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N'keal Harry


Arizona State





38 1/2"
10' 2"
9 1/2"
78 1/4"


Final Grade

2018: Thigh (Left Colarado Early- No Missed Time), Arm/Shoulder (Minor) No Major Injury History

Injury History

Games Evaluated

2018: UTSA, Michigan State, Utah, 2017: Oregon

Team Fit


He is a big-bodied receiver with a muscular frame and excellent play strength. He possesses very good overall athleticism consistently showcasing elite lateral agility and plus short area quickness in small spaces. When his hands get involved on a release he can escape from press without any hiccups. He is a long strider with good build-up speed who understands spacing well and can use his vertical threat to keep defenders honest when lowering his hips to break in on intermediate routes. He has the ability to snap in and out of his breaks with good body control often creating separation and clean throwing windows. He is an outstanding downfield threat with an impressive jump ball ability. He continuously attacks the ball at its highest point and has strong hands away from his frame displaying a large catch radius. He has an impressive understanding of timing and leverage regularly breaking to the ball at that last moment and keeping his frame in between the ball and defender to decrease the chance of deflections. He tracks the ball extremely well in each area of the field and can pluck high velocity throws out of the air twisting his body to make tough catches seem routine. His aggressive play style and physicality are displayed in the blocking game where he looks to dominate opponents taking them out of the play.


His release needs work. He utilizes and awkward stance that puts a larger percent of his body weight on his plant leg creating an off balanced structure. He is often delayed off the snap and will stutter step in order to drive forward delaying his release. He will infrequently use his hands to beat press coverage often failing to keep his chest plate clean in the contact window often leading to an altered path in his stem. He will frequently take wide angles giving leverage to the defender in press relying on his burst to win the edge while he gets worked off his line. Relies heavily on hesitation moves and struggles to win with his quickness alone. He needs to learn how to use his hands to generate separation within the contact window on short breaking routes to win in the short areas of the field. He will often fail to work his entire frame into a break and won't recover to get his QB a full body to target. Won't play through the whistle and can give up on certain routes.

Big Picture

Harry is a prototypical X receiver who understands how to use his size to succeed in each area of the game. He is a physical athlete who will attack the ball and win in contested catch battles. Harry will need to learn better technique to create a smooth release off the line and better defeat press coverage. He understands leverage and utilizes a good ability to gain separation with his route running ability and size. He will be a highly valued deep threat and red-zone target at the next level. He will require some time to develop at the next level and refine specific parts of his game, but he has dominant traits and the talent to succeed.

Player Comp



Lateral Agility
Play Strength
Deep Speed

A great athlete especially when considering his large frame. He consistently displays elite lateral quickness and short area burst aiding him in the open field making defenders miss and look foolish. He has excellent balance and solid lateral agility making him a nightmare to bring down in the open field standing at 6'4" 220 pounds. Possessing excellent balance and size, he is tough to bring down with initial contact. Excellent flexibility capable of adjusting to the ball in air and torquing his body to make difficult catches on poorly thrown balls. He does an excellent job lowering his pad level in contact as a runner and blocker. Displays excellent stop-start ability with the talent to plant his foot and change direction cutting up field or flipping field completely. He is a fluid athlete and plays with a suddenness to gain separation from the defender. Can move slower when attempting to move laterally. He is extremely explosive with the ball in his hands continuously creating big plays throughout each game. He is a threat to score from anywhere on the field. He is more fluid out of his release and in routes rather than showing an explosive nature. A smooth mover with burst instead of straight line explosion. Has shown immense build-up speed with the ability to out run the secondary once he reaches his top gear. Can get behind the secondary on vertical routes and is dangerous with the ball in his hands when in the open field on a straight sprint to the endzone. Will get caught from behind through angle tackling, as he isn't a burner. Startling acceleration out of the catch point.

Route Running:


Release/Foot Quickness
Route Tree Variety
Body Control

Big Play Ability

Displays an awkward stance that uses more than 75% of his body weight on his plant leg. Slow off the snap and occasionally mis-steps creating added motion on his release. Rarely uses release moves to beat defensive backs and doesn't use his overall athletic ability to get off the line. Relies to heavily on hesitation moves and won't win with just burst and quickness. Infrequently recruits his hands to beat the defender and keep his chest clean from contact. Will take wide angles rather than engage to avoid the corner in press and will rely on his burst to beat the defender. Struggles to stay on a line. When he uses his hands he can become a bully eating up cushion or leaving a press defender behind with long strides and determination to get to the catch point. Isn't overly quick and relies too heavily on hesitation moves to gain separation. He fails to use his hands in the contact window in short breaking routes and can struggle to gain separation in the short areas of the field. Needs to work on breaking down his hips and varying route speed in order to keep the defender guessing. Not very sudden and won't fool many corners. Physical route runner who will attempt to run the defender off the line. Has shown glimpses of effective technique and can utilize his stop-start ability to win when working back to the ball. Understands spacing well as a route runner and uses deep threat to his advantage on intermediate breaks. Will aim for leverag by utilizing hup movement to generate throwing windows accordingly. Can snap in and out of his break with good body control. Shows good separation ability in the intermediate and deep areas of the field. Can use his acceleration and long strides to gain a step when working on defensive backs with cushion capable of eating 5-10 yards in an instant. Relies heavily in frame to pull in contested catches when he fails to gain adequate space. A physical blocker who relishes in all contact throughout game. He will attempt to dominate at the point of attack. Doesn't always show the best effort and hasn't shown the necessary awareness to find free defenders in scramble plays.

Ball Skills:


Catch Radius
Contested Catch
High Points Ball

His hand strength is terrific capable of plucking fast balls out of the air away from his frame. He has showcased the talent to reel in poorly thrown balls and go after the ball at its highest point. Has refined his technique to shield defenders from the ball rarely losing contested catch battles and often reeling in fifty-fifty balls down the sideline. A reliable pass catcher who will consistently make big plays down field and in the red zone. A strong and physical runner who will lower his shoulder and run through contact with his size, weight and leg rive behind him. Not afraid of contact and will always fight for added yardage. Strong at the point of attack. Electric in the open field consistently making defenders miss and providing big play after big play. Always a threat to score from anywhere on the field. With great speed, excellent quickness, size and field awareness he is a handful to bring down in the open field. Will always secure the ball with two hands in traffic and does not have a fumble issue. Very secure with the ball.



Contact Balance
Run After Catch

An extremely tough athlete with the size and play strength to dominate defenders at the point of attack. He is a physical player who loves contact and will fight through the whistle on every play. He has been one of the best receivers at the collegiate level over the past two season accruing over 1000 yards and 8 TDS in each campaign. He will improve any offense at the next level as a downfield and red zone threat. He has a high motor that keeps him playing through a whistle. Will always fight for extra yardage and will attempt to bully defenders in blocks. Guilty of giving up on routes and running at 80% speed.



Possesses great instincts with the ability to find the ball in traffic and attack the ball at the point of attack. He Will power down his legs to get both feet in bounds on the sideline and has already developed into a dominant fifty-fifty jump ball receiver capable of finding the ball and shielding the defender in the air. Has an extremely high football IQ with excellent mental processing and an ability to read defenses and find the soft spot in zone coverage to sit in. Has run a full route tree, but will need to work on his technique to be utilized in each part of the field at the next level. He has the speed and slipperiness to be used as a massive slot receiver, but he is a prototypical X receiver with the size, athleticism and strength to consistently win on the boundary. He will be a handful for smaller defensive backs.

Coverage Recognition
Position Versatility