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OT — Jamarco Jones 6.86

Scout- Cody Manning

College: Ohio St.

Height: 6'5"

Weight: 310 lbs


Bench Press:

Arm Length:


Q.A.B. 7.25 He gets in his stance quickly and hold a proper balance when getting bull rushed. Average agility.  Flexibility 6.25 Defenders can dip under him pretty easily and get underneath his pads. Plays with a high pad level.  C.O.D. 6.00 He seems to have a delayed reaction when he tries to go in a different direction. Not that athletic.  Explosion 6.75 Does explode into his pass protection fast and can get hands locked on for runs to get a drive.  Versatility 5.75 I think he is more suited to play right tackle at the next level. Unsure about playing in the interior.

Run Blocking

In-Line 7.25 Puts his body onto the defender and gets the job done. Doesn’t get much push against defenders.  Movement off L.O.S. 6.25 Doesn’t get much push on stronger defenders, loses his leverage battles so they get under him.  Reach Block 6.00 He needs to work on getting on the outside of the defenders shoulders. They get under him easily.  Pull & Block Outside 6.25 He gets out quickly but plays too high when he gets to the outside. Defenders get by him.  Adjust In Space 6.75 He can adjust in open space to find a man to put his body when the space is closed on the defender.  Use of Hands 7.50 When his hands are locked on he can have his way with the defender and drive them into the ground.

Pass Blocking

Quick Set 7.50 He does a great job at getting set quickly. He gets himself ready to take on the defender.  Protect Corner 6.50 He holds his protection assignment down but can struggle with rushers that have a good dip.  Footwork/Redirect & Slide 7.00 He does a good job at working his feet and sliding into lanes to fill them with his bog body.  Anchor/Reset Ability 7.25 He keeps a wide base and anchors his back foot nicely to hold his own versus stronger rushers.  Handle Games/Stunts 7.50 He does a great job at recognizing stunts thrown his way and picks them up to hold his assignment.  Hands/Punch 6.75 When hands are locked on he holds up rushers but not for long before they can move him to the side.


Toughness 7.50 He just goes out to do his best to get the job done, and loves to finish blocks when he can.  Consistency/Motor 6.50 He needs to find more consistency with playing with a lower pad level, it would help him out a lot.  Production 6.75 He is a player a coach can rely on that will do what it takes to get it done but will struggle at times.


Instincts 7.25 He showed how he can feel out stunts and games so he can pick up the right man on pass protection.  Learn/Retain 7.50 Seemed ready for what the defense was going to bring at him on most plays. Tape shows he is smart.  Teamwork 7.00 He looks like he is out there doing what he can do at his best ability to help his team win.


He will go out every play and understand his assignment so he will get the job done with the best of his ability. He finds a way to put his body on a defender to help seal lanes for the runner. He quickly gets set in pass protection and gets himself ready to take on the defender. He loves to finish blocks into the ground when he has a drive going versus the defender.


He doesn’t get much push against defenders because he plays with a high pad level too often. This causes him to lose leverage against defenders to they can push him back and move him to the side to make a play. He struggled versus technical sound rushers who could dip underneath him or use pass rush moves to get by him to get pressure on the quarterback.

Big Picture

Jamarco Jones has the weight to play at the next level but doesn’t have that prototypical height that teams are searching for in tackles. I think he is better suited to play as a right tackle at the next level and he could be effective there. I am unsure of his ability to slide to the interior at any point of his career. I would caution placing him at left tackle because I believe elite pass rushers would have their way with him at the next level. The best part of his game is that he will come in and get the job done for his coach. He will put his body on defenders and help seal lanes for runners. He is an adequate pass blocker as well and could help protect his side of the line if the protection was slid his way. I believe in his rookie year he could come in and start if a team needed an right tackle. He could at least provide depth for a team at their tackle position so he could develop more and get stronger for the next level. If he develops correctly I think he could be a reliable starter at the right tackle position by his third season. I think General Managers should consider Jones sometime in the 3rd to early 4th round area.



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