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Collin Johnson



6' 6'




31 3/4"
78 1/2"


Final Grade

Non-Contact Knee Injury: Required Arthriscopic Surgery (2018)

Injury History

Games Evaluated

2018 Vs: Maryland, USC, TCU, Oklahoma

Team Fit


Collin Johnson is a mismatch standing at 6'6' and weighing 212 pounds with a room to build. Dominates press coverage using his length and active hands at the line of scrimmage keeping his chest plate clean. He will rarely let a jam slow him and can often overpower him. Has developed his breaks at the top of routes with the ability to display crips cuts with sunken and loose hips. Johnson has excellent body control with the ability to utilize his frame to box out defenders from a path to the ball. He uses his length to create a massive catch radius. To make contested catches he has the ability to stretch his body and overextend for the catch. Knows how to position his body in order to gain positioning over defensive backs. Possesses natural hands and can pluck the ball out of the air. He is a physical blocker who strives to make plays without the ball in his hands. An overall team player who will give his all on every play.


Athleticism is solid at best. Rarely threatens in his route stem with unspectacular speed variation and explosion. Doesn't possess great burst out of his stance. Displays inconsistent leverage throughout the course of a game. He is better in contested catch situations and will often let the ball come into his body when defenders aren’t on top of him. Inconsistent and unpolished route runner. Seems to struggle in his cuts and fails to gain an angle on comeback routes and curls. Needs to work on driving toward the defender to manipulate their hips.

Big Picture

He is a big-bodied target who can control the catch point with an exceptional catch and frame. He knows how to leverage his body to consistently outwork defenders to the ball in tight coverage. He isn't overly athletic and will need to improve his route running ability in his final season at Texas. His raw size, power, and knowledge of the game make him a very intriguing prospect as he entered his senior season. With room to grow and develop he will be a high commodity come day three of the draft, especially with the intrigue of being able to be a red zone threat.

Player Comp



Lateral Agility
Play Strength
Deep Speed

Johnson is a fluid athlete with solid quickness and agility. He struggles with lateral movements and won't commit a pure cut instead he will rounding off his corners. Possesses exceptional balance and body control displaying the talent to twist his body when attacking the ball in the air and coming down in bounds. Has shown excellent balance as a runner consistently running through arm tackles and creating yards after the catch. A smooth runner who lacks the ability to cut efficiently due to his length. Solid quickness and agility combined with an ability to lower his center of gravity by dropping his hips allow him to change direction and cut laterally. Is not seamless and will oftentimes round his cuts. Outstanding flexibility, especially when considering his size. Utilizes great knee bend and can surprisingly lower his pad level in contact. Unreal flexibility when working to reel in a ball, capable of fully extending his body in diving attempts or for poorly thrown high or low shoestring balls. Can torque his body to make spectacular grabs on the boundary or in traffic.

Route Running:


Release/Foot Quickness
Route Tree Variety
Body Control

Big Play Ability

He dominates press coverage with high hand usage displaying a variety of rips and punches to keep his chest clean. Jams will rarely slow his stem, as he can beat defensive off the ball easily often using head fakes and false motion to move the defender’s feet and hips making them commit a certain direction. Can get vertical quickly and get into his route break effectively. A solid athlete who gains separation with head fakes and body language while using his body to shield defenders flying upfield. Big frame helps to conceal the ball when he struggles to gain separation. Long Strides help him gain a step working down the sideline and across the middle of the field in the second and third levels. Active and physical blocker who is often looking to finish blocks and work through the whistle. Displays a strong punch to knock defenders off balance creating space and allowing him to extend his arms in order to ragdoll smaller players. Rarely threatens leverage with his route stem after a slow and hesitant release marred by false steps. Struggles to release with good speed and fluidity while also giving away his intentions with his body and eyes. Needs to sell a fake direction inside when the route calls for an outside track.

Ball Skills:


Catch Radius
Contested Catch
High Points Ball

He will win contested catch opportunities consistently in all levels of the field showcasing the ability to position his frame in desirable spots to make plays on the ball while shielding defenders from making plays. Has displayed natural hands frequently plucking fastballs out of the air effortlessly extending his hands to catch the ball away from his body. He often positions his hands at the catch point with a full extension. He is a strong runner who can run through arm tackles and jersey grabs with the surprising ability to get his pads down and run with solid pad level in contact. Consistently falls froward extending his body to maximize his length. Displays excellent ball security with no problems protecting the ball. He has 1 fumble in 147 receptions. He is a strong runner who can run through arm tackles and jersey grabs with the surprising ability to get his pads down and run with solid pad level in contact. Consistently falls forward extending his body to maximize his length.



Contact Balance
Run After Catch

He is a tough player with excellent height and a solid build. Can run through defenders and utilize his size to take advantage of defensive backs. Has played through minor injuries and hasn't experienced any significant injuries that caused him to miss game time. Lanky build could cause durability issues at the next level. He has been a productive receiver for Texas throughout his career. He has played in all 37 games throughout his career and has been a large contributor in a below-average pass attack. Johnson has an extremely high motor and is always working to improve. He goes all out on every play working through the whistle. He is a consistent presence on and off the field taking hold of a leadership role in the locker room and as part of the Longhorns offense.



He has displayed great instincts throughout his career, often understanding where he needs to improve and focusing on those attributes in practice. He has displayed great instincts throughout his career, often understanding where he needs to improve and focusing on those attributes in practice. He is always working to get better and has improved his route running ability in each of his three seasons at Texas. Continues to gain better leverage and overall techniques while working through a full route tree. will need to continue to refine his mobility and route running in order to consistently beat NFL talent. His size and athleticism limit his ability in the slot he could potentially lineup as the Z or Y in specific matchups to gain advantages over personnel when considering his size, but he will primarily play on the outside working the sidelines and second and third levels of the field with a few underneath routes sprinkled in.

Coverage Recognition
Position Versatility