tackles where he attempts to destroy a ball carrier. He is very indecisive and can take time to decipher a play. Reid is very athletic but can get ahead of himself and trip over his feet. He often tackles with his shoulder putting his head down which can cause him to miss a tackle completely. He has good footwork and can move to the ball carrier or stick with a receiver very efficiently. He needs to take better angles in pursuit, but he possesses the necessary speed to catch a back from behind.

Foot Quickness
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