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S- Kyzir White 7.02

scout- Ryan Goudy

College: West Virginia

Height: 7.17

Weight: 218 lbs


Bench Press: 21

Vertical: 35.5"

Athleticism: 7.00

Q.A.B./C.O.D. 7.25 Good short area quickness, plays with good balance, good change of direction. Flexibility 7.25 A little stiff in the hips, but doesn't limit the change of direction that much. Deep Speed 6.00 Average deep speed.  Explosion 7.00 Good explosion to take on block, good explosion when blitzing.  Coordination 7.50 Good angles, always finished around play.

Coverage Ability: 6.60

Man Press 6.50 Not asked to do much, but shows capability to press larger receivers. Man Off 6.50 Plays off ball a lot in the slot, has a tendency to get beat across his face on deep routes. Zone 7.00 Shows good ability in a deep third or half, good instincts to break on corners routes.  Hand Fighting 6.75 Doesnt redirect a lot, but effective when he does.  Hips/Turn Ability 6.25 Much better at opening up to go back, then to break laterally.

Play Making: 7.33

Closing Quickness 7.75 Closes in a hurry coming downhill, also closes well on out breaking routes. Ball skills 7.25 3 Int, 9 passes broken up in 2 years. Route/play Diagnosis 7.00 Good at reading play action, instincts allow him to sink into zone or burst to ball.

Run Support: 7.42

Quickness Upfield 7.50 Does a great job on breaking to find the ball carrier. Fight Through Blocks 6.75 Gets stuck on blocks sometimes, but continues to fight. Tackling 8.00 A thumper type safety, sure tackler, firm hitter.

Competitiveness: 7.67

Toughness 8.00 Grinder type of leader, rarely came off the field in 2017, even playing a bit undersized LB at times.  Production 7.50 152 Tackles, 14.5 for loss, 4 sacks, 9 PBU’s, 3 Ints, 4 forced fumbles in 2 years, a do it all player.  Consistency/Motor 7.50 Plays every down hard, always around the ball at the end of the play.

Intelligence: 7.00

Instincts 7.25 Good instincts throughout games, allows him to make up for average speed.  Learn/Retain 6.75 Around the ball a lot, but not a pile diver.  Teamwork 7.00 Named Captain in 2017.


Kyzir has a great frame, and could put on a bit of weight depending on how his team wants to use him. He is a great blitzer, using instincts and his motor to affect the QB’s timing. He is a thumper of a safety, an ideal person to play inside the box. Loves to use his physicality to body up with TE’s in coverage. Makes plays on outward breaking routes, and comes downhill to deliver a blow. He already has experience as an undersized linebacker, and could easily see him transition more to that role.


Has to rely on instincts due to the lack of top end speed. Tests as an average athlete, and sometimes that shows in a little bit of stiffness. Can be beat across his face in deep crossing routes. Could have some problems with the smaller, quick slot receivers. Would like to see him get off blocks a little better.


White makes his presence felt with delivering a boom to running backs about once a game. He is a big hitter, who plays the game physically. Kyzir has blossomed in his two years at West Virginia, earning Second Team All Big 12 honors this year. Before that he was a JUCO All American at Lackawanna Community College. White shows up not only in the box scores, but you feel him around the ball almost every play. While he is a bit limited athletically, White uses instincts to get to the ball well for a player his size. He was at his best this last year when he was in a linebacker type roll. This allowed him to play more downhill, and show off his skills as a pass rusher. In coverage, he displays a tough physicality when matched up on TE’s that will translate to the next level. White has the instincts to be a three down player and special teams contributor at the next level. Expect to see him off the board on by the end of Round 2.



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