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Kelvin Harmon


N.C. State





32 1/2"
9' 9"
9 1/2"
32 1/2"
75 1/2"


Final Grade

2017: Shoulder (Minor) No Major Injury History

Injury History

Games Evaluated

2018: UNC, Louisville, Virginia, 2017: Clemson

Team Fit


A big-bodied physical athlete with plus size and play strength for a boundary receiver. He displays a fluid release with little to no wasted motion, while demonstrating the talent to glide straight into his route tree. He can beat press coverage using his length and physicality to push the corner off his line gaining good initial space and moving into his stem. A very detail oriented athlete who focuses on technique inorder to be a good fundamental route runner. Shows the ability to vary his route speed causing the corner to hesitate creating additional space prior to him dropping his hips and breaking into his designed route. Displays excellent technique and detail in route running. His play strength, toughness and aggressiveness make him a desired commodity at receiver. He has the ability to gain separation in the contact window by bullying the defender and knocking them out of position. He showcases strong hands and a large catch radius to snatch the ball out of the air fully extending to grab poorly thrown passes. he has learned how to utilize his frame to shield the defender from the ball while catching the ball outside his frame. He can win most contested catch areas in any part of the field and will be a big 3rd-down and redzone weapon at the next level. He is a dominant blocker who relishes the opportunity to maul defenders occupying them and drive them from the play.


His overall athleticism and deep speed are the two largest concerns revolving around Harmon. He isn't overly quick or fast and takes time to build up to his top gear. Won't create after the catch and struggles to transition his size and strength to yards after contact. He tends to rely on his frame and talent to win contested catch opportunities and can struggle to gain adequate separation creating windows for his quarterback. Will not beat a corner off the line and has had to use his size and technique to win the short and intermediate areas of the field. Could struggle to win the same amount of jump ball situations along the sideline and in the middle of the field at the next level.

Big Picture

Harmon is a physical athlete with outstanding size and play strength who will succeed as a reliable boundary, 3rd-down and red zone threat. He can bully defenders in each area of the field and win in contested catch opportunities shielding the defender from the ball by using his frame as a ball and combining that with his catch radius. His hands can snatch poorly thrown fast balls out of the air away from his frame while slamming both feet down in bounds to secure the catch. Detail is everything to Harmon, as he has refined his route running technique and blocking ability to gain any advantage he can. The major question mark comes in the form of his athleticism. He can struggle to find separation from the defender and won't blow by anyone until he reaches his top gear. His 40-time will be heavily anticipated throughout this draft season. He has the tools to succeed as a vertical threat and can dominate physically in any area of the field. He is a mismatch. He will find success in the league, but his 40-time could be the difference between a day 1 or day 2 draft selection.

Player Comp



Lateral Agility
Play Strength
Deep Speed

Displays excellent balance as a fluid athlete with the ability to stay on his feet through arm tackles and jersey grabs. His overall athleticism is his big question mark. He possesses solid short area quickness and adequate lateral agility. He hasn't had much opportunity to create after a catch and when he does, he fails to do much with added room other than falling forward when knocked down. He lacks athleticism in space, and needs to use his physicality and technique to gain separation. Great flexibility allows him to torque his body at the catch point and make acrobatic receptions on poor throws while slamming both feet down in bounds. Displays the ability to change direction in his route tree by breaking down his hips and driving back to the ball with his plant leg. Struggles to find daylight when cutting after the catch. Not the most explosive athlete in this receiver class, but possesses enough burst to glide off the line and get into his route tree quickly. He is more fluid than explosive. Not a burner and won't fly past corners without reaching his top gear. He has enough speed to win on the boundary possesses quality vertical ability. Possess surprising build up speed for his size and can gain separation at the top of his route once he reaches full speed. Acceleration could be better. His 40-time will be highly anticipated.

Route Running:


Release/Foot Quickness
Route Tree Variety
Body Control

Big Play Ability

He is a fluid athlete who can bolt off the line quickly and get into his route stem. He doesn't waste any motion and can power through his pant leg for a clean release. This is where his plus size and physicality come into play, as he can bully defenders in press coverage utilizing his excellent play strength and length to keep defenders off his chest. Doesn't have trouble getting off a jam to secure a clean release and immediately get into his stem. A good route runner with great technique and the talent to vary his speed to cause hesitation in the defensive back. He does a nice job of breaking down his hips and driving back to the ball while using his body to create a wall behind the defender and the ball. His body control and attention to detail have helped him refine his route running ability. Using his physicality and strength in the contact window, and his technique in route running, he has the talent to break way from the defender creating a throwing lane for the quarterback. His size, body control and play strength allow him to beat corners in good position to play the ball. Dominant. Harmon relishes the chance to bully defenders in the run game committing to a play and driving through the whistle showcasing the ability to take opposing athletes out of the play. He uses great technique and his long arms to keep his chest clean while driving them upfield.

Ball Skills:


Catch Radius
Contested Catch
High Points Ball

Possessing outstanding hands, Harmon's ball skills are excellent. He is capable of plucking the ball out of the air and away from his frame using strong hands and a large catch radius. He has learned how to use his frame to box out defensive backs and shielding them from the ball. He is excellent in contested catch situations and is a very reliable third-down and red zone target. Has a tendency to go after the ball at its highest point and bread basket it rather than extending. Has the ability to run through arm tackles and jersey grabs, and the IQ to fall forward against solid tackles. He rarely runs through contact when the defender uses good form. He doesn't get much opportunity to create in the open field, and when he does, it isn't very inspiring. He possesses solid quickness and just adequate agility, while lacking in vision. It takes him a while to build up to his top gear and won't achieve many yards after the catch. A strong athlete with long arms who has displayed the ability to cover the ball with two arms in contact. He doesn't have fumble issues.



Contact Balance
Run After Catch

One of the toughest players in this draft who thrives by playing with an aggressive demeanor. When playing Harmon, the opposing players better be ready for 4 quarters of physical football. He is a mauler and will tire you out through blocking or by posting up in a contested catch window. He has played through injuries and won't let much keep him off the field. A pure competitor with desired size and play strength. He has been one of the most productive receivers in the AAC and at the collegiate level posting two consecutive years of 1000 yard seasons. He is a daunting force to cover and will win in contested catch scenarios. Extremely difficult to cover. He plays each snap through the whistle with high intensity. Won't quit early and will always attempt to find a player to maul as a blocker.



Possesses a high football IQ and field awareness with the ability to get his feet in bounds on the boundary and the mental processing to find a free runner in a blocking scheme. He knows how to find a window in zone and sit waiting for the ball. Extremely knowledgeable with a detail oriented personality. Has been tasked with running a full route tree, and will need to expand his knowledge of an NFL scheme running diverse routes across the middle. He has the technique and fluidity to play in the slot as a matchup nightmare and will primarily serve as the X-receiver playing the boundary as the vertical threat and possession receiver. He has the ability to run a flurry of routes across the middle.

Coverage Recognition
Position Versatility