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Jalen Hurd







35 1/2"
10' 4"
32 1/4"
78 1/2"


Final Grade

2018: Knee Surgery, 2016: Concussion (Misreported as a lower extremity injury), 2014: Upper Body Extremity Injury

Injury History

Games Evaluated

2018: Texas, Iowa State, Kansas State

Team Fit





Hurd is a unique athlete, that transitioned from a full-time RB, to a WR. He has all the ingredients to become a standout WR, at the next level, and really flashed his final year at Baylor, becoming the go-to target in the offense. He is a huge target, with a ridiculous catching radius. He has great speed, lateral agility, and strength, in addition to a soft set of hands that make him a very talented clump of clay for an NFL team to get their hands on. He also has the added value of having experience running the football, and was willing to be a goal line, and red zone running threat, where you see his hard-nosed playing demeanor shine through.


Strange set of circumstances that led him to transfer from Tennessee will need vetted. Has a list of injuries that he had dealt with mostly from his background as RB, which is why he went to Baylor to tell them he wanted to transition to a WR for self-preservation. Timed speed didn't get a chance to shine through, due to the way Baylor chose to implement him into offense as a slot WR. Blocking needs refinement, especially with his ability to target, and maintain block, which should come with more reps at the WR position. Ran a limited route tree at Baylor, and will need a team to be patient with him while he continually refines his skill set, but the payoff could be huge.

Big Picture

Jalen Hurd is one of the most unique athletes in this year's draft class. He went from being a successful RB in the SEC at Tennessee, to transitioning to a WR at Baylor. He is just scratching the surface of his potential as a wide out, but teams will need to be patient as he continually refines his game. He has great athleticism, and should be one of the stars of the Combine, with a lot of huge reported workout numbers, so stay tuned, and take note when he is up to bat for his workouts.

Player Comp

Martavis Bryant



Lateral Agility
Play Strength
Deep Speed

Unique athlete. Has great measurables, and has notable production both as a ball carrier at Tennessee, and as a WR at Baylor. Tall, long-armed, and explosive athlete, that plays with an edge to his game. Will not back down from any player trying to bring him down. Has great speed, lateral agility, and strength to break tackles. Fluidity is impressive for such a big athlete, and moves like a much smaller receiver/running back. Impressive flexibility for such a big athlete. Shows an uncanny ability to shrink on contact, and be able to leverage himself on contact. Able to twist and contort his body from a slot WR position, and come up with difficulty catches. Loose-jointed athlete, that has great fluidity in an out of his breaks as a WR. Can create seperation with quickness, speed, or physicality as a WR. As a ball carrier he was best as a one-cut downhill runner. Smooth mover out on the field, but his explosive measurables don't seem to always translate, whether by lack of opportunity, or if he is just a good test athlete. Timed speed is great with a reported 4.45-40 time, but he did not consistently get the opportunity to show it at Baylor as a WR. He was tasked with running the possession style routes, and picking up first downs, rather than 9 routes. It will be interesting to see him get such opportunities at all-star games leading up to the combine.

Route Running:


Release/Foot Quickness
Route Tree Variety
Body Control

Big Play Ability

Bursts off LOS with urgency, gains necessary depth, and cuts without losing much speed. Able to gain separation not only with quickness, but with strength, and length as well. Showed an understanding for how to slip past DB's who were trying to jam him, but being that he lined up predominantly in the slot he did not face a jam very much. Showed a good understanding of how to run a variety of routes, but Baylor did not ask him to run the entire route tree. He will need a strong coaching staff with patience to help him to continually refine his ability to run the entire route tree, but he shows real promise to be able to gain separation with his size, stature, and athletic ability that it would be worth that patience. Seemed to always be open, especially from the slot. Showed an ability to gain separation by quickness, speed, or strength down the field, especially when he used his big body to shield the defenders away. Scrappy, and tough playing demeanor leads to him burying smaller DB's at times, but he struggles to locate, and maintain blocks consistently.

Ball Skills:


Catch Radius
Contested Catch
High Points Ball

Large, soft oven mitts for hands. Cradles, and plucks passes away from his body impressively for such inexperience at the position. At times will have a concentration lapse, and will look upfield before securing pass. Tough minded runner, who must be brought down by multiple defenders. Has a unique temperament after the catch, because he flashes back to his RB days, and tries to run over defenders. Nifty, and creative after the catch, but will most of the times, juke then get upfield. He does not take a lot of wasted steps or motion. Tucks ball away in his big bodied build, and shows an ability to absorb contact without the threat of losing the ball. Smart decision maker.



Contact Balance
Run After Catch

Fearless out on the field. Willing to get dirty, and chippy when the occasion calls for it, and will not back down from anyone. Unique history of production. Was one of the best RB's in the SEC, then decided to transfer after some injury issues, and disagreement with coaches. Went to Baylor, and transitioned to a different position of WR, but work himself into a highly appealing prospect for the next level, that developed into his QB's go-to target. Was called the best practice player he has ever seen, by Matt Rhule, Baylor's head coach. Effort, and motor on the field never seems to be a question, but he is a fluid thinker who thinks outside of the box. Including the idea of him wanting to switch from RB to WR, to better preserve his health, but if you ask any of his coaches he is a selfless teammate, who is willing to sacrifice for those around him.



No matter how great his measurables are, when you turn on tape of Hurd, you can see he is a football player. He senses holes as a runner, and has an innate feel for when to make a move to create seperation to give his QB a chance to make a completion. Is extremely intelligent. Learned all the nuances of a varied offense in the SEC at Tennessee, then switched position, and truly seemed to flourish after an adjustment period while he redshirted, and I believe he is just scratching the surface of his true potential as a WR. Has the rare ability to be a chess piece on offense, as a RB, that Baylor utilized in short-yardage, and red zone, or as a WR, where he was mostly unleashed from the slot. I believe he will be an even better outside WR threat at the next level with his athleticism, and catching radius. Truly a unique athlete.

Coverage Recognition
Position Versatility