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Trade Grade: Pittsburgh Steelers trade WR Chase Claypool to the Chicago Bears

Image Credit: (Jayne Kamin-Oncea/USA Today Sports)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick Linkedin:

Twitter: @nicholasmullick

Well now things just got very interesting as this trade deadline is getting crazy. First we had TJ Hockenson being traded to Minnesota. Well the NFC North is not done making moves. This time it involves the Chicago Bears who have acquired WR Chase Claypool from the Pittsburgh Steelers. This was a surprising move to many and the details of the trade are down below.

Trade Details Pittsburgh Steelers Acquire: 2023 2nd Round Pick Chicago Bears Acquire: WR Chase Claypool

Pittsburgh Steelers Side

Wow, I am super shocked that the Steelers made the move to trade Chase Claypool. I mean should have been done last season, but hey this is the Steelers we are talking about. There is no denying how talented Claypool is, but we can all agree that he has not been the same player he was during his rookie season. Through this season he has ran poor routes and lacked awareness. Claypool’s days were numbered when the team extended Diontae Johnson and drafted George Pickens

Another thing about Claypool is that he has been a tremendous locker room distraction. Remember all the ridiculous statements that he made at the beginning of the season that rubbed many the wrong way. Including calling himself a Top 3 Receiver in the NFL when he was not a Top 3 receiver in the division. Claypool even admitted caring more about doing Tik Tok’s then he did about playing football. Remember when he celebrated getting a first down when the Steelers were down and lost the Steelers the game against the Vikings. Yeah I never forgot that. There is a long list I can go on here with him, but this was a move needed to be done. I would have honestly taken a 7th round pick at one point just to get rid of him as he was just getting more cancerous by the week. At least they won't have to extend Claypool if he does perform well again.

Also I like that the 2nd rounder they got is the Bears pick as that pick will be higher than the Ravens 2nd that Chicago had. So if Chicago continues to Tank, the pick will probably be a high 2nd rounder. That is a big benefit as well to the Steelers who are a mess as of now. Quick Question I want to ask this team, Why is Matt Canada still the offensive coordinator for this team again?

Chicago Bears Side

Basically the Bears traded LB Roquan Smith for a cancerous wide receiver in Chase Claypool. Yes I know the Bears are trading their own pick here, but come on that is basically what this deal is. I don’t blame them for it as the Bears have a terrible wide receiver room full of scrubs excluding Darnell Mooney. They have to surround QB Justin Fields with more weapons and Claypool can be that weapon. The Talent is clearly there, however there is a big risk making this deal as like I said Claypool has been a big distraction for the Steelers. He could cause trouble in Chicago, but besides that if he performs the way he did in Pittsburgh this would be well worth the trade for the Bears both in the short and long term. The Second round pick is a bit much, but I am guessing the Bears wanted to ensure they got Claypool as there was probably a bidding war for him. This move pretty much ends the Equanimeous St. Brown and N’Keal Harry experiments.

Grades for Chase Claypool Trade Pittsburgh Steelers A Chicago Bears C+

This feels like a win-win trade, but the Steelers get the higher grade here. They got rid of a cancerous wide receiver and even got a 2nd round pick to help build around QB Kenny Pickett. The Bears don’t lose as they surround Justin Fields with a receiver (Finally), but take the risk of getting a player that has not been great since his rookie season and is a distraction. Overall great move by Pittsburgh Steelers GM Omar Khan and Chicago Bears GM Ryan Poles. Hopefully the trade works out for all parties involved including WR Chase Claypool.


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