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Broad Jump
33 3/4"

Final Grade


Injury History

Games Evaluated

Team Fit

Rankin is a powerful offensive lineman that has the versatility to play on all five spots of the offensive line. He is an explosive athlete with a quick initial release and kick slides. He possesses active and sudden feet with the talent to mirror defenders. Rankin is a disciplined and instinctive athlete who can stay square in pass pro. He stays calm against stunts and twists and can adjust his focus to stop delayed Blitzer’s. He has powerful hands, and displays physical punches that can push back or get the defender of balance. He can accelerate his hands to land powerful blows to the chest of a defensive lineman. Rankin is very athletic and takes good angles at assigned targets in the second level.


Although Rankin is an athletic and powerful player, he possesses average slide quickness, which presents a vulnerability to faster edge rushers. He is a stiff tackle who plays with a narrow base that continuously narrows as he enters his slide. He struggles with his pad level often rising too high leaving him vulnerable to bull rushers with powerful hands. He loses leverage in battles and is inconsistent is sustaining drive blocks. He can struggle to latch onto a defender and ride them in pass protection, as defenders displace his hands. He struggles to regain his hand placement and can be pushed backwards and ultimately become imbalanced. Rankin lacks quickness on the outside and he can give way to speed rushers on the edge, while also losing power battles inside. He takes a rounded route with his punches, leaving his frame open and vulnerable.

Big Picture

Rankin is a powerful road grader in the run game who can land loaded punches on a defender causing them to lose balance. He will struggle on the edge against faster opponents. He comes off the ball with an elevated pad level and can lose his leverage early in a battle. He is very instinctive and doesn’t get fooled easily by twists or stunts with the ability to quickly change his focus to delayed Blitzer’s. He is a versatile offensive lineman and will find more success on the interior, where he can utilize his strength as a lineman. He has the versatility and athleticism to be a stating tackle at the next level, but may ultimately fit better as a guard or center in an NFL system where he can flourish with pro-bowl potential. He may get a chance at left but will more than likely be used at right tackle at the next level.

Player Comp




Rankin is very athletic. His feet are active and sudden. He possesses the ability to mirror defenders. He has good knee bend, but after his initial slide or burst out of his stance he ends tall. He struggles with pad height and will need to correct this to gain better leverage in the pass and run game. He is athletic, but struggles to change directions. He has good hip movement and rounds out to reach block or hit a second level defender. Rankin has great burst out of his stance. He has good initial quicks and can get off the line fast. Rankin has the versatility to play all five spots on the offensive line. He may be better suited as a guard or center rather than a left tackle. He will get his first crack at right tackle in an NFL offense however.

Lateral Agility
Play Strength


Run Blocking:

Movement off L.O.S.
Reach Block
Pull & Block Outside
Adjust in Space
Use of Hands

Big Play Ability

Rankin is a powerful tackle with an effective punch. He can gain leverage in down blocks by utilizing fast and powerful hands to push a defender off balance. He can get a defender off balance and push them back or pancake them; however, he struggles with maintaining leverage and can often lose when attempting to drive block. He is an explosive player that can get out of his stance fast and engage a defensive lineman with accelerated and strong hands. He can occasionally get off balance, as he utilizes high pad level and a narrow base. Rankin isn’t the fastest lineman, but he can get out in front and is very effective on pulls. When he gets in front of defender he can push them backward and drive them out of the play, but he often fails to catch a defender and attempts to cut block instead. Rankin can lose his assignment in a crowd and occasionally stops moving all together. He is slow on the outside and can get beaten by faster and quick moving edge defenders, while also getting out powered in a bull rush by explosive and strong athletes. Rankin has strong hands, and he utilizes a powerful punch. He can explode from his upper body in the chest of a defender; however, Rankin doesn’t fire directly into his assignment. Rankin rounds his punch’s which opens his frame.

Pass Blocking:


Rankin can get out of his stance quickly and flows naturally into his slide. His base narrows as his slide progresses causing a reduction in speed, quickness and balance. He is stiff, and his displays average slide quickness leaving the edge open for quick and explosive players. Rankin isn’t the quickest athlete, but he has good footwork and is quick out of his stance. He has the power and punching ability to redirect a rusher, but he can get beat by faster rushers on the edge, or bull rushed by physical and powerful ends or tackles with good explosion off the line. He consistently loses in the third phase of pass protection. He has the strength to redirect defenders, but he is vulnerable to power rushers. His narrow base makes his balance suspect and allows him to get beat inside. He is disciplined and stay square in pass protection. He has displayed great instinct and doesn’t panic. Rankin stays calm through each phase of the play and doesn’t overreact to stunts or twists in the line. Rankin has a strong punch. He accelerates from his upper body with loaded hands and can get on a defender quickly.

Quick Set
Protect Corner
Mirror Ability
Anchor/Reset Ability
Ability to Combat Inside Move




Rankin is a tough player. He plays with a good blend of balance and power, and he has a great build for an offensive lineman. he is 6'5” and should measure with long arms. He doesn’t have many durability concerns entering the next level. He suffered a high ankle sprain this past season and only played in 9 total games, but he should be healthy heading into the off-season individual workouts. Rankin has a high motor and is a very consistent player. He can be found to stop if nobody attacks his spot. It would be good to see him attack another rusher if nobody were to rush directly at him. Rankin has been a consistent presence on Mississippi State’s offensive line the past two seasons. He has a lot of versatility with the ability to play anywhere along the line at the next level.

Mauling Ability




Rankin is very disciplined and instinctive. He doesn’t panic during stunts and has the ability to scramble when a play has broken down. Rankin is a smart player with the ability to play all over an offensive line. He has had an excellent career and understands stunts, wraps and twists. He is very hardworking, and sacrifices his body on each play. He loves cut blocks and will do everything he can to get in front of a defender.

Handle Games/Stunts
Position Versatility
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Martinas Rankin


Mississippi State

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