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Eliminated From Playoff Contention: Minnesota Vikings

(Image credit Kyle Terada/USA Today Sports)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick

I'm not even joking saying this but I am writing this in the middle of the Green Bay Packers game where the Vikings are losing 27-3. It is clear that the Vikings will not be coming back in this game and thus they have been eliminated from making the playoffs this season. It was a disappointing season and many were expecting this team to make the playoffs and there were issues regarding this team. Before I go on, No the Vikings did not make the playoffs because of Kirk Cousins. Cousins has been excellent this season and is one of the positives for the Vikings. I don’t understand the full blame being placed on Cousins as I don’t think he has been the main issue this season. Is he a problem, absolutely but in this season Kirk Cousins did what was necessary and had a great season statistically. Now that that is said I will list three reasons why the Minnesota Vikings were eliminated from the playoffs.

1. Defense Struggles

The Vikings defense is an absolute mess this season. I mean the secondary is a mess and the main guy that was awful was CB Bashaud Breeland who was so bad that he got cut in the middle of the season. But a lot of players regressed this season and it showed in the latest packers game where they missed a ton of tackles all game and were poor in coverage. Injuries have also affected the defense performance as well. I won't be shocked if the Vikings decided to blow the defense up and rebuild it.

2. Terrible Free Agent signings

Speaking of Free Agents the Vikings made some awful moves during the offseason last year. The Vikings signed DeDe Westbrook who did nothing much. Signed DT Dalvin Tomlinson to a 2 year 21 million dollar contract and struggled this season only having 1.5 sacks and 28 tackles. Signed a declining CB Patrick Peterson to a 1 year 8 million dollar contract, and DE/EDGE Stephen Weatherly who was traded during the deadline.The only signing that was a solid one was DT Sheldon Richardson to a 1 year 3.6 million dollar contract. Even though this wasn't the offseason the Vikings decided to trade a 4th round pick for Chris Herndon who stinks. As a Jets Fan I want to thank the Vikings for giving the Jets a free 4th round draft choice. But these moves during the offseason were absolutely terrible and was a big reason why the Vikings missed the playoffs.

3. Coaching

This has to be said but this season showed me that it is clear that the game has passed Mike Zimmer. Especially with the game management as it has been abysmal and inconsistent. Especially with the play calling involved with the vikings and it has plagued this team the whole season. A big issue is the way Zimmer has handled the players lately. Speaking of which, Why did the Vikings not start Rookie 2nd rounder QB Kellen Mond? Especially during their latest game against the Green Bay Packers as Sean Mannion is awful and is not the future of the Vikings. I just finished watching the Vikings game and Why are you putting in Kellen Mond in the middle of a blowout and then bringing in Sean Mannion back after a single three-and-out drive? I don’t get it the player development has also been abysmal and it is all on coaching. One thing was for sure as in order to fully secure job security for next season he needed to make the playoffs to save his job. Now that the Vikings can’t make the playoffs, I won’t be shocked if the Vikings decide to move on from him.

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