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AAF Protect or Pick Mock Draft

Graphic By: Robert Robinson @RobRobGraphics

Written By: Roy Countryman @Blitzalytics @PreacherBoyRoy

Here we are Draft Day! The football world is abuzz with a renewed sense of football in a league other than the NFL. We here at Blitzalytics have you completely covered when it comes to this Protect or Pick QB Draft, and I encourage you to glance over all our AAF content. With only hours left until they start the clock, we are releasing a mock draft for this event...Enjoy!

Protection Round

San Diego Fleet- Choose to Pick

Birmingham Iron- Protect->Brandon Silvers-Troy

Arizona Hotshots- Choose to Pick

Orlando Apollos-Protect->Stephen Morris-Miami(Fl.)

Atlanta Legends-Protect->Aaron Murray-Georgia

Salt Lake Stallions-Protect->Tommy Armstrong Jr.-Nebraska

Memphis Express-Choose to Pick

San Antonio Commanders-Protect->Austin Appleby-Florida(Purdue Transfer)

*If a team elects to protect one of their own QB’s, they must announce them as 1st Round Pick.*

Round One of Picking

San Diego Fleet-Josh Woodrum-Liberty

Birmingham Iron-Brandon Silvers-Troy

Arizona Hotshots-Luis Perez-Texas A&M-Commerce

Orlando Apollos-Stephen Morris-Miami(Fl.)

Atlanta Legends-Aaron Murray-Georgia

Salt Lake Stallions-Tommy Armstrong Jr.-Nebraska

Memphis Express-Stephen Garcia-South Carolina

San Antonio Commanders-Austin Appleby-Florida(Purdue Transfer)

Round Two

San Antonio Commanders-Scott Tolzien-Wisconsin

Memphis Express-Zach Mettenberger-LSU

Salt Lake Stallions-Christian Hackenberg-Penn State

Atlanta Legends-B.J. Daniels-USF

Orlando Apollos-R.J. Nitti-Bucknell

Arizona Hotshots-Marquise Williams-North Carolina

Birmingham Iron-John Johnson-San Diego State

San Diego Fleet-Patrick O’Brien-Catawba

Round Three

San Diego Fleet-Alek Torgersen-Pennsylvania

Birmingham Iron-Dalton Sturm-UTSA

Arizona Hotshots-Marcus McDade-Fresno State

Orlando Apollos-Kevin Anderson-Fordham

Atlanta Legends-Philip Nelson-East Carolina

Salt Lake Stallions-Jack Heneghan-Dartmouth

Memphis Express-Max Shortell-Jacksonville State

San Antonio Commanders-Kyle Bolin-Rutgers(Louisville Transfer)

Round Four

San Antonio Commanders-John Gibbs Jr.-Alcorn State

Memphis Express-Justin Holman-UCF

Salt Lake Stallions-Garrett Grayson-Colorado State (Currently w/Broncos)

Atlanta Legends-Alejandro Bennifield-Chattanooga

Orlando Apollos-Matt Linehan-Idaho

Arizona Hotshots-Troy Cook-Tennessee-Martin

Birmingham Iron-Blake Sims-Alabama

San Diego Fleet-Austin Allen-Arkansas

Hope you enjoyed the mock, and make sure you stay tuned for all of our live draft coverage tonight with the Blitzalytics crew, as well as special guest Russ Lande will join our cast for the first hour. We will be evaluating and discussing all the picks that go down. As always…..

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