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2019 Senior Bowl Offensive Preview

The Draft Wire - USA Today Sports

Written By: Roy Countryman @Blitzalytics @PreacherBoyRoy

As the calendar turns towards championship Sunday, the teams that have been eliminated from playoff contention will descend upon Mobile, Al. in an effort to find reinforcements to their rosters. This year we have two terrific coaching staffs that will put these highly skilled prospects through the wringer, and in this preview, we will give a brief overview of each offensive player on the roster.

North Squad

Coached By: Jon Gruden (Oakland Raiders Staff)


Daniel Jones: Duke (6’5” 220 lbs.)

Big bodied, strong armed QB, who has underrated scrambling ability. Was coached by a noted QB guru at Duke, and can read and manipulate defenses because of it.

Drew Lock: Missouri (6’4” 225 lbs.)

Good statured QB with a cannon for a right arm that can fit the ball into tight windows. Seems to get rattled by pressure, which causes accuracy to wane.

Ryan Finley: North Carolina State (6’4” 212 lbs.)

Veteran college QB who doesn’t possess great arm strength, but can throw with anticipation and touch when in rhythm. Will lock onto the first read too often, and is a pocket passer who lacks great escapability.

Trace McSorley: Penn State (6’0” 203 lbs.)

Gritty QB who has good arm strength, but lacks NFL caliber accuracy on a consistent basis to be a starter. Can escape the pass rush within the confines of the pocket, and will scramble for gains.


Myles Gaskin: Washington (5’10” 193 lbs.)

Smooth moving RB who flashes a nice combination skill set as a runner and receiver. Can run between the tackles with power, balance, and quickness. He is an underrated pass catcher, is willing to scrap in pass protection.

Karan Higdon: Michigan (5’10” 202 lbs.)

Quick RB with a great burst to press holes at the LOS. Has a nice jump cut and will allow his blocks to develop in front of him. Was not utilized as a pass catcher at Michigan and his hands will need to be checked into.

Jalin Moore: Appalachian State (5’11” 205 lbs.)

A physical specimen at RB with noted athletic prowess. Was named as one of the biggest freak athletes in college football by before this season, with numbers like: 4.37-40 time, 38.5 inch Vertical, 11’1” Broad Jump. Also can squat 650 and clean 350. Runs with incredible strength and speed with his compact frame, but will also need his receiving abilities reviewed.

Dexter Williams: Notre Dame (5’11” 215 lbs.)

North/South runner who will get what is blocked for him. Runs with good power and forward lean, but will too often go down on first contact. Is not a noted pass protector or contributor in the passing game.


Alec Ingold: Wisconsin (6’2” 242 lbs.)

A converted LB who is an excellent lead iso blocker, can flow and fit with a high striking rate when out ahead of his RB. Was a good short yardage and goalline runner, but will need to show he can contribute as a pass catcher.


Andy Isabella: Massachusetts (5’10” 195 lbs.)

Pigeonholed by some pundits as a slot WR, go ahead and call him that because all this guy does is make big play after big play. Elite deep speed, can gain separation in and out of his breaks due to his elite quickness, and once he gets separation you will not catch him. Beat Browns CB Denzel Ward in High School 100-m dash with a 10.51 time, while Ward finished 3rd at 10.62. Ward ran a 4.32 at Combine. Destroy me if you will for this comp, but I see shades of Tyreek Hill in his game.

Emanuel Hall: Missouri (6’3” 200 lbs.)

Terrific athletic ability, especially deep speed to win vertically down the field. Strong and solid build allows him to be able to fight through physical jams, and can get separation with strength, but needs to refine his route running.

Jakobi Meyers: North Carolina State (6’2” 203 lbs.)

Former QB who wins on intermediate routes. Skills set seems to say he is a possession WR who lacks great deep speed, but will win routes with his route running, savviness, and strong, vice-like hands.

Keelan Doss: UC Davis (6’3” 206 lbs.)

Deep threat who can put defensive backs on their heels when he takes his routes vertically. Can separate and make big-time catches downfield. Great ball skills to go along with his deep speed.

Alex Wesley: Northern Colorado (6’0” 184 lbs.)

Another deep threat who can make defenders play off so that they will not be burnt vertically. Has the ability to win on short to intermediate routes as well with terrific lateral agility.

Terry McLaurin: Ohio State (6’1” 205 lbs.)

Somewhat of an afterthought talent from Ohio State, but has the route running ability, and ability to gain separation in and out of his routes to be able to be a chain-moving asset.

Penny Hart: Georgia State (5’8” 180 lbs.)

Waterbug athlete that is very elusive. Is hard to get ahold of due to his outstanding quickness and elusiveness. Will do his damage out of the slot, and as a return man.


Drew Sample: Washington (6’5” 251 lbs.)

Good all-around TE. Has good speed to push routes vertically, and has great tenacity, hand placement, and will in the blocking department.

Tommy Sweeney: Boston College (6’5” 260 lbs.)

Great intermediate target who runs good routes. Has the bulk, strength, and experience to be an immediate asset as an in-line blocker.

Donald Parham: Stetson (6’8” 240 lbs.)

