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Trade Destinations for WR DeAndre Hopkins (2023)

(Image Credit: Mark J. Rebilas/USA Today Sports)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick

Twitter: @NicholasMullick

The Arizona Cardinals are going to look completely different in the 2023. Kliff Kingsbury will no longer be coaching the Cardinals and Steve Keim won’t be the general manager of the Cardinals either. Now it looks like Arizona is going to blow it up and it is starting with DeAndre Hopkins. The trade rumors have already started.

It makes a lot of sense as according to spotrac he has two years left on his deal and his cap hits are $30.75 million (2023) and $26.215 million (2024). That is going to be much needed cap space to help build around Kyler Murray. With Hopkins likely on the move there are teams that are likely to acquire him. I have listed 5 teams that I likely see acquiring Hopkins.

5. New England Patriots

Makes sense as the Patriots don’t have a true number one receiver on this team. DeVante Parker was supposed to be that guy, but he can’t stay healthy. If they want to know if Mac Jones is the guy then they need to surround him with a consistently good receiver and Hopkins is absolutely that guy. The Patriots have 45.1 million in cap space,so they can afford to bring in Hopkins via trade. Heck Bill Belichick respects Hopkins and on Arizona’s Hard Knocks said he was glad to play him ever few years.

The only reason why the Patriots are not higher, is that there is a chance that Bill O’Brien could become the offensive coordinator. The Patriots may and honestly should move on from Matt Patricia & Joe Judge as the offensive coordinator and a lot of reports are that the Patriots may replace him with Bill O’Brien. It has been heavily noted that O’Brien and Hopkins do not like each other during these days. Heck he at one point O’Brien basically called DeAndre Hopkins Aaron Hernandez and traded him to Arizona for pennies on the dollar. If O’Brien is the OC, I doubt Hopkins comes due to how bad their relationship is.

4. Tennessee Titans

With how much of a disappointment last season was, jobs are 100% in stake next season with the Titans. Especially with Mike Vrabel who needs to make the playoffs next season. It has been heavily noted that the AJ Brown trade was a colossal mistake for the team and the Titans need to get a superstar wide receiver on this team. Hopkins may be a bit older, but he still has a lot left in the tank for a Titans team that wants to win now.

3. Cleveland Browns

The Browns already showcased in acquiring QB Deshaun Watson that the Browns want to win and now. However with the way Watson performed there is a ton of concern if he will ever perform like he did with the Texans. There is one way that they can help Watson get to that point, by reuniting him with Hopkins. Now they currently have under 6 million in cap space, but if they restructure contracts they can afford to bring in Hopkins for the season on a deep playoff run. After all, jobs are at stake in Cleveland if they don’t at least make the playoffs.

2. Atlanta Falcons

Excluding, Drake London and Kyle Pitts (when utilized) name me another receiver on this team that is good? Exactly you can’t. With Atlanta rebuilding and having a ton of cap space, they can easily bring in Hopkins to help the offense and truly see if Ridder or whoever starts next season is the franchise QB.

1. Baltimore Ravens

Even if Baltimore keeps Lamar Jackson or not, they have to surround them with receivers that can catch. Excluding Rashod Bateman (When Healthy) the wide receiver core has been garbage and I don’t understand why Baltimore does not help build it. They tried with DeSean Jackson, but he has not been the same player since leaving the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and should have retired years ago. If they want to win a superbowl then they have to upgrade at wide receiver.

Now the question is: Do I believe the Cardinals will trade DeAndre Hopkins?

Yes. I definitely believe Hopkins will be traded as the Cardinals are going to start their rebuild. Plus lets be real the 2023 season is likely going to go nowhere as I doubt Kyler Murray will be healthy to even play the season due to how long his recovery will likely be from his Torn ACL. It is better to get something for Hopkins, clear cap space, and get extra draft picks to build the team.

What do I believe DeAndre Hopkins trade value is?

Well, probably a declining RB on a bad contract, a 2nd round pick and to swing the other team into taking Hopkins they should swap 4th round picks for the trouble. Alright of course I am joking here.

Honestly depending on if there is a reduction money wise I can see a team planning to compete in 2023 trading a 1st round pick for Hopkins. If not I think they can definitely get a 2nd rounder and a few late round picks. One thing is for sure, Arizona should get more for Hopkins then what they traded to acquire him.

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