Nick Eubanks








Final Grade

2020: Undisclosed

Injury History

Games Evaluated

2019: Notre Dame, Alabama 2020: Rutgers

Team Fit





Nick has plus speed and athleticism. He has a good release to quickly put pressure on the defender. He has some positional versatility having experience lining up in multiple positions in the offense. He is a willing blocker both in line and in space and has the size required to take on linebackers effectively.


He struggles to consistently create separation while running routes. He also will at time let the ball come to his body instead of high pointing and attacking the pass in the air. He can get flat footed while blocking and stuck in the mud by not driving his legs and leaving him open for a quick rip move to get past his block.

Big Picture

Eubanks has the ideal size for a TE combined with having plus athleticism and great speed for the position. He can line up in line, in the backfield and even split outside when needed. He has a quick release putting fast pressure on defenders. He struggles with head fakes and subtle quickness at the top of routes, often not allowing him to create separation. He does not always try to high point the ball and will let it come into his body but he knows how to use his frame to shield defenders and explode towards the ball. He also creates a decent target for the passer with his length and explosiveness. He is a willing and decent blocker but often gets flat footed after engaging in a block and gets too upright not being able to gain a ton of leverage. Too often a quick rip by the defender or a power move will allow the defender to easily beat the block and continue their pursuit of the ball carrier. He has some immediate strengths that can allow him to be an early contributor while fine tuning his blocking technique and route running skills. Being in a run based or play action offense should allow him to gain a little more separation and be able to get some YAC. He has a high ceiling but needs some more seasoning to reach his potential as a really good, all around servicable TE.

Player Comp

Tim Massaquoi

Draft Projection




His raw athleticism is going to be his biggest draw. He explodes well at the snap and moves with ease around the field. His flexiblity is his biggest drawback as he fails to consistently gain leverage by getting under pads when blocking or sinking his hips when running routes when trying to cut. He has great speed for the position and gets moving in a hurry putting immediate pressure on the defense.


Receiving Skills:



Big Play Ability

He uses his athleticism to try to success as a receiver. He releases off the line well, although he typically was not guarded closely at the LOS. He gets upt to full speed quick though putting quick pressure on the defense. While he has to tools to run a big route tree, he struggles creating separation and gets stuck in the mud when trying to cut. He shows good hands when catching although often lets the ball come to his body as well. While he is smaller, his explosiveness allows him to create a bigger catch radius than you'd think.



His blocking is a work in progess. Coming in undersized, he fails to consistently use his natural leverage abiltiy to get under and dominate blocks. He does not move the pile much although puts himself between the defender and the ball carrier often. He can struggle blocking in space and is not very aggressive in trying to place a block. He stuggles to drive his legs and tries to become a wall instead of a wave. He shows good hand position and a willing blocker but not someone who loves it.






Field Vision


He is not a guy who likes being physical. He does not dominate blocks nor does he often try to high point the ball in the air. He wil need to toughen up if he is going to succeed in the NFL. He does show good effort though on most plays going full speed and trying to stay involved.



He seems a little raw and does not let his insticts take over. He is not always fully aware of the play or where markers are sometimes putting himself in not he best position on the field. WIth his speed and explosiveness though, he does have some versatility as someone who can occasionally be put outside the numbers or be ran out of the backfield.

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