Mismatch nightmare as a receiver. Has a huge catching radius and good athleticism to be used as a pass catching threat. Was utilized out of the slot mostly, and if he is truly going to play in-line he will need a lot of work with his technique and strength.


Dalton Risner: Kansas State (6’5” 308 lbs.)

One of the best OL in college. Has a Ph.D. in technique and hand usage. His ferocity and aggressiveness is consistently on display when you watch him play. Will engage and dominate at the POA. Has some physical limitations and should only play RT or even slide inside.

Max Scharping: Northern Illinois (6’6” 320 lbs.)

Effective zone blocking OT who utilizes his intelligence, patience, and athleticism to block out defenders. Lacks elite length, and will need to fall back on the pillars of strength he has to be successful on the outside.

Chuma Edoga: USC (6’4” 295 lbs.)

Excellent athleticism with terrific length, and he knows how to use it. Looks fluid when asked to block out in space, but will need a ton of refinement with his footwork.

Kaleb McGary: Washington (6’8” 324 lbs.)

RT only, who has adequate foot quickness to run pass rushers wide of the arc. Is a mean spirited run blocker who, when he engages, does not let loose, and will seek to destroy.


Chris Lindstrom: Boston College (6’4” 310 lbs.)

Aggressive zone-blocking style OG who excels at pulling and getting blocks in space. In pass protection, he uses balance and light feet to mirror pass rushers. Can anchor to absorb bull rushers as well.

Michael Deiter: Wisconsin (6’6” 310 lbs.)

Seasoned veteran of an IOL, with great mobility to get out and make blocks at the second level. Hands fire off quickly and continually until he hears the whistle blow. Has surprising lateral agility and can shut down interior pass rushes with his blend of strength and athleticism.

Beau Benzschawel: Wisconsin (6’6” 315 lbs.)

Phone booth power player who shoots hands inside off the snap, and will drive his legs on contact to get a push at the LOS. Plays too high in pass protection and is susceptible to moves by interior rush lineman.

Nate Davis: Charlotte (6’3” 311 lbs.)

Power player who shows an ability to short area pull and fit on defenders at the second level. Will dominate in a phone booth, and can generate movement in the run game. Is alert in pass protection, and will shuffle feet to try and stay in front of his pass rusher.


Garrett Bradbury: North Carolina State (6’3” 300 lbs.)

Terrific quickness and athleticism for a pivot. Can engage and flow to the second level for blocks adeptly. Very intelligent player who utilizes leverage and quick feet to make up for any strength deficiencies.

Erik McCoy: Texas A&M (6’4” 315 lbs.)

Highly intelligent pivot man who can block out in space, but needs to improve his functional playing strength. He needs to be able to finish his blocks a little more often, because DL have a tendency to shed him.

South Squad

Coached By: Kyle Shanahan (San Francisco 49ers Staff)


Will Grier: West Virginia (6’2” 223 lbs.)

Spread style QB who put up elite numbers the last few years, but only has average arm strength. He makes up for that lack of pop with great anticipation and ball placement.

Jarrett Stidham: Auburn (6’3” 215 lbs.)

Comes from a very simplified offense that suppressed his ability to consistently read defenses. Has good arm strength with necessary velocity to drive the ball vertically. Showed quick throwing mechanics and throws with good accuracy overall.

Tyree Jackson: Buffalo (6’7” 245 lbs.)

Looks like a QB you would build on Madden. Tall and burly build with all the arm talent you could want. Likes to push the ball vertically, but needs to refine his accuracy and footwork to have a chance at being a starter at the next level. Has athleticism to be used as a power runner as well.

Gardner Minshew II: Washington State (6’2” 220 lbs.)

Crafty QB who is cool under pressure and is fun to watch inside the pocket under duress. Has good arm talent and showed an ability to throw with anticipation, but overall needs to tighten up his accuracy.

Clayton Thorson: Northwestern (6’4” 226 lbs.)

Tall, statue-esque pocket passer who has average arm strength, but has the ability to read defenses and put ball where his receivers have a chance to gain some YAC.


L.J. Scott: Michigan State (6’1” 226 lbs.)

Hard-nosed, between the tackles runner, who has some slipperiness to elude defenders. Keeps his legs driving on contact and will break his share of tackles. Has a soft set of hands and can contribute as a pass catcher as an outlet option.

Ryquell Armstead: Temple (5’11” 215 lbs.)

One cut, power runner who can simply bully his way past defenders. Runs with terrific balance, forward lean, and leg drive to pick up the hard yards. Is not an option as a pass catcher, and was not asked to chip in pass protection.

Bruce Anderson: North Dakota State (5’11” 210 lbs.)

Bowling ball type RB who can chip in on all aspects of the position. Runs with a purpose and is patient enough to allow his blocks to develop. Good cutting ability and can stick a foot in the ground and burst upfield in a hurry. Very good receiving threat out of the backfield — should be able to find a niche in that capacity initially.


Trevon Wesco: West Virginia (6’4” 274 lbs.)

Intriguing H-Back-style blocking back, with great athleticism. Soft set of hands that caught 92% of his targets, and averaged 13.5 yards per target. Had a highlight-reel one-handed catch against Oklahoma State.


