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Marquise Brown







30 1/2"
71 3/4"


Final Grade

2018: Foot/Leg (Limited in Orange Bowl)

Injury History

Games Evaluated

2018: FAU, Iowa State, Oklahoma State, West Virginia

Team Fit


One of the best pure athletes in the 2019 draft class frequently showcasing outstanding quickness, lateral agility, stop-start talent and explosion. Possesses the deep speed to threaten overtop in the deep areas of the field and the playmaking ability to score from anywhere on the field. He is a very fluid mover who can get off the line in a hurry with no wasted movement entering his route stem immediately and reaching his top gear within the first five steps of his route. With excellent body control he can vary his speed in his stem and break down his running very crips routes breaking off the top of the route and converting technique to explosion in any layer of the field. His technique combined with his speed and quickness make it tough for any defensive back to stay with him step for step. He is a headache to defend, as he can gain separation in all areas of the field. Possesses solid hands that can pluck balls out of the air and the flexibility to go after poorly thrown balls. A lethal runner with the ball in his hands who can make defenders miss repeatedly in the open field. He is a big play waiting to happen.


Possesses a very small frame with poor weight and short arms. His size is a major red-flag entering the next level, as his 170 pound frame won't hold up in the NFL. He has major durability concerns entering the next level. Possessing marginal play strength, he can't match up against physical defenders and struggles to get off press coverage once a defender engages him. Has gotten thrown from his line in the contact window and won't be an effective blocker. His short arms and lack of physicality don't help in contested catch situations where struggles to reel in balls in tight windows. His size and play style will limit him to a lot of motion and matchup roles playing the majority of his snaps out of the slot, limiting his versatility. Could help in the return game risking injury in the process.

Big Picture

Hollywood Brown is an extremely athletic prospect with big play ability generated from his explosive quickness and deep speed. He is a threat to score from any area on the field and is deadly with the ball in his hands. He has displayed the talent to run crisp routes, while manipulating the defender to gain additional space limiting contested catch situations and increasing room to run after the catch. His size and frame carries large concerns related to durability and play strength, and it will limit him to the slot during the majority of his snaps. Smart coordinators will think of Brown as a "favorite toy" moving him in motion to get him to top speed off the snap and decreasing the chance for the playmaker to get jammed at the line. He will succeed at the next level through his desirable athleticism and attention to detail, but his size, catch radius and physicality will need to be monitored as they could all inhibit parts of his game at the next level. A high Impact player who will succeed in a vertical offense.

Player Comp



Lateral Agility
Play Strength
Deep Speed

Extremely athletic and shifty runner with immense short area quickness, burst and lateral agility. He is a big play threat every time he touches the ball, as his explosiveness, speed and quickness make a headache to catch in the open field. Possessing good contact balance and a low center of gravity, he is tough to bring down without quality from talking since his speed and elusiveness make him slippery in contact. Displays outstanding flexibility as a runner and receiver. He runs with excellent pad level and bent knees to maximize his speed and get down filled quickly, while possessing the ability to twist his body and adjust to the ball in air. Great change of direction ability showcasing elite stop-start ability and and the talent to cut without losing speed. He is a monster in the open field capable of planting his foot and flipping field whenever he chooses. With immense athletic ability and the natural ability plant his foot and avoid on coming defenders. He is extremely fluid and explosive out of his stance. Bursting off the line and breaking into his stem reaching full speed immediately, He is a big play waiting to happen with the ability to break a game open with one play. One of the fastest players in the draft this year. He reaches full speed immediately and can run by the secondary instantly. He is a big play waiting to happen with the talent and explosion to blow by defenders lollygagging.

Route Running:


Release/Foot Quickness
Route Tree Variety
Body Control

Big Play Ability

Very fluid mover off the line of scrimmage driving off his pant leg with little wasted motion. Can drive off the line and get into his route stem quickly. Eats 5-10 yard cushions instantly and can blow by sleeping corners. Often uses a a change in speed and a hesitation move in order to create hesitation in the defensive back allowing him to gain additional separation. Short arms, small frame and poor play strength make him struggle when he fails to gain a clean release off the line. Game plan and motions will allow him to avoid press coverage for most of the game in order to gain clean releases and get him moving to top speed early. Can beat press with a head fake and elite explosiveness off the line. Gets stuck when he allows a defender to engage. Does an excellent job of varying his route speed in his stem after exploding off the line of scrimmage utilizing good knee bend and lowering his hips to breakdown at the top of his route. Extremely crisp route runner at the top of the stem to break off and run to any layer of the field. He can manipulate the defender with head and body fakes causing hesitation to gain additional separation. His stop and start quickness creates a headache effect for the corner. Has run a diverse route tree in the third areas of the field and has been limited to shallow crosses, slants hooks and bubble screens in the shallow areas of the field. Can gain impressive separation with his speed, quickness and route running ability. Can struggle if the defender can engage him in the contact window, but will otherwise gain a step on defenders almost immediately. Small frame and limited play strength combined with short arms make blocking situations difficult for him. He is a willing blocker with a less than stellar ability to occupy a defender.

Ball Skills:


Catch Radius
Contested Catch
High Points Ball

Possesses good hands that act like glue each area of the field. He can fully extend to reach poorly thrown balls. Doesn't always catch the ball with his hands and can tend to allow the ball to come into his chest. Small hands make contested catch situations tough. Has the ability to go up and get the ball at its highest point with an excellent leaping ability. Possesses good contact balance and can use his speed and slippery nature to break weak tackles keeping his feet and gaining space to slide through the defense. Will get tripped up fairly easily by arm tackles. Excellent ability in the open field to avoid defenders and break the game open with one play. He is a threat to score every time he touches the ball. Extremely elusive and slippery in space who will find a crease to squeeze through it and find daylight exploding through with his speed. Can reach his top gear instantly. Doesn't always hold the ball high and tight and his short arms don't help. Will need to learn how to hold the ball with two arms when in contact, as his size doesn't help in this category.



Contact Balance
Run After Catch

Extremely small frame and light body weight won't make it easy for him to stay healthy at the next level. There are major durability concerns revolving around Hollywood. He has endured injuries throughout his career including a lower leg injury sustained this year. Explosive production accrued throughout his career. He is a threat to score each time he touches the ball. An exceptionally hard working athlete that doesn't take any plays off during any given snap.



Great instincts with the ability to find the open space as a ball carrier. He understands the defense and knows how to manipulate corners to gain separation. Can find soft layers in the defense to exploit in the passing game. Very high football IQ with the knowledge to run a variety of routes in a route tree. Will need to learn more intermediate route options to be a successful slot at the next level. Small frame, height and weight limit his ability to play on the boundary and heavily increase his injury risk. He will be a slot receiver playing on the outside in puerto matchup based situations used in motion to avoid press coverage and to allow him to get to top speed prior to the snap.

Coverage Recognition
Position Versatility