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WR — Simmie Cobbs 6.04

Scout- Ryan Goudy

College: Indiana

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 220 lbs

40-Time: 4.64

Vertical: 30"

Bench Press: 11


Q.A.B. 6.00 Very stiff, has good body control

Flexibility 5.50 Stiff in the hips

C.O.D. 5.50 Does not change direction very well

Explosion 5.50 Lacks explosion of the line.

Deep Speed 5.00 Doesn’t have good deep speed, plays slow

Without Ball

Quicks Off LOS 5.50 Doesn’t explode off the line, takes false steps.

Release VS Jam 5.75 For a player his size he gets bullied in press, driven to the sideline.

Route Running 6.00 Smooth if no one is around him, understands where space is in zone.

Separation 5.00 Almost every throw is contested, doesn’t create space.

Blocking 5.75 Not a very good blocker, doesn’t always try.

With Ball In Hands

Hands 6.50 Hands are inconsistent, makes some really good play, then drops easier ones.

Yard After Contact 6.50 For a player his size, you would hope he would break more, but still does okay.

Ability in Space 6.00 Not a home run threat.

Ball Security 7.00 Doesn’t give the ball up as a runner.


Toughness 6.50 Not as physical as a player his size should be.

Production 6.75 Good TD amount, averaged 12 ypc.

Consistency/Motor 6.50 Not very consistent from play to play, doesnt always play with a high motor.


Instincts 6.00 Shows good instincts against zone coverage.

Learn/Retain 6.00 Has learned how to get open in zone.

Position Versatility 6.00 Really only a red zone threat.


Simmie has prototype size. He is a big, imposing receiver, how plays with good body control. He is good at playing the ball in the air. He does a good job of sitting in zone coverage.


Cobbs does not have good speed. For a player that is his size, he gets controlled in press coverage. His hands and effort are inconsistent from play to play. He doesnt seperate very well, and doesnt run very smooth routes in man coverage.

Big Picture

Cobbs had his best game of the year against Ohio State in Week 1. He showed that he can be a weapon in the red zone, and has some skills with the ball in the air. He will have to get a bit tougher, and play more to his size at the next level. He will also need to better his motor and his consistency as well. Cobbs has to come in and win in the red zone to have a spot on an NFL roster. More likely than not, he will be a day three selection.



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