David Sills V: West Virginia (6’4” 210 lbs.)

Former QB who has a whole host of tricks to get separation in his route running. Big-bodied WR who has an outstanding catch radius and can high point passes with ease. Vertical threat that is better going north/south than laterally. Good blocker.

Deebo Samuel: South Carolina (6’0” 210 lbs.)

One of the best WRs in this class due to his polished route running, terrific ball skills, and feel for how to get open. Has good speed and runs hard after the catch, showing the ability to break arm tackles. Tough-minded WR who will not back down from a fight.

Jalen Hurd: Baylor (6’4” 217 lbs.)

Former RB who had some problems with injury in his past, but is a dynamic athlete that is just scratching the surface as a WR. Was used as an inside slot WR, and was a terrific chain mover, but I would like to see him get a chance to run vertical routes with his build.

Hunter Renfrow: Clemson (5’10” 180 lbs.)

A deadly threat from the slot who was a critical weapon for two national championships at Clemson. A human vacuum cleaner, will catch absolutely everything thrown at him. Wins his routes with savviness, quickness, and an otherworldly feel for where his QB needs him.

Jaylen Smith: Louisville (6’4” 220 lbs.)

Big bodied WR who has the requisite build to be an outside threat, but really doesn’t possess a dominating skill to put him on the map. He’s a smooth mover who can make contested catches and has great body control, but lacks great athleticism to make a difference after the catch.

Anthony Johnson: Buffalo (6’2” 210 lbs.)

Middle of the road athlete that wins his routes with consistent effort and savviness. Has strong hands and will make contested catches. Will run hard after the catch and will pick up extra yardage.

Tyre Brady: Marshall (6’3” 206 lbs.)

Physical WR who has elite grip strength. Makes a ton of contested catches and will be able to make a difference at the next level due to chain moving ability. Has quickness to win the route in and out of his breaks.

Travis Fulgham: Old Dominion (6’3” 215 lbs.)

Has a lot of terrific traits that need refinement to make him a true diamond in the rough at the next level. He has the speed to get behind defensive backs, high-point ability, and is one of the better blockers in the class. Will be nice to see him compete with players from bigger programs.


Josh Oliver: San Jose State (6’5” 250 lbs.)

Excellent athleticism and has a big body that creates mismatches. Has impressive body control and can pluck passes at their highest point. Gives good effort in the blocking game, but will need to continue to refine and add strength to get better.

Dax Raymond: Utah State (6’5” 250 lbs.)

Fluid-moving TE who can play all across the formation from H-Back, in-line, or out in the slot. Can catch passes away from his body, and has the ability to be a valued intermediate target.

Foster Moreau: LSU (6’6”256 lbs.)

Excellent in-line blocker who can seal the edge for off tackle runs. Plays with great hand placement and leg drive. Quality receiver with soft hands, just lacks great athleticism.


Andre Dillard: Washington State (6’5” 306 lbs.)

One of the best pass blocking OT in this draft. He played three seasons at Washington State, and is adept at locating and engaging defenders at a high rate of success. A balanced and coordinated player who can stifle pass rushers.

Yodny Cajuste: West Virginia (6’5” 321 lbs.)

Played LT at West Virginia, and has all the traits you look for in an NFL starter at that valued position. He has terrific length, foot quickness, hand usage, and requisite nastiness to excel.

Tytus Howard: Alabama State (6’6” 311 lbs.)

A converted TE who has freakish athleticism and who seems to finally be having the game slow down for him. He is big, powerful, and can move defenders off the ball.

Dennis Daley: South Carolina: (6’6” 324 lbs.)

A run blocking specialist that has an excellent ability to sink hips and anchor in pass protection. Has tremendous play strength and can collapse defenders to break open rushing lanes.


Dru Samia: Oklahoma (6’5” 303 lbs.)

My favorite OG in this year’s class due to his temperament to demolish defenders in front of him and the ability to block out in space. Blocks with great strength and has the ability to anchor.

Ben Powers: Oklahoma (6’4” 313 lbs.)

Middle of the road athlete that excels at blocking the guy in front of him. Plays with good hand usage and is a solid technician. Can get to the second level, but struggles to consistently target and initiate. In pass protection, he can be beaten by counter moves due to a lack of athleticism to match.

B.J. Autry: Jacksonville State (6’5” 340 lbs.)

Baylor transfer who has outstanding play strength. He can move defenders off the ball, and has enough foot quickness to short trap pull and mirror in pass sets.

Javon Patterson: Ole Miss (6’3” 314 lbs.)

IOL who has a nasty disposition and shows great vision. Can get out in space with quickness and can flow and fit adequately. Strong player who can generate movement.


Elgton Jenkins: Mississippi State (6’4” 310 lbs.)

Versatile OL who has played both C and G. Has great length, intelligence, and quickness for a pivot, and is a graceful mover in space. Tough player who will grind in the trenches.

Ross Pierschbacher: Alabama (6’4” 309 lbs.)

Square athlete that needs to stay in one place where he can utilize his strength and intelligence to enhance his limited athleticism. A grinder who will work through the whistle.



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