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Minkah Fitzpatrick








Broad Jump

Final Grade


Minkah Fitzpatrick is an outstanding athlete with excellent balance and body control. He has the ability to plant his foot and drive to the ball while regaining his top speed in an instant. He is extremely quick with the ability to mirror defenders and match them stride for stride. He has dangerous recovery speed and range. He possesses the ability to step in and cover the slot in man coverage or play as the deep safety and utilize his instincts and speed to make plays on the ball in the air. He has good feet with the ability to transition backward and forward exceptionally fast. He is excellent in man-off coverage, as he displays the talent and physicality to knock a receiver off his route or run with them. He is capable of reading the quarterback’s eyes, and he is quick to react and undercut a route to play the ball in the air. Fitzpatrick plays with excellent awareness. He has exceptional ball skills and plays with a downhill mentality. He is incredibly urgent in the run game and has experience as an in the box linebacker playing in zone and covering the run. He is a physical athlete with the talent to explode through a ball carrier. He is always in good position and utilizes great technique. Fitzpatrick and can ride a block and use it to gain positioning on the back. He is a dangerous blitzer off the edge and can attack the line as the deep safety. He lets his instincts take over and rarely hesitates. He is a versatile weapon that loves football. Fitzpatrick is an excellent leader and will do anything to help his team succeed.


Fitzpatrick is an outstanding athlete with quick feet and excellent speed. He is more quick than explosive and can lose a defender at the top of his route. He plays with some hip tightness that limits his lateral movements in coverage. He had a good combine workout, but his hips were too tight too often in game film. There are a few teams that are viewing Fitzpatrick as a slot corner, but he doesn’t have the necessary ability to play slot full time. His versatility will help at the next level, and he should be used in different locations along a defensive unit. He allows separation out of the receiver’s breaks and generally lets the slot run by without contact. He has excellent instincts and great awareness while in zone coverage, but he can still improve in this area. He needs to improve his reaction time when playing in zone coverage and specifically when playing as the deep safety. Fitzpatrick has a tendency to be too urgent to the ball and can lose leverage occasionally. He needs to be more patient when attacking the ball carrier.

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Big Picture

Fitzpatrick is a versatile player that has experience as the deep safety, in the box linebacker, slot corner or edge rusher. He will be a do everything safety at the next level, as he doesn’t possess the ability to play slot corner full time and he is exceptionally effective in every other role he plays. He has elite athleticism and the ability to play in man-off coverage or in zone using his field awareness to read the quarterback’s eyes and jump the route; however, he plays with some hip tightness that limits his lateral movements in coverage. He displays urgency in run support and utilizes excellent technique to gain position and explode through the ball carrier. He needs to develop more patience, as Fitzpatrick can become too overzealous and over pursue losing leverage in the process. He is a great blitzer off the edge and will contribute in each phase of the game. He was a special teams ace throughout his career at Bama securing 22 total coverage tackles. He possesses the ability to cover in the slot, backs coming out of the backfield or big-receiving-threat tight ends. He has consistently shined throughout his career at Alabama. His desire to succeed and his will to produce give him an edge over every other player. He has incredible versatility and character, as he was the leader of the National Championship team this past year. He will be a top pick in the 2018 NFL draft and he will be a plug and play starter from day one.

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He is a very quick athlete with excellent balance and body control. He has the ability to change direction at will by planting his foot in the ground and driving to the ball. He plays with good knee bend and excellent pad level. He can run tall and lifts his pads when in contact with a block, but he utilizes excellent pad level when tackling. He has excellent deep speed capable of mirroring a receiver in the slot or driving up field in a hurry. He can get to top speed very quickly and recover if beat. Fitzpatrick is an explosive athlete, but he is more quick than explosive on the field. He can drive through ball carrier, but his feet are quicker than they are explosive when chasing receivers. Fitzpatrick has excellent body control and balance. He can sense opposing players around him and can sniff out the ball. He has a quick first step and can stay on a receivership in traffic. He is excellent at moving around a pick and reaching the receiver before or when the ball arrives.

Foot Quickness
Lateral Agility