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Dillon Mitchell







36 1/2"
10' 2"
31 1/2"
74 3/8"


Final Grade

2018: Concussion (Left Arizona Early)

Injury History

Games Evaluated

2018: Stanford, Arizona State, Washington, Michigan State

Team Fit


One of the most underrated wide receivers in the draft. Mitchell has the skills to be an elite playmaker whenever he has the football in his hands. His foot quickness and body control will make coaches fall in love with his skill at the next level. Mitchell possesses strong hands, solid speed, oustanding agility in open space as he can rack up a ton of yards after he makes the catch.


Mitchell's inconsistency tracking the deep ball and his ineffectiveness as a blocker are the weakest parts of his game. These two areas have the potential to hurt his progress at the next level. He must build more muscle to his frame without losing his agility and quickness. He also must become a better student of the game. Becoming a gym rat and a film junkie. Showing coaches and scouts that he wants to be the best and he wants to be a football player for a long time as scouts at the pro level have questioned his work ethic.

Big Picture

Dillon Mitchell isn't someone who isn't going to be someone taken on day one or even day two. Mitchell is going to be a day three player in the draft. He has all the tools to be great. He's a twitchy athlete with strong hands who's excellent in open field. Dillon Mitchell is someone that all the great teams are looking for as he's someone who can create scoring opportunities up the middle of the field. He will walk into training camp as a WR4, but his talent screams WR2 and a return man. Short crisp passes, and screens are becoming more popular every year when you watch the elite offenses play and Dillon Mitchell fits the mold. Mitchell's ball skills, athleticism, and versatility is what can make him a late round gem in the NFL.

Player Comp



Lateral Agility
Play Strength
Deep Speed

Mitchell doesn't show off burning speed that you'll typically see in receivers that live for vertical routes, but he has sudden quickness where he does more with less. On short routes he shows off his smooth athleticism and flexibility. Quick feet, loose hips, great bend, and he has great balance for all of these traits. His flexibility gives him an edge where he can stretch the field and the control he has for his body with these traits makes him a headache to defend in open space. Mitchell's change of direction is shown to be one of his strengths in open space and when the ball is in the air. He loves making big plays up the middle of the field and he gets defenders to miss him with his quick feet and loose hips. When the ball is in the air Mitchell's flexibility gives him an advantage of adjusting his position to the ball so that he can make the extra effort to make the catch. He has more sudden quickness than he does explosion. Mitchell is more deceptive when he's coming off the line of scrimmage. He has the ability to make big plays but his bread and butter is what he can do after the catch is made. Mitchell's deep speed is average. He's not much of a factor when routes are vertical.

Route Running:


Release/Foot Quickness
Route Tree Variety
Body Control

Big Play Ability

He has good burst off the line of scrimmage ready to beat corners on speed and agility. Mitchell wasn't pressed a ton so there isn't a lengthy resume in this category, but when he was pressed the quickness in his feet is a level above any corner he faced. Routes are crisp with great sideline awareness. Mitchell shows that he can deceive the corner covering him as often it looks like he's about to take off down the field he hits a stutter step, stuns the corner, and comeback to be left wide open. He wasn't seen as a deep threat at Oregon so he has experience running multiple routes week to week. He shows that he has a tough time against more physical corners because of his size, but Mitchell can depend on his loose hips where he shows a great bend and quick feet to beat more physical corners. Non factor in the blocking game. Mitchell lacks lower body strength so he doesn't show that can stick and drive the secondary during both the run and the pass.

Ball Skills:


Catch Radius
Contested Catch
High Points Ball

Mitchell shows off strong hands. In Oregon's game against Stanford his connection with Herbert looked like a 7 on 7 game. At times he shows impatience with the ball in the air. Instead of letting the ball come to him he has a tendency to reach out and jump for the ball too early. Overall Mitchell shows that he can get the job done. He makes the simple catch, adjust while the ball is in the air, and makes catches that are outside his framework. For a player with a small frame he's able to bounce off tackles and fight for extra yards. This in large part is thanks to his quickness and agility. His ability in space is what makes Mitchell a special prospect. He's what most NFL teams are looking for in their receivers. A player with strong hands, above average speed, and twitch. Twitch is something that is found in the great playmakers in the NFL today and Mitchell has twitch movements in open space. Mitchell does a good job of keeping the ball tight and close to him. Went through his college career with zero fumbles.



Contact Balance
Run After Catch

Even with a small frame and not being a physical receiver Mitchell showed his durability in college as he was never injured. Mitchell doesn't have the eye popping stats and the long resume but his production game to game was there. He was a safety blanket for Justin Herbert at Oregon as Mitchell found ways to make the catch in tight windows and seperate to gain yards after the catch. Shows inconsistencies in being a separator and in his ball tracking skills. His motor is questioned as the tape shows he takes plays off.



Dillon Mitchell shows great instincts when the ball is in the air. When the ball was in the air he showed multiple times where he can adjust his body to put himself in perfect position to catch the ball. Mitchell doesn't do too much. He knows he can make defenders miss, but he's not a reckless runner with the ball in his hands. Shows that he can run any route in the route tree. Needs to be better down the field to become a more dangerous deep threat but with proper coaching and more consistency to put it all together he will be a threat to score anytime during the game. Mitchell can be plugged in anywhere on the field. He's someone who can play the slot, lined up outside, and return man where his agility, balance, and change of direction will come into play.

Coverage Recognition
Position Versatility