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New York Giants Record Prediction

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By Ali Jawad

Twitter: ajawad_024

The NFL has released the schedules for the upcoming 2020 season. Several teams are hoping to turn things around this season. The New York Giants are one of those teams hoping to see improvement in 2020. They are led by a new head coach in Joe Judge and a new staff overall, as well as several new additions to this incredibly young roster the Giants are poised to be one of the league’s most improved teams.

The last time the Giants made the playoffs was in 2016. The last time they won the division 2011 the year they won their last super bowl as well. Looking at their schedule and roster, the Giants are not expected to win the division this year. However, if Judge and the staff can get these young players to play well right out of the gate, then the Giants will not just be one of the leagues most improved but more so a surprise team in 2020.

Strength of schedule and predictions

Based on last year's opponent records with a combined record of 123-132-1, the Giants have the seventh easiest schedule in the league. Still, I take that by a grain of salt. Let us factor in the teams that have made some significant accusations in the offseason such as the Bucs and Cowboys the Giants will face multiple teams that recharged and are primed for more success in 2020.

Toughest Matchups

Six teams I am looking at that will more than likely defeat the Giants or that they will have their hands full with. Tampa Bay, Dallas, Seattle, San Francisco, Baltimore, and Pittsburgh.

The Ravens have arguably the best roster in the NFL, the Cowboys seem like they have recharged and have a new coaching staff, Tampa Bay welcomes in Tom Brady who won’t turn the ball over 42 times, San Francisco is arguably the NFCs best team, Seattle has Wilson. Pittsburgh has one of the top defenses in football, and Big Ben will be back from a season-ending injury. If the Giants can defeat one of these teams or at least give themselves a fighting chance, then that should say a lot about Judge as HC.

Winnable games

Like any schedule, there are the tough teams and the beatable teams. The Giants will face off against several teams that missed the playoffs last season, such as Cincinnati, Arizona, Cleveland, Washington, Los Angles, and Chicago. I have not forgotten about Philadelphia; just keep reading.

The Giants swept the Redskins last season and should be able to repeat that once again this season. The Rams are no longer the contender they once were and have moved on from several key pieces, the Bengals have done a good job rebuilding their offense. Right out of the gate Joe Burrow will have plenty of weapons to begin his young career, the Browns and Cardinals are similar to the Giants as all three teams are in the rebuild stage, Chicago has a great defense but a below-average offense with questions surrounding their QB position, and of course, there is Philadelphia whom I believe the Giants can finally match up two this season. Had the Giants defense not surrendered a 17-3 lead, the Giants and Eagles would have split the season series. Still, it ultimately comes down to how well coaching does against the Eagles and just how healthy the Eagles can be against the Giants. I do, however, believe the Giants roster is slowly creeping up on Phillies roster.


Washington (twice), at Chicago, vs. Cincinnati, vs. Arizona, at Los Angeles Rams, vs. Philadelphia


Dallas (twice), at Philadelphia, vs. Cleveland, at Seattle, vs. San Francisco, at Baltimore, vs. Pittsburgh, vs. Tampa Bay

Record Prediction: 7-9 3rd place NFC East finish

Notable Matchups

Week 15 vs. Browns OBJs return to the Big Apple. Week 8 vs. Tampa Bay Jones vs. Brady in primetime. Week 17 vs. Dallas, who knows maybe 7-9, can get you into the brand new seventh seed. Both matchups against Philadelphia. The Giants may not be able to match up to the Cowboys this year, but Philadelphia is a possibility.

Bottom Line

In his first year as head coach Joe Judge helps the Giants improve upon their 4-12 campaign from 2019 and helps the Giants slowly get back on track as well as build momentum for the 2021 season. The downfall is the Giants miss the playoffs for the fourth consecutive season. Nevertheless, the Giants have plenty of young talent on their roster but need this coaching staff to develop many of these players in a hurry to achieve success again. The Giants are not built to win at the moment, but with proper coaching and where the roster stands right now, they are a team built to succeed in the future.



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