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DT- Vita Vea 7.00

Scout- Alexander Amir

College: Washington

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 347 lbs

40-Time: 5.10

Bench Press: 41

Arm Length: 32 5/8"

Athleticism: 6.00

Q.A.B./C.O.D. 5.50 Limited quickness due to size, loses footing at times, but has good awareness. Flexibility 5.00 Doesn’t have great flexibility to get around defenders, relies on strength. Explosiveness 8.00 Consistently generates strong push at the line. Playing Speed 6.50 Above average speed for his size. Coordination 5.00 Loses balance coming around the edge and struggles to follow ball carrier.

Pass Rush Ability 6.70

Initial Quickness 6.00 Decent release off line, sometimes late. Use of Hands 7.00 Extremely strong hands, good swim move, but hands out of position on double team.  Leverage 6.50 Lets his pads get too high at times, but extraordinarily powerful with proper leverage.  Pass Rush Moves 7.00 Excellent bull rush, can brush by almost any single lineman with ease. Finish Ability 7.00 Rarely loses QB upon contact, but doesn’t have the quickness to catch elusive QBs.

Competes: 8.33

Toughness 8.50 Plays bare handed, very aggressive.  Consistency/Motor 8.50 Never takes off, plays through the whistle.  Production 8.00 Played all 13 games, 3rd in team sacks, 30 tackles.

Against The Run 7.46

Play with Leverage 6.75 Pads can get high, but strong enough to compensate and hold his ground.  Stack and Shed 7.75 Locks arms, sheds single defenders with ease, decent with double team against run.  Gap Shooting Ability 7.50 Eats up a lot of space, difficult to move due to size  Run at Him 8.00 Rarely loses his ground, almost impossible to move when he has proper pad level.  Run Away 6.75 Disruptive and clogs interior lanes, but lacks quickness to get to ball carrier.  Tackling/Hitting 8.00 Loves to hit, can tackle with one hand, bullies single linemen, wraps up ball carrier.

Intelligence: 6.50

Instincts 6.00 Sometimes has slow jump off line. Learn/Retain 6.50 Played both 3–4 and 4–3, identifies plays well, but forgets technique. Teamwork 7.00 Stays in his lanes, excited when teammates make plays.


Massive human being with amazing physical strength. Very hard to move at the line of scrimmage, and establishes his base well. Excellent bull rush; consistently overpowers single linemen and has strong enough hands to deal with double teams against the run. Strong tackler, can tackle with one hand. High energy, plays both gaps.


Pads get too high against both run and pass. Doesn’t have great footwork and balance, finds himself on the floor too often. Lacks flexibility on outside rushes. Limited quickness due to his size. Hands get out of position on double teams in pass rush.


Vita Vea is a mountain of a man at 6'4" and 347 pounds. He’s been a significant part of Washington’s defense the past 3 years and was voted Pac-12 Defensive Player of the Year. The Huskies played him all along the defensive line at both DT and DE in 3–4 and 4–3 formations, and he’s a two-gap player. He is still very raw and forgets his technique, but when he keeps his pads low he is immovable. He will immediately contribute to a team as a run-stopping tackle with a high ceiling for improvement. Player Comparison: He is talked about as becoming the next Haloti Ngata due to his size and versatility. Potential Teams: The Los Angeles Chargers and Buffalo Bills both ranked in the bottom 5 in run defense last season. The Washington Redskins could also use Vea and pair him with Jonathan Allen to create a very strong run defense in a division with two strong running teams in the Cowboys and Eagles. Prediction: Mid-1st Round



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