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Favorite Prospects Edition

Offensive Player: Michael Gallup, Defensive Player: Marcus Davenport

Written By: Ryan Goudy

Michael Gallup

Catches: 176

Receiving Yards: 2,690

Receiving TDs: 21

Rushing Attempts: 4

Rushing Yards: 15

Strengths: Michael Gallup is an athlete. He has a rare combination of size and speed. This allows him to win on the outside in a variety of ways. He has no problem chewing up cushions and breaking off his stems. If he doesn’t separate with speed, he is able to get up and create space with his frame. He is a strong receiver, who wins both in traffic and in the air. Including in his toughest matchup of the year against Alabama, he was able to make some tough contested catches.

Gallup also hasn’t peaked yet. The biggest knock on him this year was his route running. He has proven that he could improve in that category. He made a leap from year one to year two, and even during the season. As a route runner he was a bit raw, last year being able to strictly win on athleticism. This year, as he improved, he was able to implement some different nuances in route running. While he isn’t the cleanest route runner, there is potential to be a plus route runner.

Gallup is a proven commodity. It is a strength of his that he can come in and be a contributor from Day 1. He proved this by excelling at the Senior Bowl. The step up in talent didn’t hinder his ability to make plays and produce. He is athletic enough to play both inside and outside, while outside is probably a better fit for him.

Weaknesses: As noted above, he is still raw. Gallup will need to improve the crispness he has coming out of his routes. He doesn’t come out of routes crisp on a consistent basis. He tends to drift upfield. Doing this allows for the corner to contest the ball and creates little separation. He showed improvement, but this is something that he will need to clean up.

Gallup also sometimes looks disinterested on runs that are not to his side. He frequently will get in good position but doesn’t always finish off the play as strong as he should. Same can be said for when he isn’t the primary receiver. This is something that should be easily correctable at the next level.

NFL Team Fits: Gallup would be a good fit in most systems. I think in he would be a great fit for the Houston Texans. Being able to learn the art of route running from DeAndre Hopkins would be a nice fit. The two are similar in the way that they play, and Gallup on the other side would be a good mismatch. Sliding him opposite of TY Hilton make the Indianapolis Colts an interesting option as well. They need help at receiver after letting Donte Moncrief walk in free agency. Gallup is also different than all the other receivers in their room. He is a bigger, physical receiver, that would get 1 on 1 matchups with safeties being shifted toward Hilton. The Dallas Cowboyswould also be a good fit. They need someone that could come in and be a player from Day 1. I think that adding him to a room that depleted would open up Gallup to make a ton of plays. I think he would ideally be a better fit as a number two receiver, but think that he could possibly be a number one down the road.

Marcus Davenport

Total Tackles:185

Tackles for Loss: 37.5 Sacks: 21.5

Fumbles Forced: 6 Passes Defended: 8

Touchdowns: 1

Strengths: Marcus Davenport can play both a LEO rush end, as well as a 4–3 defensive end spot. He is long, strong, and athletic all in one. He uses length to gain good leverage, also allows him to get his hands on defenders first. He is strong, using his strength to bully lineman as well as set a firm edge. He is athletic, in that he can beat players with speed and a variety of moves. Davenport is a freak athletically, running a 4.58 at the combine and broad jumping 124”. At a true 6’6”, 268 pounds that is unheard of. Those numbers are almost the same as Jadeveon Clowney and have shown to translate well. He is monster of a pass rusher. Showing an ability to win with all kinds of moves. Davenport frequently wins with speed, power, speed to power, and a counter move that may be his best. He also is a fierce hitter. He had a good Senior Bowl week which is important any time a small school guy gets the chance.

Weaknesses: Davenport is raw. While he wins in many ways, he hasn’t mastered any of them. Due to his frame being so large, occasionally he loses the leverage battle and gets stopped in his tracks. He is a little hot and cold also. When he is on, he is on. There are times in games where he disappears for awhile. Ideally, someone who will get selected as early as he did, would find ways to make his presence felt. He is a little tight in his hips, which makes quick changes of direction tough for him. He also doesn’t always play at the speed he was timed at. Davenport struggled when running backs were able to get outside on him. He doesn’t always show the quick makeup speed

Team Fits: Davenport is very versatile. He would fit best in a scheme that could let him come off of the corner and get to the pass rusher. He would be a natural, and much needed, fit for the Green Bay Packers. They would allow him to focus on getting to the quarterback initially while he adjusts to the speed of the NFL game. He would be a nice compliment to Nick Parry, meanwhile, playing opposite of Muhammad Wilkerson could give him 1 on 1 matchups he could thrive in. The Washington Redskins would be an interesting fit as well. Getting the benefit of playing on the other side of Ryan Kerrigan would have its benefits and would be something that would make him comfortable. I would worry a little bit if they asked him to drop into space and cover the flat. When you look at him physically, he looks like a defensive end for the Cincinnati Bengals. He is the tall, long, athletic end that they usually select. He very much fits the Michael Johnson and Carlos Dunlap mold. Those two are getting older, and they already mentioned the idea of standing Carl Lawson up more. Davenport would be a nice addition to that line that needs help getting to the pass rusher. Davenport will probably be the second pass rusher selected in the draft, and someone is going to get a good one.



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