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S- Quin Blanding 6.37

Scout- Ryan Goudy

College: Virginia

Height: 6'2

Weight: 207 lbs

40-Time: 4.63

Bench Press: N/A

Vertical: 31.5"

Athleticism: 5.65

Q.A.B./C.O.D. 5.75 Not alot of quickness, tight in the hips  Flexibility 5.50 Very stiff, not alot of hip flexibility  Deep Speed 5.50 Lacks top end speed, must line up off the ball to be effective in coverage  Explosion 5.50 No explosion on blitz, testing numbers back it up  Coordination 6.00 Can high point, a little bend.

Coverage Ability: 5.80

Man Press 5.00 Not asked to do it because of lack of speed. Man Off 6.00 Mixes it up with TE, stays deep. Zone 6.50 Plays a deep centerfield in passing downs, can get stuck outside. Hand Fighting 6.50 Gets touchy, but also does use hands well.

Play Making: 6.33

Closing Quickness 6.00 Closes average when ball is in the air  Ball skills 7.00 Much better from 16–17, Not the ball production expected from a 4 year starter. Route/play Diagnosis 6.00 Average recognition, can get caught in tunnel vision

Run Support: 6.08

Quickness Upfield 5.50 Doesnt show a burst for a guy with his frame, hesitant in space. Fight Through Blocks 6.00 Gets blocked by WR, needs more space to be productive.  Tackling 6.75 Makes a ton of tackles, but doesn’t deliver pop, at point of contact he falls backwards.

Competitiveness: 7.67

Toughness 8.00 Rarely comes off the field. Production 7.50 Had more than 115 tackles every season, 10 Int in 4 years, 1 Sack.  Consistency/Motor 7.50 On the field all the time, Play to play shows the same effort.

Intelligence: 6.67

Instincts 6.00 Not consistent instincts, doesn’t take the cleanest angles. Learn/Retain 7.00 4 Year starter, highly decorated.  Teamwork 7.00 Started every game of 4 year career, All Conference all 4 years.


Quin started every game of his 4 year college career. Earning All Conference honors in all for years along the way. Quin has a knack for ending the play around the ball, finishing every season with at least 115 tackles. As a senior saw his ball production increase to 4 INTs, including returning 1 for a TD.


Blanding has a long narrow frame, and will need to pack some weight on to be an everyday player. He shows stiff hips and a lack of flexibility when attempting to stay in phase. Hesitent when in space, and lacks the necessary burst to make up for it. Blanding can be a liability when in man coverage, and is at his best when he is 15–20 yards off the line of scrimmage.


Blanding is a better college player than he will be a pro. While he was extremely efficient racking up tackles, he was rarely the one delivering the blow. There is some question as to whether or not Blanding has the functional strength to be an every down player at the next level. His lack of speed matched with his stiffness will make him play off ball and only in zone coverages. He could carry some value on special teams, but doubt if he will have much more of an impact early on.



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