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Experience with social media blogging for team activities/events, job as referee for Intramurals in college, worked in sports clothing and merchandise
MBA w/ Sport Management Concentration, BA in Communication
Wiesbaden, Germany


William Heiges II was born in Pisa, Italy and spent most of his youth growing up in Germany but likes to consider his home stateside in Ft. Worth, Texas as he spent time there as a child and is currently living just outside of the DFW area. Despite his time abroad, Will always made time to stay caught up with events in the sporting world and watch events live even with the time zone difference. Will has been a fan of sports since he was almost 2 years old sitting on his father’s lap and saw his favorite team, the Dallas Cowboys, win their fifth Lombardi trophy. He also supports the other professional teams in the Dallas area (Mavericks, Rangers, and Stars) and the German National Soccer team. In 2016, he graduated from Texas A&M University with a BA in Communication and is currently working on his MBA in Sport Management at Southern New Hampshire University. After school, Will desires to pursue a career in sport marketing, advertising, broadcasting, or media/public relations.

In high school, Will was a varsity athlete in football, wrestling, and track and field and had many accomplishments and achievements that resulted with him being named the “Athlete of the Year” his senior year. In college, he continued to stay active and was a member of the A&M wrestling club and competed in the National Wrestling Collegiate Association (NCWA) finals tournament twice. Outside of sports, Will is an Eagle Scout and loves to volunteer and be active in the community. His hobbies include working out, going out with friends, watching good movies/TV shows, playing guitar, collecting sports memorabilia, and taking care of his dog Athena.

Will has loved football for as long as he can remember, and it has been the one constant sport that he can always watch even if his team isn’t playing. As the years have gone by, he has continued to learn new aspects of the game and gained a profound love for analyzing stats and player performances. In college, he even worked as an intramural football referee to gain a different perspective on the game. Will loves to discuss football with his peers, family, colleagues, or even use it as an ice-breaker with complete strangers. His dream would be to work in an atmosphere that deals with football related analysis or discussions on a daily basis.


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