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D.K. Metcalf


Ole Miss





40 1/2"
11' 2"
9 7/8"
34 7/8"
82 7/8"


Final Grade

2018: Neck (Season Ending - Cleared for All Football Activity), 2016: Broken Foot (Season Ending)

Injury History

Games Evaluated

2018: Alabama, LSU, Texas Tech, 2017: Arkansas

Team Fit


He is a rare athlete with immense size and great overall athleticism providing him the ability to win in all areas of the field. He has an excellent release displaying little wasted motion and easily defeats press coverage utilizing head fakes active hands to gain initial separation and surprising deep speed catching defenders off guard. Possesses long strides and the talent to manipulate defenders in his route stem establishing leverage and selling his breaks. Has shown potential as a route runner. Possessing big and strong hands, he can pull down fast balls in heavy traffic across the middle of the field or reel in overthrown balls down the sideline with a full body extension. His flexibility allows him to make acrobatic catches on poorly thrown balls thrown outside his frame. He is a doozy to take down in the open field avoiding defenders in space and running through tacklers gaining extra yards often falling forward utilizing his length. In the run game, he is a bully blocker capable of eliminating defenders from the play.


Ole Miss has done him no favors by limiting him to straight line routes down the field and closing off the route tree throughout his development. He has limited experience as a route runner and is a raw receiver in general who still has a lot to learn. Lacks elite explosiveness and isn't going to record the best times. Will get caught from behind in the open field and lacks the footwork to be a dominant route runner. Still has a lot to learn regarding speed variation, and hip breakdown. Will be limited to the outside with little versatility available.

Big Picture

D.K. Metcalf is a big bodied atheltcic receiver who has the ability to win in all areas of the field utilizing his speed, quickness, size, power and body control. He brings a rare physical skill set and has showcased dynamic playmaking ability throughout his career. Although inexperienced, he has a lot of room to grow and develop at the next level. He will need to learn a full route tree, and grow as a route runner developing more consistency in his movements and as a finisher gaining separation and catching the ball. His size and talent create a mismatch in each level against quick and small or big and less athletic defensive backs. He has the potential to become a premiere receiver at the next level and still has talent left untapped. Depending on individual workouts and his health, he could be one of the first receivers taken off the board. His injury history and recent neck surgery could make him slide in the draft.

Player Comp



Lateral Agility
Play Strength
Deep Speed

Great athlete with outstanding balance and lateral agility with the ability to break arm tackles and avoid defenders in space. More fluid with outstanding body control than quick in space. Very good flexibility with the capability to go after the ball at its highest point. Has the talent to reach down for shoestring catches while diving to the turf. Runs with poor pad level and can struggle to lower pads in contact. Possesses outstanding body control and powerful legs. Can stop and start with ease changing direction in a flash. Has the ability to plant his foot and work upfield crossing the face of a defender. Extremely fluid athlete who has demonstrated a quick and powerful first step with little wasted motion while demonstrating impressive burst for his size. Not especially explosive out of his stance, but has a tendency to burst out of his breaks. Possesses long strides with surprising speed for his size. Plays with a high game speed. Can run past defenders when engaged in press coverage and turn on a second gear after gaining a step on the defensive back. Will not consistently outrun defensive backs in the open field and can get brought down from behind.

Route Running:


Release/Foot Quickness
Route Tree Variety
Body Control

Big Play Ability

Excellent first step with little wasted motion. Can burst out of his stance utilizing his plant leg to push off giving him momentum. Utilizes a head fake inside in order to stall the defensive back and has consistently displayed the ability to use his hands swatting the defenders away. Rarely allows the defensive back to engage. Can catch a corner off guard and runs by them for an opportunity at a long ball down field. Wins routes early with impressive footwork and hands usage out of his release. Can manipulate defenders in his route stem establishing leverage and selling his breaks. Not tasked with running an overly complex or impressive route tree. Good separation ability when utilizing change in speed and quality breaks. Has the ability to out run the defender on the boundary and knows how to use his big body to his advantage boxing out corners and safeties with his frame. He's a physical blocker who loves to bully defenders downfield. Never lets opposing players off easy and will fight to take them out of the play.

Ball Skills:


Catch Radius
Contested Catch
High Points Ball

Strong hands capable of catching fast balls in heavy traffic. He can make full extension catches down the sideline and reel in poorly thrown balls high or low and away. Has occasionally struggled with mental drops. Big physical athlete who will power through arm tackles or cloth grabs. Strong body with the capability to carry a pile on his back. Fails to lower his pads and fight through strong tackles with solid technique. Frequently will make the first body miss in space. Strong screen receiver with physicality and finesse capable of moving through defenders to get to the sideline. Has some trouble weaving around defenders due to his size. Runs with the ball tucked away and hasn't had many issues with ball protection. Rarely puts the ball on the ground after securing the catch.



Contact Balance
Run After Catch

Big, strong and physical athlete with the power, speed and play strength to play at an elite level in the NFL. Has desired size for a receiver who knows how to power through defenders to make difficult catches while boxing them out of the frame. Has been able to play through minor injuries, but suffered a neck injury that ended his 2018 campaign. Wasn't the most productive receiver in the class, but the system and quarterback were reasons his production was lacking. Dominant receiver when on the field capable of bullying defenders in all facets of the game. Ended his career with just 67 receptions for 1228 yards and 14 TDs in 21 games. Redzone threat. Was on a strong pace in his senior season prior to injury. Consistent and will go after every ball. Physical blocker who will play every snap to the whistle and won't allow his assignment to make a play on the ball. Can give up on balls thrown above his head while working across the middle or back to the ball. Can get ahead of himself and run before securing the ball.



Has the mental processing to know when to improvise for his scrambling quarterback and fight back to the ball becoming the "defender" when necessary. Strong at the point of attack and can locate the ball in traffic. High football IQ. Smart receiver who understands route concepts and how to manipulate defenders within his route stem. Hasn't been tasked with running an expansive route tree. He is a big bodied receiver who will primarily play on the outside, but has the capability, body control and footwork to play the slot.

Coverage Recognition
Position Versatility