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CB — Mike Hughes 7.35

Scout- Cody Manning

College: UCF

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 195

40-Time: 4.53

Veridical: 35.5

3 Cone:

Athleticism: 7.65

Q.A.B./C.O.D. 8.00 He is very fast on his feet, can cut and take off quickly, he uses his agility to get around blocks.  Flexibility 7.50 He can turn his hips easily to run with wide receivers, keeps a low base to gain leverage.  Deep Speed 7.75 Can keep up with speedy receivers, ideal to deal with some of the quicker guys in the league.  Explosion 7.50 He does a good job at exploding into the direction he wants to go, helps him close space.  Coordination 7.50 Showed his ability to track down a tipped ball and take an interception for a touchdown versus Maryland.

Coverage Ability: 7.30

Man Press 7.50 He will get physical with them in press coverage, throws them off running their route.  Man Off 7.00 He gets a good read on the receiver, allows him adjust, and get an advantage on the receiver.  Zone 7.00 His athleticism allows him to keep his zone covered, understands his assignment, reacts properly.  Hand Fighting 7.00 He puts up a great effort fighting, sometimes will struggle with bigger and stronger receivers.  Hips/Turn Ability 8.00 Excels at turning his hips, helps him keep up with receivers, makes it difficult for them to get separation.

Play Making: 7.33

Closing Quickness 7.50 He can cut on a dime then explode into the direction he wants to go, closes the space quickly.  Ball skills 7.50 Goes up and attempts to break up balls, caught tip ball for pick six, has the hands to get interceptions  Route/play Diagnosis 7.00 He does a great job at recognizing routes, he can at times be beat by a quick under route.

Quickness Upfield 7.50 He uses his agility to has advantage to work his way around blocks to make a hit on the runner.  Fight Through Blocks 6.50 He does work on getting leverage, but due to his size he can be easily blocked at times. Still is physical  Tackling 6.00 Try’s to arm tackle too much, strong guys will just run through him. Physical, doesn’t back down.

Competitiveness: 7.75

Toughness 7.75 He is a very tough player, even though he lacks the size, he plays like he is one of the bigger defenders.  Production 7.50 Past year — 44 tackles, 4 interceptions, 11 PBUs, 3 return touchdowns, 1st team All-ACC.  Consistency/Motor 8.00 He has a consistent motor, brings his best every play, does his job every play.

Intelligence: 7.42

Instincts 7.50 He has a good feel on the field, seems to be able to slow with receivers, stays attached to them.  Learn/Retain 7.00 He appeared to understand his role, stuck with his assignment, came into a new team, and started.  Teamwork 7.75 He brought his all every play, didn’t take off any plays, helped block on turnovers.


He is a very tough player, plays bigger then his size. His athleticism allows him to turn his hips, and attaches himself to the receiver. He explodes in any direction that he wants to go so he can close space on the ball or runner. Excellent ball skills, can catch balls, and showed ability to take them to the house. He can also attribute to special teams as a returner, he had three return touchdowns, and could be an effective gunner during his rookie year as he develops. Because of his speed and agility, I believe he could be an effective slot cornerback, he could give them fits in press and keep up with the speedy ones.


He will need to work on his tackling, he can try to arm tackle too much, as well can leave his feet too early. His size will be an issue at the next level. He won’t be able to cover the taller and stronger guys that can go over him for a catch, and they also can also get push on him on run blocking. Stronger runners also will run through him. He needs to get stronger. I believe he will also continue to develop in his coverage, he can misread at times, and will start heading into deep coverage, then will get beat by a quick under route.


Mike appears to love playing football, he brings his best every play, and does his job. He plays beyond his size, and is very physical. He is effective in press coverage, and will knock receivers off their routes. He will need to develop more, and become better at reading what the receiver is doing on his route. I believe he could come in as a slot cornerback, and shut down the opposing teams slot guy. His size is what will hold him back from being a number one cornerback in a team’s defense. Tall and strong receivers will have their way with him, jump balls and run blocking. He will put up a fight, and doesn’t back down. He comes to bring the wood, but stronger runners will run through him. He does need to work on his tackling, he can leave his feet too early and try to tackle with one arm too much. He showed off the ability that he can be a threat as a returner for special teams. He is electric, and has the ability to take it to the house. As a rookie, he should be able to come in and contribute multiple ways. I think he should come in on nickel and dime situations, covering slot guys, and let him develop as a rookie. I think teams that need a returner could stick him back there as well. If he can develop as a tackler quickly, I also believe he could be an effective gunner on special teams. He should be able to come in right away and be a jammer too. I think he has the talent, and ability to eventually work his way to the outside by his third year. Could be an elite slot corner. Worst case, a great special teamer. While he could develop to be the best corner to come out of this class, because of his size and that he might stay as a slot corner, I think teams should consider him in the 2nd.

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