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Top 5 Biggest Questions for the New York Giants

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Written by: Nicholas Mullick Linkedin:

With Training Camp about to start for the NFL in a few weeks, there are questions that follow each team. Like I did with the Jets, I will be doing the Top 5 Biggest questions for every team heading into Training Camp. Next up is the New York Giants who had the 4th and 7th Overall pick in the 2022 NFL Draft.

1. Can Daniel Jones finally prove he is the guy at quarterback?

Probably the biggest question for the team revolves around QB Daniel Jones. I keep repeating myself, but I don’t know about him. Jones shows flashes that he could be something in the NFL if he is coached right. Throughout his career in the NFL Jones has not had that as Joe Judge and Pat Schurmer were predictable disasters at head coach. I actually like the hiring of Brian Daboll. While not much changed at Wide receiver, the Giants improved the o-line by drafting Evan Neal, Signing Mark Glowinski, and bringing in Jon Feliciano. If Daniel Jones wants to secure a starting QB job next year, he has to impress. If he doesn’t then the Giants will just draft another QB and I don't see another team signing Jones and using him as a backup.

2. Which Saqoun Barkley are we going to get?

Look I am a pro-Saqoun Barkley guy and was very high on him when he came out of the 2018 NFL Draft. But this is a very important year for him that could make or break his career as a New York Giant. Barkley had two great seasons in the NFL, but injuries have affected his production. Even when healthy last year, Saqoun did not look right last year. I don’t know if it was due to nagging injuries, poor coaching from Joe Judge, or just Saqoun not performing well? Saqoun is going to need to impress as the Giants once again restructured their organization. Especially as Dave Gettleman “Retired’’ and Joe Judge got fired. With Joe Schoen as the new GM and Brian Daboll as the coach, this can be a great way to refresh Saquon as well. Hopefully, he impresses, if not Barkley will play in a different jersey next season.

3. What is going on with Kadarius Toney?

The Giants did not do much at wide receiver excluding drafting Wandale Robinson who has similar traits to WR Kadarius Toney. Which sparked trade rumors regarding Kadarius Toney. I am sure Urban Meyer was heavily upset hearing that news after he badly wanted to draft him a year ago. It got desperate as there were rumors that the Giants were looking for a mid-round pick just to get rid of him. Obviously, that did not happen, but it is clear that the Giants and Toney are off to a bad start. It also does not help that Toney is also recovering from knee surgery. I wonder if Robinson impresses, What happens to Toney? Will Toney be lined up elsewhere? Could the trade rumors reignite during the trade deadline next year? It will be interesting, but I have no clue what the plan is for Toney or how they will utilize him.

4. Who will be the starting Tight End?

Well, Giants fans were happy that they no longer had to see TE Evan Engram play with their team anymore. Now I ask, Now What? Who is going to replace him at the TE position? Despite the drop issues with Engram, he wasn’t the worst option at TE. Kyle Rudolph is not here and was released due to the Giants being in cap hell. So what they have is 4th-round rookie TE Daniel Bellinger, who I was not a big fan of. Austin Allen is an undrafted rookie, and even though he is impressing in training camp, I am not confident he will make the roster yet. Jordan Atkins was not impressive when he was in Houston. Ricky Seals-Jones is a journeyman TE and he has not been great either. Many would probably disagree with me, but I'd rather have Engram over the current Tight ends on the Giants. Time will tell who will start, but the TE crew is a pass in Fantasy Football.

5. Who will be the number 2 cornerback?

With the Giants being in cap hell they had to make a tough decision releasing James Bradberry. Which sucks because he was their best cornerback last season and that left a big hole at cornerback. Luckily Adoree Jackson is still on the team and he should be the number 1 corner, but who will take over his spot at the number 2 corner. The Giants reached by selecting CB Cordale Flott in the third round, as I saw him as a 6th round pick. Aaron Robinson was a 3rd round choice last year but was not great last year. Darnay Holmes has been decent but has had injury issues the past two seasons. Rodarius Williams is coming off a Torn ACL, who knows how he will perform. The Giants have to find that guy in training camp because it is going to be an issue.



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