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Alexander Amir is from Brooklyn, New York, and is majoring in Economics at Macaulay Honors College at Hunter College. He’s planning to attend law school after he graduates, and his ultimate career goal is to be the general manager for an NFL team. Alexander has involved himself in sports as much as possible since he was young. He's played football, basketball, and soccer, and his sports experience includes refereeing youth flag football, working as an NFL Combine training assistant to former wide receiver Devale Ellis, and interning for the CUNY Athletics Conference. Beyond sports, he has interned for the New York County Supreme Court, worked as a legal assistant at a personal injury law firm, and most recently interned for Duane Morris LLP.

Alexander is an alumnus of Sports Management Worldwide’s Football GM & Scouting and Football Analytics Courses. He has training in scouting, data analysis, and the NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement from NFL experts Mark Dominik, Russ Lande, Aaron Schatz, and John Wooten. As the Chief Editor and Fantasy Football Director for Blitzalytics, Alexander is extremely excited to put his knowledge to work with Blitz and beyond.

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