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RB — Nick Chubb 7.20

Scout- Jack Bourgeois

College: Georgia

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 225 lbs

40-Time: 4.52

Bench Press: 29

3-Cone: 7.09


Q.A.B. 7.50 Exceptional contact balance, quick feet, lacks elite agility but compensates with burst. Great combination of size, speed and power.

Flexibility 6.00 Chubb’s an old school downhill runner with minimal flexibility.

C.O.D. 6.50 He’s a one cut back who can’t redirect on a dime and lacks lateral movement but has excellent vision to angle towards open lanes. Great when getting to and turning the corner.

Explosion 8.00 Very explosive through the LOS, powers through arm and ankle tackles. Lacks elite acceleration but excels in short yardage and goalline situations.

Top End Speed 8.00 For a thicker back he possess superior open field speed, rarely caught from behind.

With Ball in Hands

Vision/Instincts 8.50 Exhibits elite RB vision, great at finding the open hole and run lanes.

Cutting Ability 8.00 Chubb is an outstanding one cut, find the open lane type of back. a true north and south runner, rarely tries to cut back.

Elusiveness 6.50 Can make anyone miss with his first cut through the hole but is stronger than he is agile.

Yards After Contact 8.50 His biggest strength is powering through tackles, he possesses Beast Mode like qualities. Chubb delivers the blow, rips through arm tackles and is very aggressive both between the tackles and in the open field

Ball Security 6.50 Chubb has had a few costly fumbles in his career, mainly during read option hand offs. Not a strong point but not a need for concern.


Hands 6.50 Slightly above average, rarely drops any short passes but isn’t asked to run any WR type routes.

Route Running 5.00 Chubb was occasionally asked to run screens, swings and short routes out of the backfield but is primarily a 1st and 2nd down back.

Ability In Space 7.00 Nick is a monster in space, his size and speed make him a nightmare to bring down in the second level of the defense.

Ability to Separate 5.00 He’s an average route runner for being a power back.


Lead Blocking 7.00 When asked to Chubb delivered adequate lead blocking for his QB and running mate Sony Michel.

Blocking In Space 6.00 Limited tape of Chubb blocking in space.

Pass Blocking 6.00 Rarely asked to pass block, has trouble moving side to side to recovering

Situational Awareness 7.00 Understands his role at all times, but is rarely asked to participate in passing situations.


Toughness 9.00 Smash mouth style of runner, delivers the blow, very aggressive.

Production 9.00 2nd all time in SEC rushing behind only Herschel Walker. 6.5 yards per carry, 3 1200+ yards seasons

Consistency/Motor 8.50 High motor player, feet never stop turning, always falling forward.

Team Player 9.00 Great team player, willingly shared the backfield with 2 other impressive backs. Does whatever is asked of him, highly regarded amongst coaches and teammates


Instincts 8.50Very natural/instinctual runner, sniffs out holes and run lanes at LOS.

Learn/Retain 7.00 Knows his role and executes with the best of them.

Versatility 6.00 Strictly a 2 down/short yardage power back who can run both between the tackles and outside.


Chubb is an athletic power back, with a natural, downhill, instinctive running style. He’s incredibly hard to bring down, possesses excellent top end speed, and has a knack for finding open holes/lanes with his elite vision and hits the LOS with aggression.


Has room to grow as a 3rd down, blocking/receiving back. Lacks the lateral movement required to block in pass protection. Will have medical questions due to his torn ACL from 2015.

Big Picture

Chubb is an athletic, old school, big bodied back who has the ability to take over a game and wear out a defense over 4 quarters. He is extremely hard to bring down, especially in space. He’s this year’s #1 goalline back, who feasts on Yards After Contact and still has break away speed that allows him to often turn a tackle for loss into a big gain. He’s strictly a runner and should be regarded as a 2 down back who needs to improve on his blocking and receiving skills. Chubb is 2nd or 3rd round prospect due to his lack of versatility but is surely a game changer and will bring a spark to any offense.

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