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WR — DJ Moore 7.49

Scout- Ryan Goudy

College: Maryland

Height: 6'0

Weight: 210 lbs

40-Time: 4.42

Vertical: 39.5"

Bench Press: 18


Q.A.B. 8.00 Quick and smooth, able to cut on a dime.

Flexibility 7.50 Can bend fore the ball and to make cuts.

C.O.D. 8.00 Able to open and drop his hips.

Explosion 7.00 Not consistent, when cutting in routes not as explosive as when he has the ball in his hands

Deep Speed 8.00 Great deep speed.

Without Ball

Quicks Off LOS 7.50 Tends to glide more than fire off the line

Release VS Jam 7.00 Competitive likes to fight through press

Route Running 6.50 Glides into routes, not very polished, not explosive as he should be

Separation 6.50 Doesn’t separate as he should. Slow into and out of breaks causing more 50/50 balls

Blocking 6.00 Inconsistent, sometimes shows a willingness to launch himself into a defender.

With Ball In Hands

Hands 6.75 Sometimes fights the ball and double catches.

Yard After Contact 7.25 Lots of shiftiness, can wiggle through contact and explode into space.

Ability in Space 8.50 Dynamic with the ball in his hands, show explosiveness and vision.

Ball Security 8.00 Doesn’t give the ball back as a runner.


Toughness 7.50 Plays bigger than listed, like to play in traffic, didn’t miss very many plays.

Production 8.25 A ton of yards, a lot of them thrown close to the line of scrimmage, also averaged 12.2 yards/carry.

Consistency/Motor 8.00 High motor player, extremely consistent.


Instincts 7.50 Good instincts in traffic, would like to see him with better route instincts.

Learn/Retain 7.50 Year to year growth, more expansive role each year as well.

Position Versatility 7.50 Doesn’t have the size of an outside receiver, but natural slot/return player.


DJ is an explosive receiver. Sets up blocks well and excels in the screen game. Can chew up cushions that DBs give him. He is a skilled athlete, who is uses quickness to win in routes. DJ was heavily involved in the Maryland offense accounting for almost 40% of the targets. He also was used sparingly in the run game, but showed an ability to be that gadget player. Also has experience in the return game.


Moore lacks ideal size to play on the outside. For his speed, doesn’t separate as much as you would think. That causes him to have to compete for a lot of 50/50 balls. Also shows more glide than speed into and out of breaks. Runs a limited route tree, and does have a lot of downfield production.

Big Picture

Moore is an electric player with the ball in his hands. He can find tiny cracks in the screen game, and explode into the second level with his plus speed. He is someone who can continue to grow to expand and refine his route tree. Moore is the ideal player to come in as a slot receiver and make an early impact. He will be used as a returner and can impact the game that way as well. While he isn’t prototypical size, the way he was used in college will translate well. While he could sneak into the back half of Round 1, a more realistic place would be Round 2. Either way, his wait to be selected wont be a long one.



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