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Why The New York Jets Were Eliminated From Making The 2022 NFL Playoffs...

(Image Credit: Danielle Parhizkaran/ Today Network)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick

Twitter: @NicholasMullick

You know, I have never been so disappointed in a season where the expectations were achieved. This season is the best season the New York Jets have had in many years. It is also yet another frustrating season where a ton of mistakes were made from the team. They suffered a tremendous collapse and with their loss against the Seahawks they are now mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. There are clear reasons why this team did not make the playoffs and I am going to give three main reasons.

1. The Jets still do not have a franchise QB on there team

I have accepted this once that game against the Seahawks was finished. The Jets just don’t have a franchise QB on their team. I am a Mike White guy and he is clearly the best QB on the roster, but he just is not the long term franchise QB. Plus his contract expires at the end of the season and it would not be a surprise if the Jets re-signed him. I think it is a must as he is a culture guy, but I really don’t know if he will 100% be back. Zach Wilson is done here and I doubt he ever starts a game as a New York Jet ever again. I would not be shocked if he gets traded in free agency. Joe Flacco is past his prime and stinks. I would not be shocked if Flacco retires at the end of the season. Chris Streveler I like what I saw from him against the Jaguars, but he is just not an NFL QB as he has no arm strength and he has more characteristics of a running back.

One thing is for sure, this team desperately needs to get a QB and now. They have to trade for a QB as this team is ready to win. Hell you can’t rule out the Jets using a 1st round pick on a QB in the 2023 NFL Draft. This position needs to be improved because jobs are in stake next season.

2. The Safeties Suck

I like what the Jets did at the cornerback (We will get to why, later). However this team needs to get a new safety. Their current core has not impressed and it was heavily exposed the last few weeks. Lamarcus Joyner can’t stay healthy and even when healthy he has regressed a lot from the player he was with the Rams and Raiders. Jordan Whitehead has been a disappointing signing. Ashtyn Davis I am shocked is still on the roster. I will still continue to remind everyone that the Jets wasted a 3rd round pick we got in the Leonard Williams trade on Ashtyn Davs. Will Parks and Tony Adams have shown flashes, but they are not great. The Jets defense is legit on paper, but if there is one position that is a weak point, it is clearly on safety.

3. I am getting concerned with the coaching

At the midway/early point of the 2022 NFL Season I really thought the Jets finally had a head coach in Robert Saleh. After this latest game against the Seattle Seahawks, I am back in the unsure category with Saleh and I am getting concerned. Keep in mind that the Jets had 10 DAYS to prepare for this game and they looked so unprepared and unmotivated in this game. The Jets were not ready to play and that is 100% on coaching. Saleh’s time management has been so inconsistent and he needs to do a better job properly utilizing his timeouts. Now he did do the right thing culture wise with Zach Wilson, but I am really starting to get concerned about Saleh as the head coach and even LaFleur as the offensive coordinator due to his inconsistencies. Do I think the Jets will do a major coaching change? Absolutely not, but I can guarantee you one thing Saleh is in my mind on the hot seat next season.

On a side note, No the Jets will not be bringing in Sean Payton to coach this team. I do not want the Jets to trade a 1st Round Pick for Payton as that pick has to be shipped for a veteran QB on the market. Plus I doubt Payton will even want to come coach the New York Jets. If he does though, I will admit I was wrong.

On The Bright Side - The Jets finally have a fantastic cornerback crew

It has been awhile since the Jets truly had a great fantastic cornerback crew. I know it's one year and things could change, but I got to say the Jets really have something in this crew. Ahmad ‘Sauce’ Gardner is the best cornerback this franchise has had since Darelle Revis and should win Defensive Rookie of the Year. There is no debate here Gardner is the best cornerback this season and it is not a debate. He was such a shutdown cornerback and I hope he keeps this up for many years to come. Another cornerback who was fantastic and is not getting as much love as Ahmad ‘Sauce’ Gardner is DJ Reed. A lot of the signings last offseason have not worked, but the best one hands down was Reed as he has done a fantastic job in his role. He was a Pro Bowl Snub this year and if players decline to go, Reed should easily be a sub for it. Michael Carter while not being excellent has still been a great cornerback. Even Justin Hardee who is more of a special teamer, has been decent on defense. The only cornerback that was terrible this season was Bryce Hall and I was disappointed as Hall played well in 2021, but has not been great this season. I am very hyped for how well the cornerbacks played and I hope they can keep this up in 2023.



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